Recent Photos

I just love this photo of Annie:

Annie on the pot this morning, reading her glitter turtle book:

Sitting in the dog bowl, looking like Where’s Waldo:

New and improved skinny son (people have been asking for pictures):

Coaching Update

I have contacted a few coaches and am meeting with one this week. She is local and I really like her philosophy, so we will see how we mesh.
Also, I signed up for a TrainingPeaks account ( and got to know the software pretty well. It is awesome. I was able to make the leap that I was missing in the Triathlete Training Bible because they do it for you in the software. I did the first two workouts today and they were great. They seemed appropriate for where I am at right now. I am still looking into coaching…but we’ll see.

Race Registration

Well, I just signed up for my first Triathlon. Kinda Scary…I’m commited. I have signed up for the Boulder Peaks triathlon. It’s an Olympic Distance tri (1.5Kswim, 42Kbike, 10Krun), and it’s a big, well known one. It’s in late July so I have a long time to wait.
I also signed up for the Tubbs Romp To Stomp Out Breast Cancer Snowshoe Fun Run. Bring on the events!!

Posting on my New iMac

I am just posting to say how excited I am to be posting a blog entry on my new iMac! It arrived today, and we have just set it all up. I am such a novice, but love it allready!

Coaching Dilemma (LONG)

For about a month now I have been struggling with this coaching dilemma. So, as you know I have been racing a lot, and up to this point, I pretty much go out and exercise willy nilly. I try to be smart about it, but my method is pretty much like throwing mud at a wall and seeing what sticks. I try not to kill myself day after day, I try to always have fun, and I try to let my body recover when it’s feeling hailed. This (along with the weight loss) has allowed me to get into really good shape. BUT, somehow, in my heart I know I can be better…like way better. I am such a natural competitor, and I feel like I am mentally stronger than I have been in my whole life. I mean, life is going great. There are occasional speed bumps but my “roll with it” attitude has never been better. In races, my mind isn’t getting to me for the first time ever, I am able to stay positive even when I’m hurting and people are passing me. I honestly think all the HypnoBirthing training has laid the foundation for this.

So, back to my dilemma…I think I need a coach. At the very least, I need a plan, something to stick to, to keep motivated towards, and also for safety. The mud throwing philosophy tends to get you injured in the long run. But I have a dilemma. So I talked to the triathlon coach at my gym, and for $75 a month he will design me a schedule (and nothing more), for $125 a month he will give me a schedule, 1 training session a month, and some personal contact, for $199 a month I get the schedule, 2 training sessions and unlimited contact. So, I started thinking about this and I thought WOWAH. Maybe I should pick up some books and read all there is out there, maybe I can do this schedule thing myself. So…I bought books. AND, I read the books. So there are two types of books. Ones that train you for one race (like the Triathloning for Ordinary Mortals, and the Triathlons for Women), and ones (I could only find ONE, and sort-of another) that help you put together a schedule for your whole season. I don’t want to train for just one dinky race, I want to do tons. So I read from cover to cover, all 299 pages of Joe Friel’s “The Triathlete’s Training Bible“. I was doing so good…he was guiding me through preparing an “Annual Training Schedule”. All the way until page 100. Then he went psycho. I was following along perfectly, I had analyzed my goals, written objectives, determined annual training hours, broken those hours into weekly hours using periodization, determined my race schedule, determined my weight training schedule, determined my weak areas, and put together a one-line per week schedule. Then came time to break the one-line weekly overview into specific day by day workouts and he completely lost me. Mostly b/c he didn’t tell us how to do it. The leap that he made was so huge, after trying to figure it out for two hours last night, I went to bed really bummed out.

So today I revisited…still lost. I don’t know what to do. The leap he makes is so huge for me, that even if I ever do put something together, I’m not going to trust that I did it right. So I started looking online…I thought: maybe this “Joe Friel” dude would answer some of my questions…well, he’s $1,500 per month to have him train you…so I don’t think he will be answering my lowly little email. I continued looking online, and there are several other options. Let me explain. There is this website called TrainingPeaks where you can buy predesigned schedules. So again (like the books), these are one-event things, or they are really impersonal (is that a word??). Then there is personal coaching. But it’s pricey (like the greenwood village coach). The cheapest I can find is $150 per month (there are two different ladies here and here for this price and I REALLY like both of their websites…there are others but I was drawn toward the women), and that gives me a schedule and unlimited access to the coach (and some other things…like bike fitting and nutritional support). There are also group programs like CWW or Team in Training. But I feel like these are also event, or 1-4 events oriented.

I am looking at 24 events on my calendar right now (these are from Feb 4 to Sept 17). Some of them are more important to me and a lot of them are just for fun, but I don’t know where my passion lies right now. So what I really want to do this year is a “tour de athletica”. I want to get in great shape and sample a bunch of events so that I know where the intersection of “Passion” and “Aptitude” lie for me. Is it adventure racing? Or XTERRA triathlons (offroad triathlons), or speed tri-s, or 1/2 marathons. Or is it just running? Or is my swim so bad that I should stick to duathlons? I want a sample. Then…next year I will focus on the sport that is appropriate. Also, this season, I can train with Annie in the bike Charriot, next summer things will be up for grabs a bit more. So I wanted to focus on Triathlons b/c I can train for that with my Annie-girl.

DILEMMA. Any suggestions? Help…feel free to comment!

New Car…and sickness

We bought a new car today! We found a 2005 Blue Subaru Outback Limited with 27,000 miles on it for a good price. We have been looking for several weeks with an auto broker that our credit union provides, but it wasn’t really working. We wanted to trade in both of our trucks and move to one car, and the auto broker was saying that we would need to fork out an additional 2,500 b/c our trades weren’t worth their loans. That was depressing. I found this car on and since it was at a Saturn dealership, I decided to go test drive it today. The guys there were great, they took both our trucks, covered our loans on them, and gave us a good deal on this Subaru. I absolutely love this car, it’s completely loaded, every bell and whistle you can image, and it has the turbo drive, so it has quite the go-go-power! I had Annabelle with me at the dealer and everyone there was great. It really was a no-hassle sale, I told them what I needed to buy the car, and they got that for me right away. It was a really good buying experience!

On another note, Annabelle got a really nasty stomach flu yesterday. She threw up twice really badly…I didn’t know someone so small could throw up so much. I felt helpless, it was really sad. She just wanted to be held in my arms for hours, and we had to take multiple baths to get the puke out of her hair. Poor thing. She woke up this morning completely better and back to her old self, but several hours later Troy was exhibiting symptoms. Sure enough Troy went through the whole sickness today, puke and everything. I felt so bad for him. He told me to go test drive the car, so I took Annie and did that. Eventually I had to call him to come out and sign the papers and bring our second truck for trade, so he had to drive out and help buy the car right in the middle of the worst of it. I felt like a REALLY bad wife! I took really good care of him when we got home and now it seems the worst is over, he’s gone 4.5 hours without throwing up so I think we are in the clear. I just really hope that I don’t get it tomorrow…that seems to be the trend!


We are joining the world of Mac-a-holics. I now own 3 iPods (a 30 gig video iPod, a 1st generation iShuffle, and a 2nd generation iShuffle), and we just purchased a new 20 inch iMac. Out with the PC and in with the Mac. I can’t wait to become friends with that cool Mac guy on the commercials, rather than associating myself with the dude with the comb-over. That’s a great ad campaign, so blatant about the “cool” factor. The new iMac should arrive sometime next week and I am sooooooooooo excited! I’ve never even used an iMac…except at the store, so I have lots to learn. Mostly I am just REALLY excited that I can surf the web without getting spyware. I think my computer is riddled with bugs right now, and so it runs slow and boots up slow, and is generally a mess. I am looking forward to watching movies on it since it will officially be larger than our television…which is a 19 inch.

Deer Creek Canyon Park Snowshoe

Yesterday we had and awesome Colorado Mountain Mama snowshoe in Deer Creek Canyon Park. It’s one of my favorite local places to go hiking, but this was the first time I snowshoed there. It was awesome, we did this great 3 mile loop. The views were perfect, it was a clear day, and there is a perfect snowshoe trail cut right now. I hope to get out there some more this week and weekend before the snow melts. I snapped a pic of Annie in the pack, in her new snowsuit right before the battery on my camera went dead.

Salomon Shoes

For those of you that were concerned (and I know you all were on pins and needles), I took my sad and broken Salomon shoes (see Sunday’s racing post) to REI today and they provided me with a spankin’ brand new pair! AND!!! They are RED!! I am very happy about this…in fact, I am doing a little happy dance as I type! I love these shoes sooo much. I like to hike, run, race, snowshoe, bike (pre-clipless peddle era) and run errands in them. They are my go to shoe…and if Salomon would like to sponsor this stay at home mama, they wouldn’t be sorry!

Annie’s New Shoes

Since Annie is walking everywhere now it was time to get her some shoes that could stand up to the mud, muck, snow, puddles, sludge, and icky that’s out there right now. We got her this awesome pair of purple suede Merrell’s with velcro. She walks really well in them, they fit her feet great and she is very happy in them. Here are a few photos from today: