Here she is…Miss America.

She’s a Giant OCR C2 and I love her. I got to take her for a 12 mile test ride today and she handles the bumps and dips in the road gracefully. She has 3 chain rings in the front making her the new-and-improved Pook-Mobile (Annie hauler). She’s under twenty pounds, so she’s half as light and twice as fast as Troy’s old mountain bike that I have been borrowing. Best of all…she’s ALL mine!

And, her name came to me almost immediately after getting on her. You know how it is when you go to the dog pound, if you name the puppy, you gotta take it home. Well her name was apparent within minutes and I HAD to take her home.

Her name is Azure. You know like the clear blue sky. But also stands for:


as in…you are good enough just “as you are”.

My sweet Azure, here’s to many wonderful days of riding, countless hours of toting Annabelle, and delicious duathlons and triathlons where we will kick extreme butt.

P.S. All of you reading this better leave a “Welcome” comment for poor Azure, we wouldn’t want her to feel sad on her first day home…would we??

Annie Firsts

Today while waiting for Troy to finish in traffic court Annie and I went to REI to play in the kid area. Today…for the first time ever…she went down the slide all by herself. I didn’t even suggest this, she just hiked herself up the stairs, and threw herself down the slide…about 15 times. One of the slides had about a foot drop at the bottom and was extremely slick, she would throw herself into it and come shooting off the end, giggling the entire time. She even went down on her belly once! I am just amazed at what a bold little girl she is…NO FEAR.

After the REI excursion, we headed to the courthouse to check on Troy. They made us go through a metal detector, and get this…the STUPID lady MADE Annie go through the detector all by herself. She required that I place her on the other side of the detector and coax her to walk through it. She did so…but balled the whole time. What a witch!

So two firsts today…slides, and metal detectors!


Boy and I in a sour mood today. I can’t put my finger on it but I have been really moody the last 48 hours. Oddly, I have more patience for Annabelle than usual. I think it’s b/c I haven’t raced in several weeks and I’m ready to get back out there. I have a 1/2 Marathon coming up on Sunday and I can’t wait to get out there and see what I am made of. My weight is holding up great despite vacation and moodyness, I got on the scale yesterday for the first time in weeks and it registered at 137, which feels good.

Yesterday Troy dragged me out to look at road bikes…kicking and screaming…literally. I’m not joking, I haven’t wanted to go look at bikes. I want a bike, but I just want it to appear, I don’t want to go through the process of buying it. I’m just daunted (is that the right word) by all the choices, and I feel like even though I have saved about $2,000 I see all the $5,000 bikes out there and wonder if that’s what I need. Lame huh? I kinda feel weird walking into a shop and saying I “only” have 2K to spend.

So he dragged me out and I actually had a good time. The bike shop we went to was great, and Dennis explained things to me really well and answered a lot of questions for me. He suggested a bike that I really liked and had better specs than I thought I could afford. I couldn’t test drive b/c it was snowing but I am hoping to come back Saturday to take it for a spin. They said that I can bring in my pedals, and they will put them on and let me go ride around Cherry Creek State Park for as long as I need to. That seems nice. I like that the shop is close to my house too, for tune ups and things.

Anyways, when Annie wakes up we are going to head out for a long bike ride, even though it’s quite chilly out. Hopefully I can exercise this mood out of me.

Back in Town

Pookette sleeping in the back of the van while we drove up to Monterey for a bike ride.

Well, as it turns out I couldn’t blog while away. 🙁 Apparently I didn’t do enough research and I needed to copy a certain file over to my iDrive before leaving…which I didn’t do, so no go.
The good news is that I had a great time at my parents house. Training and eating went really well, and we had a lot of fun together. Mom and Dad got me a one month membership to their gym so I could use the pool and things, that was great and really came in handy.
We took a van trip (my parents have this really cool “van on steroids” with a kitchen and a pop up camper…but it’s 4 wheel drive too). The above picture is of Annie asleep on the way there, complete with sunglasses :). We drove the van to Monterey and did a 24 mile bike ride along the coast. It was great to go riding with mom, dad and Annie all together. We had lunch in the middle at a great little German Deli.
Several days later I did a 12 mile run along the coast in Santa Cruz pushing Annie in the Chariot. It was warm and sunny and I got a sunburn, it felt great (except for mile 11, which hurt).
Troy arrived on the 17th with his brother Todd. We helped Todd get set up in his new apartment (which is adorable) and he started with Google yesterday! Good Luck Todd!
Troy left the 21st and had an uneventful flight home. despite an initial 2 hour delay, which gave us a little more time together.
It’s really great to see my parents with Annabelle. They love her so much, and visa versa. She loved to be held by them, and she loves getting attacked by “Grandpa Monster”, or going to the mall with “Grandma”. Grandma took her on a shopping spree and got her pictures done at the picture place in the mall. She loves sitting on Grandpas lap in his chair and playing with his beard. Mostly it was just fulfilling to see their adoration of her and how much they generally love being with her and getting to know her as a person. I wish that we lived closer to each other so that they didn’t have to foster that relationship only during visits. 🙁
Humm what else…?? When we got home the internet had been shut off at the house, and the Comcast appointment is Tuesday evening, so I have been without internet and phone since getting home. Luckily, last night I broke down and joined the world…I bought a cell phone. It got to a point where it was sooooo long overdue that it seemed pointless, but I’m glad I did…I’m already addicted!
Also in the good news department: Colorado Mountain Mamas is taking off!! All of my April hikes except one are full and have wait-lists. So I called Joy today and had her add another 7 hikes for April so that new members feel welcome to come hiking. We are hiring another baby hike leader and things are really going well. We have merchandise, we are advertising in Parent Magazine, I am speaking at the Lutheran new moms group next week, and moms are flocking to us! So things are great. If you know a new mom in the Denver area, send her our direction!

Tread, Chains and Sweat

The details:
Planned Hours: 8
Total Time Spent Training: 4:59
Swim Yardage: 0
Bike Miles: 24.18
Run Miles: 19.22

It’s been an interesting week. It was supposed to be a rest week, and boy was it. An early week bike ride on my dads road bike left me nearly crippled. Both hips were very sore and painful so I didn’t bike the rest of the week. One would think that I swam to make up for it, but nope, didn’t touch the pool this week. I did several runs, I rested, and today I feel much better for it. That’s the whole point of having fun with things, when you feel hurt, you rest until it’s better. I used to think that training through injury was a way of showing commitment. I hope I am rewarded for taking this week light.

I am having trouble with swimming motivation. I don’t really enjoy it, and I struggle with the actual act. I am trying to find ways to retrain my mind into thinking it’s a positive thing so that I will want to swim, any suggestions? Why am I supposed to love swimming??

Goals for next week are centered around the Platte 1/2 Marathon. This is my first half marathon ever and I would like to run it hard and strong. My goal is to have consistent mile splits. Another goal is to give it all I have for the day, race it like it is an A priority event. The other goal is to complete all of my scheduled swim workouts, there are three of them

Tread, Chains and Sweat

The details:
Planned Hours: 11
Total Time Spent Training: 10:59
Swim Yardage: 2100
Bike Miles: 41.4
Run Miles: 29.46
Race: 3K (1.86mi) snowshoe race

My two goals this week were to:
1) Have a consistent week in training
2) Determine my training schedule for the season

I’m happy to say I attained both goals. I put together my schedule for the season and I feel really confident in it. I used about 10 different sources for inspiration, and it turned out well. My base is good and strong at this point so I am looking forward to working on some speed and some strength.

I had a consistent week! I didn’t take Monday off b/c I had 3 days off last week. It was a bit tough to get all the workouts in, but I did, and I am proud of myself for that. I had to switch around a few, and I ended up running 10 miles the evening after my race, but it all worked out well in the end. I feel great today, not too tired, ready for my day off tomorrow, and VERY ready for my next week of training in SUNNY CALIFORNIA (as if Colorado isn’t sunny).

Goals for next week are:
1) Have another consistent week of training, incorporating in a hills day on the run.
2) Run, bike and swim at the beach!
3) Stay within my eating plan, and spread the love to my parents

Have a great week!


I am off tomorrow on a two week vacation to see my parents. Annie is coming with me as well. Troy will be driving from Colorado to California, leaving Friday, and hoping to arrive Sunday afternoon. He is driving out with his brother, who just got a job at Google and is moving to California. I purchased Troy a plane ticket home for Wednesday. Annie and I will fly home on the 26th.

I set things up so that I can blog and email while I’m gone, but we’ll see how that goes, cross your fingers!

Tubbs Romp To Stomp Results


Yesterday was the Tubbs Romp to Stomp out Breast Cancer 3K Race and 5K Walk. We put together a Colorado Mountain Mama team, complete with t-shirts and boas!

The race went well for me, Laura also ran but felt like she had a bit of an off day. I went out fast and by the 1/2 mile point I was in the lead for the ladies, and 5th overall. The course was fairly flat, and went out onto Lake Dillon for some of it. I was able to pass one guy on the lake, and then able to pass another guy on the only hill. I ran the entire race, no walking at all this time.

Overall I was 3rd in the race, and I was the first female. My time for the 3K was 19:10. They gave me a new headlamp, an outdoor emergency tool and a nice trophy. I got to say hello to my idol, Danelle Ballengee, who is recovering well from her devastating fall (Google her name for her amazing story)

Then it was onto the 5K walk. There were 6 of us Mountain Mamas and about 2,000 other people there, it was packed. It was like the Chicago Marathon. We “lost” Laura, actually we left without her while she was changing in the bathroom….”bad mamas” (that’s why she isn’t in the photo). She eventually found us and we were back together as a team. The walk was great, lots of great costumes, and lots of survivors.

All in all, a very fun time and a wonderful end to my 6 week in a row racing streak.

No Mas TV and sick Pookette

Annabelle with chocolate mouth after she had a sloppy bite of a Thin Mint cookie (Racing Underground sent me a box for my Duathlon fat tire win).

Last night we decided to get rid of the TV. I know I know, what am I thinking? I’m not all together sure, except that Troy and I have been toying around with this for some time. It’s not that we don’t like watching it, it’s just that we end up watching useless crap so much of the time. We end up going to bed late, which means I sleep in and miss workouts. The other reason is that Pookette is getting a little addicted, and I’m not doing a very good job of regulating her intake of the boob-tube. Tellitubies was turning into Barney, which was turning into Sesame Street. We needed to cut it down. So, the TV is living in the garage for a month, and then we will reassess whether we need it back.

Of course right after we took the TV to the basement, Annie woke up with the flu at 4am, puking everywhere. So, we ended up watching Blues Clues and Shrek all day on the iMac. But even this was better because we watched them together and had some cuddle time. Usually, I leave her to watch TV while I check email, that was just asking for an addiction.

Annie was already doing better by this evening, her fever is down, she’s back to drinking milk and eating bread, so I’m pretty sure she’s on the mend! Kids bounce back so quickly

Treads, Chains and Sweat

The details:
Total Time Spent Training: 5:03
Bike Miles: 32.56
Run Miles: 9.11
Race: 5K snowshoe race (included in run miles)

This week I took my normal day off (monday), but also took off Thursday and Friday. Since we were leaving Thursday evening to head up to Keystone for the weekend, I was busy packing and getting everything together and couldn’t get a workout in. Then on Friday, all the boys went skiing and the ladies watched the kids. It was like -2 degrees out and snowing all day so needless to say I didn’t get a workout in that day either.

Saturdays race went great, I posted about it, so you can read up there.

So really, only 4 training days this week. I plan to work out today, and not take my normal monday off. So next weeks numbers should be up from this week.

I only attained one of my last weeks goals, to race well at Beaver Creek. So I am carrying the other two forward this week:
1) put together the seasons training plan
2) have a consistent week of training

We are supposed to have great weather this week, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get in the miles.