45 mile ka-ching

Okay, this is getting a little crazy. I’m sitting here 24 hours after I ran a 45 mile training run. I have been in the pool twice since I finished for recovery swims and was even out on my bike today enjoying the good weather.

What has become of me? Last time I ran ultra-long was the Run Rabbit Run 50 miler, and I had to have Troy carry me up and down the stairs the next day. After we ran to Boulder I ran through extreme soreness and knee pain and ended up with an injury that sidelined me for 6 weeks and a major travel race.

Today…24 hours later. Yea, hummm, a little stiff when I get up, a little left over joint soreness. But pretty much, I’m fine. The stairs don’t even hurt, up or down. The pool and my bike felt great today. Clearly my legs have some heaviness in them, and they aren’t ready to go run for 3 hours or anything, but they are about 80% better than I have ever felt in the past with this distance.

Maybe it was all the friends that came out and ran with me. I had massive company the entire day. I thought that I would have to run like 3-4 of the 7 laps by myself, but no way. I rolled into the parking lot and Gaye was waiting for me. Keith pulled up with a work friend Melissa, and Randi pulled in just under the wire.

Gaye (pink) and Melissa (brown) with my trusty dirty VW (SAG wagon) behind.

I posted a piece of paper on my window where I wrote what time I departed on each lap so that others would know when to expect me. I wrote down 8:03 and took off running. We had a great first lap, it went by quick, I knew my route by heart. Back to the car and there was a huge group waiting! Some friends I hadn’t see in awhile and some that I see weekly. I had mandated a 10 min per mile cap on the pace so everyone was pretty jovial and telling lots of good stories.

Getting made fun of, can’t start the day without a Mix1

I had most of them for two laps. Melissa was good with one lap, Randi and Gaye went two laps, Keith went three with me. Of the new crew that entered at lap two all of them went two laps with me, Tyler, Beth, Barry, Nicole, PIC Ford was there for one, Julie, it was a total blast. I showed them my fun single track trails and took them to my secret path in the woods. Nobady really cared, they were all chatting.

Leading the way so nobody picks up the pace on me.

Ater lap three I was preparing to be alone for awhile. We get back to the parking lot and Anne, Tylers wife was there with her running shoes on, handing off the kids to Tyler, and off we went. I was so thankful to have her. The other great part is that Anne is super quiet when she’s in a big group, but 1 on 1 running we just chatted it up. She left me charged up and ready for a solo lap.

Before I headed out I noticed Hilary and Ben in the parking lot. I knew I would have them for laps 6 and 7. So, one lap alone.

It’s a good thing I had friends with me before, because if you let me run alone, and I put in my headphones, I’m going to look down 5 miles later and notice that I have been running 9:10 pace 25-30 miles into my run. I just relaxed and naturally the speed starts to happen. Which, who knows, but I’m probably setting myself up for a crash later on.

A blistering lap later and I’m on number 6. This time I have Ben with me and he’s just transitioned from his bike. Ben is great, anyone would want him as a pacer because he carries on great conversation. He keeps up on the cycling world, and the message boards, and twitter, so he’s got all sorts of interesting factoids and stories to throw at you. I was starting to hurt that lap. Things just get tight, looking back, maybe it was the fast lap, maybe it was the 35 miles. I was still “fine” but there was some pain starting to happen.

Lap 7 was my last and I had Hilary for this one. I knew that Hil was nervous that she wouldn’t be able to keep up. I wish I had her a few laps earlier because I could have just slowed, or I could have helped her along, but she had me for the last brutal lap and at that point I wanted nothing more than to get it done. In fact having her there is probably why I’m not as sore today. If I had been on my own I probably would have run harder to get it done with, and thus been more sore today. There were times when she was barely hanging onto me, and a time when I looped around to grab her. She did great, but it probably wasn’t too enjoyable for her. Sorry Hil.

I hit the car at the end of the 7th lap and my watch said 43.5. I dropped my hand bottle and backpack in the car, grabbed a long sleeve shirt and went back out for 1.5 miles. Can you imagine? I ran past people and I remember wondering what they must think of me in that moment that I trudged by. They don’t know I’ve been out here since 8am, running around in circles.

This is what I look like after 45 miles. I listened to a phone message that my friend Chelsea left for me during my run and I cried through it. Running a long ways makes you emotional.

So here we are. 45 miles used to be WOWAH-CRAZY. And now it’s just wowah-crazy. I get why people do multiple 100 milers in a year. The more you do this stuff, the more you get used to the pain. The pain doesn’t really lessen, but you understand and accept the pain. The recovery definitely gets better.

I called Troy to tell him I was done. He had come out to cheer for me for about 3 hours and let Annie play with all the kids. He was back home and I told him I was done and hungry. When I walked in the door this was sitting there waiting (chicken, quinoa, spinach, tomatoes, and puree of celery root…all ORGANIC):

5 minutes later it looked like this:

I followed up that evening with a treat…I callled Chuckie. It was nice to talk on the phone with him, he’s every bit as spunky as he seems. Thanks Coach.

The Coach

I asked you to give me some time, and you did. Like you had a choice…

You are interested to hear about my new choice of coaching direction.

Well here he is. Blog readers, meet Chuckie V, Chuckie, meet my blog readers.

I have been reading his blog for about two years. Hi, my name is Sonja and I read Chuckie V’s blog way too often. There is a support group, we meet weekly.

Seriously though. His stuff is so good. When I was in a low period or needed a little boost it always seemed that some post would pop up on this crazy guys blog saying just what I needed to hear. His writing often spoke to me. Once he posted a blog that was an email that he had sent to one of his pro athletes and I remember thinking “I wish he was writing that to me”, not because of what he was saying (because I wasn’t doing two ironmans in 35 days) but because of how he was saying it.

When things dissolved with Steve and I knew (because every member of my family hit me over the head) that I needed to end the coaching relationship, it was in the back of my mind that I would contact Chuckie. I hadn’t [haven’t] even met him. I hadn’t spoken to him…but he had spoken to me. Okay, that sounded kinda big brotherish. He lives in California, not far from where I grew up.

As I said in a previous post I didn’t want to get my hopes up because he only talked about coaching pros and in the small chance that he might be interested in me I still didn’t know if I could afford him.

Needless to say, he not only aggreed to guide me, but he also illustrated to me that he understood my form of crazy. I’m pretty sure he has a little [lot] crazy in him too, but don’t judge him by this, or by this, and especially not by the video at the bottom of this.

Nooo, look at things like this, and this, and this is one of my favorites. So, in short if you want to know “who” he is, it’s all out there. He’s a pretty open book. But his training secrets, even though he does reveal an awful lot, are hidden. Paid customers only.

He knows his stuff, he’s insanely good, my schedules rock, he “gets” me and my aspirations, he’s a rockstar communicator, and he’s dang funny.

The guidance is there, the rest is up to me.


You may have noticed that that I affectionatey refer to Michelle as PIC. It stands for “partner in crime”, I’m not really even sure when it came about. Maybee when she started her blog? I don’t know. She calls me PIC too. It’s rather fun. Sometimes I call her Fordy-Ford, or Michelley-Elley.

Michelle and I met shortly before our first ever trip to USAT Age-Group Nationals in 2007. That was way back when I had only done two sprints and Michelle was still riding this red bike with like Shimano 105 on it (I don’t mean to offend anyone…well maybe I do a little bit).

Breakfast two days before Nationals in 07

We were roomies in this totally cheep extended stay hotel right next to Nike in Portland. We both had what I would call super solid races, but even bigger than that we began a friendship that both of us never realized would be so much fun.

I think this was probably the last time we got totally sloshed right after a race…we are much more dedicated now (we are the middle two).

We trained together occasionally, mostly on weekend bike rides. Michelle was a working girl with a demanding job, but she was focused and nailed her workouts.

We went through a Twinkie phase (identical, comes in a pack of two). Almost all the group pictures we were standing next to each other, and we had matching helmets, blue bikes (she got rid of the crummy red one…no offense) and ponytails. Check it out.

Twinkies we are

Scary huh?

We came back to nationals in Portland in 2008 ready to kick ass, and qualify for Team USA. We had Australia on our minds. For the first time we allowed another person into our nationals lair, Tyler.

PIC, Me, and Tyler

He proved to be an acceptable addition. It also meant that PIC and I shared a bed for the first time. And we learned that we sleep well together, who would have thought? Probably a fact that our husbands try not to think about too often…or maybe they do. I don’t know and this is going south…

So we both really rocked the house at Nationals, it was the same course as the year before and PIC knocked 16+ minutes off her time, and I took off a little over 6. PIC nabbed that Team USA slot, and I missed it by one, but got it back in the lotto.

Early morning pre race, we are together, there’s a shock!

Several months after Nationals, the best thing EVER happened to my athletic career (and let’s be honest, it’s all about me). PIC got laid off, SWEEET, full time training partner. I think this is when the term “PIC” came about. That year was about becoming super stud kick ass athletes and helping each other get there. We started on the bikes.

Mt.Evans in the back, we two man teamed it all over the place that spring.

We really learned a lot about each other. Usually we knew more about where each other was at than we knew about ourselves. I knew when she was blitzed, she knew when I needed to eat. We shared gels, we took turns on each others wheels, and we had so much fun.

We raced across the county, heck the world, together. We always found a way to get our PIC time even if we weren’t rooming together. We found a camaraderie that year that was sorta “the next level”. I think in the beginning we may have felt a little competitiveness against each other, but any and all of that dissipated throughout last year. When we became PIC’s things changed and we helped each other through the hard times, and the hard races, and we celebrated with each other through the good ones. It helped that we had numerous good performances through the year. At Kansas, we qualified for Clearwater together.

We went to Nationals for a 3rd year together, we added Beth and Tyler to the room, which meant again…PIC and I were sharing a bed. Which apparently meant great races for the both of us. PIC taking 5th in her AG, and me 14th, both earning TEAM USA spots if we so choose to take them. Seeing her on the podium made me feel like I was on the podium, I kid you not.

Red hair extension…it was for CHARITY!

We went to Worlds in Australia with our different families, but we found a way to hook up and train everyday together. Training in unfamiliar adds a whole different crazy factor to things, but when we were together we seemed to have so much more confidence. It didn’t matter that we were riding on the wrong side of the road, we handled it together and we laughed a lot. Meeting up with Michelle was like a having a piece of home with me.

In AUS, training, note that we now have matching TT bikes, and non matching helmets, since I crashed and broke mine.

I think having each other there at World Championships paid off, we went 19th for PIC, and 30th for me, in our age group, in the world. And you know, PIC slept over in my hotel room the night before, I’m thinking that’s why we raced so well.

And at the end of the season we found each other in Clearwater, out there on the race course, and ran together for part of the race. It was almost poetic.

Michelle and I have learned through the years the value of having a training partner. I don’t think either of us could have ever imagined just how tight we would become. Going forward this year we have switched coaching, and we have switched team affiliation. It was a process that we relied heavily on each other to get through. Lots of leaning on each other, and a fair amount of tears.

It wasn’t easy, but you live, you learn, and you try to move forward with an open heart. With Michelle, I’m not afraid to tell her the truth, and she knows I’m in her corner 100%. I’m so extatic that the recent changes in our athletic career have brought us even closer together. I couldn’t imagine racing in a uniform that is different from hers, so I’m pretty stoked that this year we will be Twinkies again.

Having the same coach will enable us to continue to train together and to help each other achieve our goals. We have been very upfront with our new coach (who likes upfrontness) and he has instructed us to tattle on each other to our heart’s content (when it pertains to training). He seems to “get” our relationship and has an idea on how to use it to make each of us stronger.

We feel like we are a little mini-team this year. Our sponsors are the same, we represent them together, and although we are training towards different goals (as we have most years) I have no doubt that this year will yield lots more fun and silly pictures.

Thank you PIC, Michelley-elley, Fordy-Ford for all of your support, for being my “honesty” meter, for not making things harder than they need to be, for traveling with me, planning with me, schooling me in swimbikerun, for not holding it against me when I school you in bikerun, for sharing recipes, and photos, and lessons learned.

Here’s to another year of fun, we’re gonna kick ass!

Grand Canyon R2R2R Roll Call

As I start to dig into planning all the details of my Grand Canyon Rim to Rim To Rim run this year I wanted to put a post on my blog for those of you who are thinking about joining in on the fun.

As you know, one of my goals this year is to inspire and help people to do something that is a little more than they thought they were capable of. Now, the Grand Canyon is a very formidable run, it’s long, it’s hot, it’s 46 miles, and you need to be well trained. But, it’s also A LOT OF FUN.

The date has been set for April 19th. It’s a Monday. That would allow those that would like to do the Rage in the Sage Triathlon a few days to get over to the Grand Canyon, same as those competing in the Salt Lake City Marathon.

So, if you have been thinking about asking me if you can tag along on this trip, now is the time to make yourself known.

The trip will be well planned, that is a specialty of mine. I will be sending out an email soon with the overall schedule and lodging options. I provide the structure and the details, and you provide the fitness and your own cash.

My sponsors this year have all agreed to give a little love to this “adventure” so that will be an additional perk.

Lastly, if you are in the area and we have emailed, or tweeted and you need to get to know me better for Grand Canyon purposes, I am running 45 miles this weekend in 6 mile loops. Loops will leave at the top of the hour starting at 8am from the Cherry Creek State Park area. Contact me or leave a comment if you need details.

Last years R2R2R video

Grand Canyon R2R2R from sonjawieck on Vimeo.

Go To Your Happy Place

My work in the pool this week has been a blast. Getting used to my new coaches workouts means getting used to all sorts of different stuff. 6 swims on the schedule this week and I am loving it. I also lifted the upper body so the region belly button and up has been in sweet soreness bliss.

Todays swim had two sets: a fun part, and a totally daunting part. The daunting part: I had 6 sets where each set was a mix of 25’s – 100’s with an easy 25 after each. Instructions were to make the hard “HARD”. I read this as “hurt locker”. The total of the 6 sets was 2100 yards and here’s where it gets strange. He adds in the word: “continuously”. I wasn’t even sure I understood. I sent off the panic email at 7am…6am his time “what? continuously? like…don’t stop for all 6 sets? like…don’t rest? Go into the hurt locker, and don’t come out??”

It was too early on a Sunday to actually expect a response, and you know, after I wrote it, I realized, yea, it’s continuous, that’s exactly what it means. 2,100 yards in the hurt locker.

Then I got a little scared and nervous. The hurt locker in swimming scares me. In running and biking I have my tools for the hurt locker. But swimming you are confronted face on with pain and you must simply swim through it, or swim “in it” rather. How’s this gonna go? It’s my 6th swim of the week, my pecks are still a tad angry from over doing the pull up machine. Blah Blah Blah…shut up Sonja! So much change has been thrown at you the last three weeks are you are eating it up, so eat this up too.

Dreaming of being back in Australia (Bethie and I) that’s what you do in the hurt locker, go to your happy place.

Tyler joined me. We had fun nailing the opening set and swimming side by side, thrashing it out to the wall on some fast 25’s.

Then it was time for the big daddy. You know it was just like a race. I suddenly realized that I was suffering from a case of “outcome oriented thoughts”. Those things are DEADLY. Stop thinking about how it’s all going to work out. Just start DOing and the rest will fall into place.

Down we went, off the wall, and off went. Tyler stayed with me for two of the sets. Can we even call them sets if we never get to stop? Then he hit the wall for a break and I flipped and kept on keeping on. It gave me a little momentum when he stopped. Another lap hard and I see Tyler is back with me. Then he is back at the wall and the next time I come by he’s under the water with my camera, trying to take video (and failing miserably). The next lap he’s swimming with me and he’s got every piece of gear he or I own on. It made me laugh (amongst the pain). The next lap he was sitting in the hot tub. I could hear him chanting for me and that got me going even harder.

Go to your happy place Sonja, think Australia, think fit and kicking fanny, think Kona (PIC Ford and I in AUS)

Before I knew it (and believe me this workout was total mental gymnastics) I was on my last set, 350 left and I was deep in the the hurt locker. Pull the arms, who cares how hard they scream. Get your roll, stay focused on the task at hand. Stay motivated, keep the self talk positive.

And then it was done and a smile crept across my face. The minute you forget a lesson (for me “outcome oriented thoughts”) you will be tested again. I am reminded that when I am scared or nervous, I must simply begin. Motivate and begin. Just get going and one lap later the nerves are gone and you are full force in the throws of it. Don’t think about how you are going to do, those results are only dictated by how you do during the work. Just do the work, no thinking.

Thanks Tyler, it was great to have your smiling face under water with me.

Tips for the Solo Runner

I posted a new blog up on the RunColo site. I think you all will like it, it’s about some tips for the Solo Woman Runner. Something I know a lot about! I had a lot of fun writing it and developed the entire post in my head when I was out for a 3.5 hour run on Tuesday. Man did it feel good to get out and run long after I had to watch all those marathoners last weekend. I was itching to let loose!

Also, if you’re looking for a race check out the Colorado Running Calendar or looking for local race results check out the Colorado Race Results.

Here is a snip-it:

I’m a chick. And I love to run. Okay, so I love to swim and bike, and snowshoe, and ski, and hike, and and and… but for some reason running is that sport that calls me often. I love long runs where you throw some stuff in your Nathan pack, head out the door and come back hours later and in need of a good massage, a bath, some food, and your bed. I think running long is that “thing” which I appreciate most because it takes the highest level of fitness to be a multi-hour endurance runner….

Keep Reading Here.

Operation Jack

Twitter is a beautiful place! I have so much fun connecting both with people I know and people I don’t. But the best part is when people I don’t know on twitter become people I do know.

Someone mentioned at some point “Follow this cool guy Sam who is doing 60 marathons this year“. What?? I had to check this guy out. Sure enough, Sam Felsenfeld is running 60 marathons (like the established, timed kind) in order to raise awareness and fundraise for Autism. His son Jack, now 6, was diagnosed 3 years ago, and Sam had to do something. He calls his mission “Operation Jack” and you can find his website at www.operationjack.com.

So, I followed him on twitter, how could I not, I’m a sucker for endurance junkies. And you know, the guy is great. He’s passionate, thankful, and one bad ass runner. Two weekends ago he did a double. He ran the Mississippi Blues marathon in 3:18 in 19 degrees. Then Sunday he was toeing the line at the Firstlight Bank Marathon in Mobile Alabama in 23 degrees. Sam ran a 3:21. Seriously, this dude is motivated. He is on a rampage, and I think he’s going to make a difference.

Sam has a great fundraising deal. Check out his page here. If you donate 26.2 dollars (the distance of a marathon) he will send you an operation Jack t-shirt. Donate $100 and he’ll send you a t-shirt, a running shirt, and a sweatshirt. Seriously! You could get a whole new wardrobe.

Sam is of course running the Pheonix marathon that Troy and all my other friends went to this weekend. I asked Sam if he wanted to come to dinner, and HE SAID YES. Like I said, it’s awesome when people I don’t know become people I do know.

So, Saturday night, before Sam’s 4th marathon of 2010 he came to the pasta party I put together. We had 30+ people show up to the pre race feast (a fact that made me realize that party planning makes me nervous) and it was awesome to meet Sam. He’s hilarious, and likes to pretend that he’s not the crazy one. Ha! It was great to hear about his love of ice cream (he once ate ice cream every day for 110 days) and his love for his family. His racing schedule is well crafted so that he doesn’t miss a single birthday or family occasion.

So, I can say from the bottom of my heart, Operation Jack is a very worthy cause, with a very dedicated dad behind it. Support Sam, support his cause! Follow him on twitter @operationjack. There will come a time this year when Sam is going to need our support to keep him going. His travel plans are CRAZY and he’s spending lots of time away from home putting his body through the ringer. If he is coming to run in your town, email him or leave a message on his blog asking how you can help him out. Put him up for a night, or pick him up from the airport, and by all means, think about a donation to his cause.

Sam is hoping to create a network. The success of his cause will come completely down to exposure. Go, SAM!! Go Operation Jack!!

Oh, and Sam ran a 3:13:56 in Phoenix. Seriously awesome!

Phoenix Marathon – Spectathlete

I am now an official spectathlete! And let me tell you, it’s hard work!

I woke at 5:30 to take Randi, Michelle, and Sandy to the marathon race start. Then I drove back to the hotel, woke up Troy, packed up and checked out, and drove Troy to the half marathon start.


I dropped him, hugs, kisses, and good lucks. He had a plan. I whisked off to mile 3.75 of the marathon course. Took Annie pee, fed her some cheese, and then then the race leaders came by. Wow, fast! I saw Sam (Operation Jack) and then just after the 3:40 pacer I saw Michelle, Sandy and Cody running together. Missed Keith, dang.


Back in the car, off to the 1/2 marathon mile 4.5. I caught up with my mom via phone (she was watching the Trakkers test that was going on), fed annie another cheese, and some milk, changed her out of her jammies, and doh, I missed the leaders. Annie and I cheered up a storm and Troy came by smiling from ear to ear. He was having fun!


Ok, back in the minivan, speeding through the backstreets, pulling maneuvers, and u-turns. I pulled up to mile 8 on the 1/2 marathon course. Gave Annie milk, took her pee again, and there was Troy. Still smiling, running faster now. He went by so quick!


Back in the car, racing across town, over to mile 18 of the marathon course. Annie played in a puddle and got yelled at by a police officer for dumping dirt in the puddle. Geez. She pouted, I cheeered. I got her another milk. I saw Keith go by, very focused, but about to bonk a few miles later. I saw Pam Reed, and Dean Karnazes. Wow, celebrities. Then came PIC. She looked Goooood. I ran a few feet down the sidewalk and screamed that it was time to start picking it up. She nodded.


Back in the car. Over to the finish line area. Holy Crap. This was my first navigational trouble of the day. It look me hours to get to that darn finish area, along with 50,000 other people. Dean Karnazes beat me to the finish line.


I parked, changed Annie’s clothes from the puddle incident. I threw her on my back and we took off running to the finish area. a mile later we found Troy. By a stroke of luck we found PIC, and then sat next to the drop bag area waiting for Sandy and Keith.


The spectathlete role ended with the athletes heading to shower and me running two blocks to pick up pizza and beer for them. A few hours of down time and we were back on an airplane headed to Denver.

Whew. I slept well that night. So did Annie.

Troy and Michelle (PIC = partner in crime)

Troy. Wow, Troy. I’m going to list his mile splits here because when someone tells you to negative split your first half marathon, this is how you do it. Granted, now we know that Troy needs to start out a little faster, but we just didn’t know. The man is diligent, and patient. Here they are: 9:07, 8:54, 9:02, 9:02, 8:47, 8:46, 8:44, 8:34, 8:32, 8:22, 8:00, 7:52, 7:28, 6:33 pace for the last chunk. Total: 1:52:33. Seriously? Enough Said.

The crew: Randi, Troy, Michelle, Keith, Sandy

I feeeel gooood

Wow, I really feel good right now. Tomorrow we head out to Phoenix for Troy to run the half marathon. We have a big group going, and for once I am not running. I am looking forward to getting some time on the IM Arizona course and to watching all my friends PR and have fabulous races. It will also be fun to say hello to Mix1, they will have a booth at the expo. Be sure to stop by, say hi, and tell them that you read goSonja’s blog. They might even give you an extra Mix1.

Training recently has been exactly what I strive for: diligence. I have clipped through my workouts, really with no issue. I’ve asked questions here and there and have enjoyed the beginnings of a new relationship with a new coach. I’m learning a lot about myself and about my body, so those are good things. I know that lots of you have been asking about my new coach and I promise there will be a post sometime in the future, just give me a little time.

So, the next BIG thing. Moab 100

Yes, I’m going to run 100 miles in one go. And, I’m going to do it on a looped course, one that goes around and around and around. While this seems crazy, it’s actually a good thing. For my first 100 miler it will be nice to see Troy and my drop bag every 6 miles or so. The hardest part is going to be seeing the tent, and my sleeping bag every 6 miles. Training is ramping up for that and I will be doing some uber long runs in the near future to get ready. I ran a 57 mile week two weeks ago with zero side effects, so I’m getting there. Now, I know that runners consider a 57 mile week insufficient for a 100 miler, but you have to remember that I am biking and swimming on about the same level, so my fitness feels broad.

Never-the-less it’s those big haunkin’ runs that give me the confidence that I can get it done, so those will be in store for sure.

Oh, and lastly, I must introduce you to SAM. I have a post about him going up next week, but in the mean time I thought I would give you a little teaser….

and you thought I was a gnarly?

RunColo excitement

Whew, sorry for the slight lapse in blogging. At least it’s not because nothing is going on, it’s because SO MUCH is going on! Wow. I will trickle out all the bits and pieces, but for now I want to shed a little light on the RunColo site. I met Mr.RunColo a few years back and we have been bloggy buddies for some time now. He’s a super stud marathoner, married to a super stud marathoner with a few kids that I’m sure will be super stud marathoners, and he runs this great site: RunColo.

On his site you can contribute to a forum where people discuss Colorado specific running races. You know the local 5K you are thinking about entering? Well, go scope out what people are saying about it before you register. And after the race, go add your own beta. Was the t-shirt worth it? How was the post race food? Was the course long, short, just right??

Another great thing about RunColo is his newsletter (sign up in the left corner). He doesn’t bug you, it’s a once a month thing and he keeps it simple. Here’s the secret, he gives away oodles of free race entries! You gotta be on the newsletter to know about them. And if you are a regular contributer to the forum, I’m pretty sure you get upgraded to “first class” when it comes to race entries.

So Mr.RunColo asked if I wanted to contribute some articles to his site on a monthly basis. You bet-cha! Sounds fun! So I will be over there writing articles with a female/triathlete/crazy spin. Should make for some good times. My first article is up and going. It’s about snowshoeing in Colorado.

It’s really funny to sit here and think that someone out there actually asked me to write something for them. I have a degree in Math and never considered myself a very good writer. I have always loved to read, but just struggled to get my minds thoughts out onto paper. Blogging these last couple years has really strengthened my writing skills and helped me to find my voice. Thanks to all of you that continue to hang with me!