Jordanelle Triathlon – Olympic – Utah!

Jordanelle Triathlon Photos taken by my dad, Eric.

Swim: 32:02
T1: 2:08
Bike: 1:11:15 (20.9)
T2: 1:53
Run: 40:34 (7:48 pace)
Total: 2:31:28
6th F25-29
17th woman

Troy, Annie and I after the race:
Tyler and I after the race:

I have been struggling for several days to write this post. My last triathlon of the season. There are details that I could share, although I know half of you already found them on the web.

As I scan back through the pics above, feeling the rush of emotion, I can’t help but think about all the people who helped me along the way this year.
The past 10 months have been about becoming healthy again. It started with me, but it caught on. When I think about all of you out there that have chosen to make a change over the last 6 months, a change to become a healthier and stronger person…I get really teary. Having a baby has a huge impact, and all the people on the list below have recently created life. With that new sense of self, they have chosen to become healthy…healthier than they were before. I applaud you all, you have helped me in countless ways. Thank you.

Amy M: Had never run a race before this winter, and now she is a SNOWSHOER and a TRIATHLETE, and has shared that experience with her husband and her mom. She hears my rants and is witness to my low points.

Amy G: Also a TRIATHLETE this season, who has chosen to be fitter, and healthier than pre-baby…and still has time to catch a movie with me and lend an ear. She has a way of painting the challenges of life into a prettier and more realistic picture.

Michelle Fr: A RUNNER, who has taken the challenge to be fit with her husband Ron, and to keep fighting when it’s hard to run. Always just a phone call or short drive away, I seek her home as a refuge when I am reduced to my crabby self…it’s a healing spot with a gracious host.

Michelle Fo: A sister in crime, and kick butt SWIMMER, who is perfecting the TRIATHLETE in her. A woman and mother that I can talk to about the emotional aspects of triathlon, and who is a sounding board for my craziness.

Lindsay: A RUNNER, and a TRIATHLETE who has taken the challenge to become a better runner this year. She has put in the hard work on the track and in her training. She is “my friend” and a kindred spirit who I can speak my heart to.

Laura G: A RUNNER who is on the path to marathon success. She keeps me honest, and is one of the few who have chosen to take a vacation with me. Her home is always open to my knitting needles, and she is a wicked cook.

Gaye, a TRIATHLETE and strong mom who is overcoming some tough times while doing it all.
Hillary, a TRIATHLETE and outdoor mama who isn’t afraid to get into the back country with her baby.
IronLiz, a TRIATHLETE who puts us all to shame, and does it with the hugest smile I have ever seen.
Laura J, a RUNNER and MUDDY BUDDIER who worries about all the little things for us, and can identify poisonous plants.
Christie, a CYCLIST turned TRIATHLETE who is honest and kind and smiles despite setbacks.
Tyler, a TRIATHLETE who always has a great attitude and who I can be silly with.
Becky, a HIKER who keeps my blog and me accountable, and makes me feel special.

My Parents: Who gave me the active, ebullient gene to start with. They do too many outdoor activities for me to list. They hear my every rant, and every rave, and are unconditional. I could ask for nothing more.

My Grandparents: Who are proud of me, and tell me so.

Troys Parents: Who watch Annie while Troy runs around cheering, and who have taken millions of pictures of me competing. They feed me, and support me with kind words.

Chris: A CYCLIST, and BODY PUMP INSTRUCTOR who took a bad break-up and turned it into a fitness habit. He has been my number one fan and is willing to travel long distances just to watch me race. He has a fierce cheer and many kind words that often make me blush. He has come to be one of my best friends.

Steve and Andrea: My COACHES, who are both TRIATHLETES, and who remind me that I will continue to choose health for many years to come. They keep me injury free, and are witness to more tears than I would like to mention. They tell me that I am good…and I actually believe them.

Lastly,TROY. He never asked for this, my new rage. But he is nevertheless on board 100 %. He is a strong enough man to know that I am choosing health, and he supports that choice with his whole being. He has watched Annie for countless hours while I have trained and yet still managed to train himself. He is the fittest actuary I know. He has gotten up at 4am on countess Saturdays and Sundays to get the car ready for MY RACE. Those are the “technical” aspects but they pale in comparison to the emotional support. He stays up late with me while I re-hash races and training. He sits me down and tells me to calm down. He reminds me that he is behind me, and he is the first person I see after a race. He feeds me when I am starving, and tells me it’s all going to be okay. He told me that I am better at this TRIATHLON thing than he has ever been at anything. Ha, even if I won Kona Ironman, he would still be a better husband and father that I am a triathlete.
The biggest emotional gift he has given me this season came the evening after Rattlesnake. He talked to me about all the people that support me, and he spoke about using the support to drive me forward in races. Actually thinking about the support as an tangible entity that I can rely on to gain strength. He taught me to use YOU ALL, and I have been, and I have gone far.

Many humble thanks.

Rattlesnake Olympic Triathlon & Muddy Buddy

Rattlesnake Triathlon, me coming into the finish, me and Amy, and me coming out of the swim.

Various pics of Lindsay and I in the Muddy Buddy…notice us on the stage with Ryan Sutter…ahhh yeah!

I woke up Saturday morning feeling good. I actually got a wonderful night of sleep. Usually before a race I toss and turn but Friday night I slept like a baby. We traveled out to Aurora Reservoir. It was my first time out there for a race. I went out last week to scope the course, and the venue, and I was expecting blah-ness but I thought it was beautiful. We got a parking spot about 8 feet away from transition. I unloaded and set up my stuff. Troy came over to me to point out someone I knew and I snapped at him a little…pre race nastiness. He disappeared with Annie. I went to the bathroom, picked up my timing chip, double checked transition, got my wet-suit, goggles, and cap and headed over to the swim area. I found Troy near the restroom where he gave me some stern words, and a large piece of his mind. My eyes welled up with tears. I thought I was going to get through an Olympic triathlon without tears, but not so. I got on my suit and headed to the water feeling like crap. It’s really rare that Troy gives me “stern words” so I knew I had pissed him off royally. I did a nice thorough swim warm-up, which I just love, it really relaxes me. Although some guy ran into me hard during my warm up and knocked my goggles off and the strap came out. I have been having strap issues b/c the cat keeps chewing up my goggle strap if I leave them out, which I am prone to doing. I have been through 5 pairs of goggles this season.

There was massive confusion about the swim course. It’s hard to explain, but it was confusing. I made sure I knew where I was going and then I lined up. This tri was a time trial start, which I REALLY like. They had run a yellow cord through the water from buoy to buoy and I found that really helpful to swim next to. The swim went well…except when I dove in after I was given the go-ahead to go I forgot to put my goggles on. So I dove in, thought my goggles got knocked off, popped up out of the water, found them on my head, put them on, and started swimming again. Oops!

Coming out of the swim I felt great, I looked down at my watch and saw 26 minutes. The course must be short, but at the time I thought “AWESOME SWIM”. I had a quick transition and found it AWESOME to come out of transition neck and neck with my good friend IronLiz. We both hoped on our bikes, I passed her, then she passed me, then a couple miles up the road I passed her again. It was awesome to have her near me, one of my many partners in crime! Once I got settled and had spun out my legs a bit I started cranking. I focused on the person ahead of me and reeled them in one after another. I just continued in this manner and passed many many people. I felt great. At the turn around it was AWESOME to see that IronLiz had done the same and she was right behind me. Awesome! I switched my bike computer over to average speed and the whole way back just focused on maintaining that number. It’s up hill on the way back so I lost some ground on the number, but gained a lot of ground on the girls ahead of me and was able to pick off some more. The final person I passed was Amy. Amy is Jordan’s girlfriend and she is a total rock star. This was her second triathlon, first Olympic and she is already VERY good! She is a fantastic runner so I knew I had to come in ahead of her on the bike and that would give me incentive to run harder knowing that she would be reeling me in. I was able to do this and I came screaming into transition to the cheers of many friends.

After some trouble getting my bike into the bike rack I was off on the run. Lots of friends were there cheering for me, that felt great…lots of Mountain Mamas came out to see me race, and I felt like a rock star. I just pulled into a pace I knew I could hold and tried to keep it strong. Amy caught me somewhere in-between mile 4 and 5 and I stayed with her for a bit. As we pulled around into the finish I picked it up and I was able to finish strong and hard. This means nothing b/c of the time trial start but I was the 6th woman in, which means since I was number 93, I possibly passed 87 women during the course of the race…??

Race results still aren’t posted online but I got second in my age group and 7th woman in the race. I don’t know my splits at all, but I think I was like 26-27 on the swim, 1:14-1:15 on the bike and who knows on the run. 🙂 Results should be up tomorrow and I will post them here.

Saturday afternoon we went over to Lindsay’s and Dougs for dinner to finish our costumes. We spray painted our shoes and helmets (old helmets). We were very excited. I slept like a rock that night!

I was up at 5 on Sunday (Troy up at 4…he had forgiven me…i think). We got to Boulder Res at 6am. Lindsay and I picked up our packet, Troy and Doug changed the tires on the mountain bike over to the knobby tires, and Lindsay and I got into our costumes and painted ourselves green. It was awesome, we were sooooo green. Everyone was getting a big kick out of us and that was the best part. We headed over for the costume contest…did our Jolly Green Giant thing….and didn’t win :(. BUT, man, those Oompah-Loompahs looked really good, so I totally understand!

We then headed over to the start line. We were in the 9th wave, and they were letting the waves go every 6 minutes so we knew that we were going to stand there for like an hour. Lindsay and I took that opportunity to peel off almost all of the body paint we applied. We were so tired of the stuff, it felt great to get it off! By the time we got to the line we were mostly free and clear of paint. The bikes take off two minutes before the runners so Lindsay was off. I stepped up to the front of the line b/c I knew I was going to take it out in the lead and keep it in the lead. There are 5 legs to the race. I would be running 3, biking 2 and Lindsay the opposite (bike 3 run 2). I had done the math and knew that Lindsay would be able to stay ahead of me, so it was up to me to take it out hard. There was a girl dressed up as a Boy Scout right on my tail. I thought it was hilarious, here was the Jolly Green Giant and a Boy Scout duking it out for the lead. You can see in the picture above the two of us pretty far ahead of everyone else.

The first obstacle was a climbing wall. I was over it quick. Lindsay did an awesome job with the bike, upside down and in the upper left of transition. I grabbed and bike and rode. They had a section of steep hill that I dragged it up, and then rode it down. It was a scary bit of down, and I held my breath. I biked as hard as I could and barely made it to the next obstacle as Lindsay was finishing the obstacle. She grabbed the bike and was off.

I was through the obstacle and running again. We had to wade through waist deep water for one section then off running again. The boy scout passed me…dang, she’s fast. At the third obstacle (a balance beam thing) I grabbed the bike and was off, but not before noticing that the boy scout had to wait for her partner. She had run so hard, but then had to wait…so sad…Hah. I passed Lindsay running, she looked great, I told her we were winning our age group and to stay strong. The 4th obstacle was this huge blow up slide. VERY fun. I was off running again. This time I ran hard, I could see the finish and I didn’t want the boy scout to pass me, so I laid it down thick! I kept waiting for Lindsay to pass me on the bike but she didn’t. I pulled into the end, and there is a waiting area where you are supposed to hook up with your buddy before the mud pit. I only had to wait one minute and there Lindsay came. I guess she had to wait in line for the blow up slide for like 2 minutes. We crawled through the mud and RACED to the finish in a time of 40:36. We won our age group by 3 minutes and we were the 2nd overall female group! AHHH YEAHH. We got medals and got on the podium, it was so fun and so awesome. Definitely one of the best times I have had EVER!

Rattlesnake Results
Swim: 26:38 (I think the course was about 2 minutes slow…based on reliable swimmers times)
T1: 0:46
Bike: 1:15:31
T2: 0:48
Run: 45:26
Total Time: 2:29:16
8th woman overall (not 7th as I thought yesterday)

Quick Weekend Update


This is just a teaser. Full race reports will be up tomorrow with many more pictures, but in the mean time here is a before and after shot of Lindsay and I in the Muddy Buddy.

Quick Weekend Race Results:
Saturday: Rattlesnake Olympic Triathlon
Awesome race…everything came together
Time: 2:29:16 (first time under 2:30 for Olympic distance)
2nd in my age group
7th overall woman

Sunday: Muddy Buddy with Lindsay
SO MUCH FUN…more pics to come
Almost won the costume contest…got beat out by a set of Oompah-Loompahs.
WON our age group and got some nice podium action…ahhh yeah
Had lots of fun with the Laura’s, and Matt/Liz duo. All the hubbies were there to cheer with the kids…it was SOOO FUN!!!

Check back tomorrow evening…more photos, and detailed race reports!

Copper Triangle


Chris, Troy, and I had a blast doing the Copper Triangle last weekend. Roger and Marla watched Annie the entire day while we rode 78 miles from Copper Mountain, to Leadville, to Vail and back to Copper. It was a blast. Everyone did so well on the ride. It’s a supported ride that you pay for and about 2,600 people did it this year. They have 5 aid stations and lots of bike support and Highway Patrol helping out. I was super impressed!

My coach Steve had taken me out on a 64 mile ride the day before and thoroughly spanked me, so I was a little nervous about the ride and my level of soreness. I think it was the best thing I could have done. I was sore to start, but by 10-15 miles in I was crusin’ and feelin’ good!

Vail pass was the tough part for everyone. It’s long, it’s grueling…but they had brownies and watermelon at the top, so who can complain? The sense of accomplishment when you get up to the top is awesome!

Great job to Chris, Troy and Christie! We sure had a blast.
Thanks one million times over to Roger and Marla for watching Annie and enjoying the weekend with us. It was really nice to get some non-annie time together with my husband!

Triathlon Habit?

Wow, things are starting to wind down. I have two more triathlons this year. Both are Olympic distance. In two weeks my 2007 tri season will be finished. It’s a hard thing for me to think about. Next weekend is Rattlesnake and the weekend after that is Jordanelle in Park City…the finale! It’s not at all bitter-sweet…it’s just bitter. I want more. I want another tri to mark on the schedule.

I feel this strong need to keep going…keep doing more…keep getting better at something. So the thought of scaling back, and resting…pretty much totally freaks me out. I’m already talking “marathon” in the off season, and getting excited about snowshoe races to come. I have been racing often since November 2006 (30 races to date) and my mind knows it’s time to slow down, but the rest of me…my soul…doesn’t want to.

At the bottom of the fear is the weight issue. I started this process to loose those baby pounds and now I am scared of “finding” them again. When I train hard, I eat well because my body needs good healthy food in it to function properly…and if I slip up or indulge, well, I’m burning so many calories most days that it comes out in the wash. BUT, off season means that my calories requirement will go down, as should my consumption, and that’s hard for me. Especially if I am feeling like I should be “resting”…then I know my mind will gravitate to food, and absent minded eating.

I think the fear also boils down to accountability. I lost this weight, but when the times get tough and things slow down can I hold it together? Did I truly make a lifestyle change when it comes to eating, or did I just trade an eating habit with a triathlon habit? Time will tell.

Off to the Beach in the Sky


One of my best friends on this earth passed away this morning.

Near my 12th birthday my parents took me over to a friends house. A huge yellow lab greeted us as we drove onto her property. Her garage was opened and there were little lab puppies everywhere. I still didn’t clue in. I remember my parents picking a certain one up and handing him to me…Happy Birthday!

What!!! I remember she shock, I had been begging…for several years! Although we couldn’t bring him home for several more weeks, my dad and I named him Chester that night. I still remember sitting in the car in San Luis Obispo, thinking up names.

I loved Chester the minute I first held him, he was so soft and cute. As the years went on my love for him only grew. I potty trained him, I took him to a six week long obedience course…twice. He was my pal, and the best pal that an only child can have is her dog!

We hiked, backpacked, and ran along the beach zillions of times throughout my childhood, adolescence, and adult years. We nicknamed him “C-Pup” and “Chester the Molester”. He could catch a cookie off his nose. He loved bread more than anything, and used to climb onto the countertop to lick the butter when we weren’t home. 10 years ago he buried an entire Costco box of Power Bars throughout the yard. Every once in awhile we find a dirty chewed up Power Bar on the back porch.

Chester would have turned 16 years young on September 15th of this year. He lived a much longer and more fruitful life than most labs. He was so very loved by so many people, especially me.

I am going to miss him so much. But I know that he left this world peacefully and in the arms of my mom and dad. He will now be able to run across the beaches in the sky without getting tired, this time catching all those birds he used to chase.