Whole30: Day 24 – Very Lazy Day

Wake Up 9:10am

Slept over 10 hours last night. Very deep sleep too.

Breakfast: 9:30am

Clearly one of the most colorful plates of my Whole30 experience. 1/2 an avocado with RSR on it. 3 FRESH EGGS! Look how yellow they are with some salsa scrambled into them, and 1/2 a sweet potato with ghee on it. I had to make more Clarified Butter today.

photo 2

Lunch: 1:00pm

I made the Belly Dance Beet Salad from Well Fed2 on page 186. It has beets that are roasted and then chopped. Then you mix it with a dressing that has all these amazing spices in it: cumin, coriander, and cinnamon. Last you add toasted pistachios and scallions. I could have eaten the entire bowl that it made in one sitting. I love beets. They say to serve this cold and it would make an excellent dish to bring to a potluck or family gathering. I finished off the last of the pork tenderloin and had some amazingly ripe and sweet pineapple with didn’t have any acidity to it.

photo 3

Dinner: 5:45pm

Well, yea, I finished off the rest of the beets. That’s my one issue with the recipe, it’s a bit time consuming for the yield. If I were to do it again I would double the recipe so there are plenty of leftovers. I also had 1/2 a sweet potato and a big plop of meat sauce (Well Fed2 page 94). I didn’t have any noodle like object in the fridge, so I just ate it as it was. It’s a very meaty sauce so it was good this way too.

photo 1

I had a really lazy day today. I watched a lot of Damages (finished season2) and I talked to a few of my athletes that are racing Ironman Cozumel on Sunday, and then I played a few hours of Disco Bees and Candy Crush on my phone. Annie started a really cool drawing of a Toucan that I can’t wait for her to finish. I’m trying to get her switched over to a little more Whole30 diet. She really likes her carbohydrates, just like Troy. Troy does not feel very good on a Whole30 type diet and he doesn’t do well with a lot of meat in his diet. This experiment has actually been really good for our family in a few ways.

1) Eating together – we are sitting down at the table (by the way this is easier to do when the table is not housing piles or books, crafts, toys, etc) much more as a family. And when Annie is at school, Troy and I are sitting down together for lunch a lot as well.

2) Veggies – everyone is eating lots and lots more veggies

3) New Likables – We have found some new recipes that we all like as a family and it’s helped us get out of our “I don’t want to cook” rut. We have found more things that Annie likes to eat and she is now asking for. Oh and if you put the meatballs on a stick, pretty much any kid is going to wolf them down, despite how many veggies are in them.

4) Mama is not a bwitch – This is the biggest family change. Mama is finally even tempered and mello and having many less ups and downs.

5) Eating out – It’s now a preplanned, pre thought out endeavor instead of a mindless thing out of lazyness

6) Quick meals – we have ideas and the tools to make “quick meals” at home. These are usually quicker to put together than a trip to Chipotle and so we are doing that instead. When we are lazy, we just make quick meals. Huge breakthrough. Sweet potato, tuna, lemon, and avocado….genius from Michelle at Blancing Paleo.

Beyond Your Dreams

I spend a lot of time in stillness. Frenzied stillness.

The sound of water splashing and moving, but no words, just breath.

The tires on road, the wind in my ears, no words, just cars.

My feet hitting the ground, the wind in the trees, no words, just my breath, strong and steady.

I have a lot of time to dream, to aspire, to think “what if?”

I have a vivid imagination, for myself, and for others. I am an only child, I had imaginary friends.

When it’s quiet and still my brain goes places, mostly to Ironman finish lines, but sometimes to the mountains, to steep peaks, to wooded groves, along the beach.

Recently, it was always the finish lines. During my swims I was looking for those exit stairs, looking for the clock, on the bike I was always in aero, always with my legs pumping up and down, and my heart full of speed and joy, and wind, and it was fulfilled, in search of the dismount line. But the finish line appeared often, my trusty legs always got me there, and in my dreams, in the quiet frenzy, it was so sweet, I was always successful.

I have been known to put my arms up in training, in the middle of an interval, in mock celebration of the Ironman finish chute. I have gotten finish line tears on more runs than finish lines I’ve ever crossed.

The three Ironman finish lines that I crossed in reality this year have been finish lines that existed in my dreams, my day dreams. They were imagined so far before they ever became a reality. How I felt running down those chutes was exactly how I felt in anticipation of those results.

“All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible”


Running down the finish chute in Arizona was the first time I really felt like winning my AG at Kona is within my grasp. When we set goals it’s really hard to understand what it’s going to take to get to it. And winning my age group at Kona is one of those goals that is easy to make and hard to know what it’s going to take.

Every year I felt like I was more prepared, and yet it’s felt like the frog who jumps half way to the wall each time. The frog never arrives, he’s always just getting half the way closer. But Arizona felt different, like that was the kind of performance it was going to take, but in hot conditions with all the competition in the world.

This year was a quiet year for me. The blog traffic took a hit, and the posts were fewer and farther between. Next year will be the same, if not even more quiet. I have started to understand what it takes for me to be at my best, and the constant time on the computer isn’t on that path. Training with my friends and family in the sport is key, being around my coach is key. Leaving the training at the doorstep when I get back home, and shutting off in order to be a good mom and wife is essential for me.

Every person has to find their own balance, but once you find it, hold onto it dearly. Don’t sacrifice your best you for social norms, or others expectations. This has been the most healthy year of my life. I was the fittest I’ve ever been, the most physically healthy I’ve ever been, and the most emotionally healthy I’ve ever been. But there is more in this girl, there are more finish lines that I’ve imagined. There are more adventures yet to be had.

“Adventure is not outside man; it is within”

–George Elliot



Whole30: Day 23 – Thanksgiving AKA Wow that was HARD…

Wake Up: 8:00am

got 8 hours last night. My “hit the hay early” button seems to be in the off position. I would really like to get that back under control. But here I am writing this at 10:30pm…so…. hummm….

Breakfast: 10:00am

I got up and got started prepping the food I needed to bring to Thanksgiving. I had to do a store run, and the battery in the car was dead. So I left Troy to harass our neighbor Fred into jumping it, and I walked to the store. By the time I got back Troy had it fixed. It was totally my fault since I sat in the car talking the night before to a prospective athlete and I ran the battery in the car down. My bad. So I was cooking this morning and neglecting my need to eat. I finally heated up the last of the African Chicken Stew and wolfed that down.

photo 5

Lunch: 1:15pm

Man do I love my father-in-law. Roger, if you are reading, I love you. He made Thanksgiving so easy for me. He put so much on the table that was totally Whole30 compliant and he knew I was doing Whole30 and knew what it meant. Roger I love you. Look at this wonderful Thanksgiving plate, and it filled me up great. Turkey, steamed green beens and carrots with parsley, a cucumber dill salad I brought, and sweet potatoes without any sugar or butter, just plain. LOVE! Getting together and catching up with family and friends was much needed as well. I wish we could have had more time to visit, but hopefully we can get together again soon.

Oh and as an appetizer I brought a plate of cucumbers and snap peas and I made guacamole which had some of my home made mayonnaise in it (my moms secret ingredient in her guac).

photo 3

photo 4

Dinner: 6:45pm

I sautéed some zucchini and then added meat sauce on top of it. I’m making more meat sauce soon, it’s so flavorful and yummy. It’s such tasty leftovers. Everyone just kinda foraged for dinner tonight on their own.

photo 2

Movies: 7:45pm

Troy and Annie wanted to go see Frozen. Yes, Troy wanted to see Frozen. Troy LOVES the movies! So as a last minute treat I put some unsweetened coconut flakes, frozen cherries, and frozen blueberries in a bowl and snuck it into the theatre. I have to thank Ron for this idea, he totally texted me frozen strawberries with coconut a few nights ago! At the movie I slowly ate my berries and coconut and Troy and Annie munched on popcorn and slurpies, and we all finished our snacks at about the same time. I’m totally doing this again in the future when I go to movies. It hit the spot and I still did not miss the popcorn. Who am I?!

photo 1

Giving Thanks:

Today is Thanksgiving and I am really grateful for the people I have in my life. I have a great family, wonderful friends, the most devoted husband, and the sweetest daughter. I am truly truly lucky beyond belief.

Ummm, AND Whole30 on Thanksgiving Day was really hard. I had so much support from my family and from Troy and even with all that, it was really really hard for me. My Father in Law makes this amazing pea salad with cheese and bacon and sour cream and I have been known to eat a very LARGE bowl of it in one sitting. There was a big bowl of it on the table and it was calling my name. Pea Salad, I missed you today. And, also, Pumpkin Pie is one of my favorite foods. I love it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and I did not have any pumpkin pie today. Even with lots of support, I craved those old favorites, and wished I was splurging today. I don’t have any epiphanies about it all, just that it was hard, and I am blessed, and I would like to go to bed, so that I can wake up tomorrow, and start a new day.

Whole30: Day22 – Eggs and the Movies

Wake Up: 8:30am

Oh lordy. Last night was a doozy. Troy and I watched a movie together after he put Annie down to bed. It was about dyslexia, which is something we have been learning about recently, deep breaths. It got us talking and it got me crying and the net result was the two of us going to bed at 1:00am and me getting 7.5 hours of sleep and waking up bummed out with really puffy eyes. I tried to make the best of my day, and really never thought of going towards food to put me in a better mood, but the wind was out of my sails for the early part of today.

Breakfast: 9:30am

Thank you Katie! I had a bowl of her soup topped with the rest of the left over bison I made the other day. SPICY, but I made it to the bottom of the bowl. When Katie gets back from IM Cozumel I will get the recipe from her. It has sweet potatoes and butternut squash and it’s very smooth. Yum!

photo 4

Lunch: 1:10pm

I had left over African Stew. This is from Well Fed 2 and I made it last night for dinner. It was really good reheated and I topped it with some scallions. I’m trying to work through some of the leftovers I have in the fridge. Friday is payday and I can NOT WAIT to get allotted some more food money so I can make some new recipes!

photo 3

Movie: Hunger Games

So, I went for it! Michelle and her two girls and Troy, Annie and I went to see the Hunger Games movie today. Remember a few weeks back when I said that I WILL go see a movie and I will make it through it without popcorn? I knew Annie and Troy would get slurpies and popcorn and that was fine. I actually went and got it for them. I stood there with the big bag of popcorn, and I stuck my face in it and I SMELLED IT. Like not a little whiff, but a big solid bloodhound whiff. Then I took a picture of my reaction.

photo 5

Enough said!

Nope, didn’t eat any popcorn. Didn’t have any soda. I did have a baggy of pumpkin seeds and I ate an apple. I think it’s just a habit to munch on things at the theatre, and I felt like that need was satisfied. I didn’t really even have to exercise restraint. That was refreshing!

The bummer about the movie was that the minute they got into the dome and “business” started going down, Annie was not havin’ it. So I offered myself up for sacrifice, and that was the end of the movie for her and I. We sat in on the end of Free Bird and waited for everyone else to get out of Hunger Games. I guess I’ll have to rent it or something. No big deal.

Dinner: 6:20pm

Oh yea! I think I found something I can really dig. So, I’ve decided while I LOVE spaghetti squash, I don’t like it as noodle replacement. However, HELLO Zucchini noodles! I used my veggie peeler and just kept peeling the whole zucchini. I sautéed them in ghee and some spices and topped it with leftover meat sauce. It was awesome.

photo 2


So today at noon I met my new Egg Lady! I was in a pretty low mood today, but this could not keep me down. She has 97 chickens, and lives out on the eastern plains. They are in a pasture, they have a coop, they are happy happy chickens. She sells her eggs at the Parker farmers market in the summer and they sell out in minutes. But in the winter, things are slower, there aren’t any farmers markets, and so when she gets excess she turns to craigslist. She said about 1/2 of her chickens are laying right now and they are her babies. All I have to do is call or email her and she will meet me and get me eggs. Also, when summer rolls around she said I just have to reserve how many dozen I want and she will hold them for me at the farmers market. I MET AN EGG LADY!! Aren’t they beautiful?

photo 1


Apparently I’m in the home stretch now of Whole30 and I’m supposed to start thinking about the end and what I’m going to do about it. Am I going to keep going? Have a special treat? Do the reintroduction phase? The answer is I don’t know. I’m mostly focused on getting through Turkey day and then I thought I would start thinking about it. I’m leaning towards a Whole45 or Whole60 or WholeLIFE. But part of me thinks that’s awful extreme. Am I crazy here? It’s unrealistic to think that I’m not going to have ice cream for the rest of my life? Or is it. I’m not going to blog everyday the rest of my life (I don’t think?) and this blog has really kept me accountable. Are there downsides to extending this, just in the hopes that I keep feeling as good as I feel now? Thoughts?

Whole30: Day21 – Cruising Right Along

Wake Up: 9:00am

Oh yea baby, 10 hours of sleep last night. Massive off season sleeping action happening here. I love it!

Breakfast: 9:30am

Mmmm, leftover pork tenderloin with apple salsa and some Spaghetti Squash with ghee. I’m back to having ripe avocados in the house, thank goodness, because it’s my fat of choice! When I have a breakfast that looks like this I am totally set for the morning. It’s so perfect and balanced for me.

photo 5

Lunch: 12:20pm

Okay, tell me this isn’t the most BEAUTIFUL purple sweet potato you have ever seen. I think this gets the prize for the most vibrant colorful meal of my entire Whole30. I had some left over bison that was cooked with apple and nutmeg and cinnamon that I needed to eat. And some Apple/Avocado Oil vinaigrette in the avocado. Yum!

photo 4

Run: 1:00pm

Went for a jog with my athlete Katie today. She brought me some Whole30 compliant soup today too! Sweet Potato Butternut, and it is kinda spicy and total yum! No watches on for either of us, we just went running! It was fun!

Dinner: 5:00pm

Oh lordy! Page 160 of Well Fed 2 houses the recipe for East African Chicken Stew. It seemed like pretty basic tomato based soup with chicken stewed in it and some nice African spices. BUT THEN, at the end you are supposed to add sunflower butter, I went with Almond butter (no sugar added, just almonds) and vanilla extract. Now, vanilla extract is technically a no-no on Whole30 due to the alcohol, but we are talking 1/2 teaspoon in a huge pot of stew….I’m not gonna sweat it here… Let me just say, this was a huge success with the whole family. I thought it would be too spicy for Annie but she snarfed it down. I had it over spaghetti squash, and Troy had it over rice, and Annie just had it plain. Good amount of leftovers too.

photo 2

Meal #4: 7:30pm

I was hungry tonight, and Katie’s soup kept calling to me. So I had some soup, with some bison on top, along with some organic frozen cherries and blueberries on the side. I hadn’t had any fruit all day and had a bowl. The soup was great! A bit spicy but I liked it, I don’t usually make spicy food so it was refreshing! Thanks Katie!!

photo 1

My Favorite Kitchen Tool:

I was chatting with someone on Facebook today about Chef Knifes and thought I would share with you my favorite kitchen tool. Early on in Troy and I’s marriage I took a lot of cooking classes. I was actually in the middle of a once a week 20 week Home Cook class when I found out I was pregnant. I was about to head into class when I hopped over to the Safeway next door and bought a pregnancy test and took it (used it? took it? I don’t know) in the Safeway bathroom. Anyways, I learned over those 20 weeks and many more about the basics of french cooking, all the while my belly got bigger and bigger. It’s was an amazing education and the fundamentals and techniques I learned pay off all the time. So, besides a great Chef Knife, my most used kitchen tool is a Dough Scraper. I’ve only used it for it’s intended purpose a handful of times.

It’s a non sharp flat piece of metal that I use to pick up everything. Most people think they can just use the side of their knife for the same purpose but that will dull your chef knife quicker and is less efficient. Get a dough scraper and save the wear and tear on your knife. Another trick I learned in cooking school is that when you finish chopping anything you place your knife at either the top or the side of your cutting board (I do both depending on the situation – always blade away from you). Get in the habit of cutting, placing at the top/side and using the dough scraper to pick up and move food. Seems dumb, but it’s really efficient.

photo 3


The email blast today talked about habits. Oooh, dirty habits. I have a lot of them.

—Eating in bed

—Staying up too late and sleeping in too late

—being on my computer in bed

—waking up and grabbing my phone first thing in the morning

—forgetting to brush my teeth

—leaving little piles of dirty laundry all over the house

I could go on here. The email said that the “21 days makes a habit” is bull-crap. It’s actually 66 days. So now I’m thinking I need to do Whole66. Which honestly…I REALLY like the idea of.

I have a lot of flaws, but honestly, I like my flaws, they are mine, and I can work on them at my leisure. I wouldn’t trade them for anyone else’s flaws. I’m happy with mine. hahah!

Whole30: Day 20 – A Very Average Time

Wake Up: 8:30am

Whew, I slept quite a bit last night, 9.5 hours.

Breakfast: 10:10am

I really took my time getting out of bed this morning. I laid there for like 90 minutes. Just didn’t want to get up really. But finally my tummy started growling and I got up to attend to it. Sweet Potato/Onion/Kale veggies with 2 eggs and avocado on top. Just makes me happy every darn time. My favorite breakfast!

photo 4

Lunch: 1:45pm

I sautéed up 2 Chicken Apple Sausages with a huge zucchini, a ton of kale, and some tomatoes. I just used salt and pepper and some Coconut Aminos on it. I need to do stir-fry like this more often, it’s so quick and tasty.

photo 3

Dinner: 6:00pm

I started on the spaghetti sauce at about 3:30pm. It needed two hours to cook. I went with the Old School Italian Meat Sauce from Well Fed 2 on page 94. It’s got meatballs in it and pork sausage and pork in it as well. I basically got it to the “needs to simmer” part and then took Annie to her reading tutor. Troy actually followed the rest of the recipe without me there making the meatballs, and roasting a spaghetti squash. I was stoked for him. I think it’s the fist time in 20 days he’s cooked. Thank you Troy! This sauce is amazing. It’s really flavorful and good, and would it absolutely rock over some of my homemade egg noodles…yes, yes it would. Did it rock over spaghetti squash…yes, it did, just a little less of a rock, but more rewarding in a way too.

photo 2

photo 1

Homework: Body Image

Todays email talked a bit about advertising, and how products, and women are portrayed from a visual standpoint. This is such a hot button. I have to admit, when I see the images on Facebook or what not that say “go big or go home” overlaid on some super lean, yet totally muscular chick, I get inspired and fired up. I get that I’m not supposed to compare myself. I’m not suppose to get down on myself for not looking all perfect and airbrushed. It’s a conundrum and most the time, my reaction to stuff like that depends on where I am in my life. I totally get that marketing has gotten to a whole new level (lies…lots of lies), heck, that’s why we don’t own a TV, but I’m also a big fan of personal responsibility.

Yes, I get that marketing is trying to make us feel like shit so that we buy products and spend money on trying to feel better. I just think that we kinda know that too. I think that if you are constantly blaming the system, then you are putting the responsibility for correcting it elsewhere. I like to take responsibility for what I choose to look at and what I choose to buy, that way, if I don’t like it, I have the power to change it. I can sell my TV, I can delete my Facebook account or just not buy the stuff it’s selling. I like to think I’m in control of these things. I don’t like to give away my power.

Okay, enough of that rant. Body Image! Here’s what I think. Even in the most secure relationship, when your job and home life, and athletic life, and friend life, and mom life, and eating life are all going fantastic, we women still like to judge our bodies. No matter how thin or muscular, how tall or short, we all have those areas that we just aren’t going to like. To this I say: We have never arrived. Until we are in the grave, we are each a work in progress. Physically, spiritually, emotionally, the more we become, the more work we have to do. Accept the fact that you will never arrive, and work on making the journey a true adventure.

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!”

-Hunter S. Thompson

Whole30: Day19 – Eggs and Roller Skates

Wake Up : 8:00am

Went to bed at 11pm, so a nice 9 hours last night. It’s been so cold here and I sleep so well when it’s cold!

Breakfast: 8:30am

Three Egg Muffins and a salad that has tomatoes, celery and bell pepper in it. I just drizzled some balsamic vinegar on top. This was filling and it took me forever to get through the salad.

photo 4

Roller Skating: 12:00pm

I promised Annie that we could go roller skating today and we headed to the noon session. I didn’t have time to eat a big meal before we left so I snacked on some coconut flakes and goji berries on the way over. But it wasn’t enough. When I got out of skating at 2pm I was starving, like HANGRY starving. That was a bummer. But, I did recognize something about when I get hungry. I feel angry, and I don’t feel directly hungry. I’m more just bitchy and short. This is actually a different feeling than when I think I’m hungry. When I think I’m hungry I have a headache and I’m emotional and feel like my blood sugar has dropped. But those feelings are actually stress, not hungry. So, hungry looks like bitchy, and stressed looks like hungry. Pretty major ah-hah.

photo 7

Lunch: 2:45pm

We are running out of veggies. It’s down to slim pickins in the fridge.  I’m having to get resourceful today. Brussels sprouts sliced thinly, mushrooms, and an onion. I sautéed all of that in olive oil. On the side I had the last 5 meatballs that I made, and a bison patty. I used the “Awesome Sauce” from Well Fed 2 on the meat. It’s so good and goes great to give the meat a kick.

photo 6

Dinner: 8:00pm

Yea, we pretty much couldn’t wait long until making the pork tenderloin again with the Apple Salsa. I put the link to this recipe in Day17. It’s so good, one of my new favorites. On the side we were using what we had left in the fridge, sweet potato, onion and kale, roasted at 400 for about 30 minutes with olive oil on it. Leftovers for breaky tomorrow too.

photo 2

Eggs: Finding Good Food

The email today talked about sourcing good food. In Colorado we don’t have a very long veggie growing season, so our CSAs run about 20 weeks, with 5 of those being a lot of lettuce. We have belonged to several CSAs through the years, some good, some meh. Farmers markets don’t exist here in Colorado any more, its winter, but I was able to find a sort of market that is open several times a week and has local farmers come in, called Denver Urban Homesteader. I’m going to go on Tuesday and see what it’s all about.

Today I decided to go after some local eggs. I searched all these “eat local” sites, localharvest.com eatwild.com etc etc. but I wasn’t finding someone I could just get some flipping eggs from. It was frustrating. I even found this site that was supposed to connect backyard chicken people with people who wanted eggs. I signed up for it just to find that there really weren’t any backyard chicken people on the site in my area. On a whim I went to craigslist. Halelujah! I emailed three people and they all called me back! I’m going to meet one lady at Vitamin Cottage on Wednesday and she’s bringing me 3 dozen. I can even do some grocery shopping at VC afterwards. I’m hoping we hit it off and I can get eggs from her on a routine basis. But let me tell you, I’m so flipping excited about getting REAL eggs. I’m a junkie for all the mismatched colors. They seem so much more special than store bought eggs. If I didn’t travel so much I would beg Troy for chickens. Actually I have begged him for them, but he said no. Hahahha! This may seem cruel, but I’m the idea girl and he always ends up taking care of everything (cats, plants, kids, me), so he really does have veto power.

We have tons of cattle ranchers here in Colorado, and I know there is a ton of pastured cattle. I see them all the time, I ride my bike past them on every ride I go on, anywhere in Colorado, but can I find some beef…not yet. I know it’s out there, but I need to see if I can hunt it down, these things are tricky.

Whole30: Day18 – Temptation SLAYER

Wake Up: 7:45am

Troy and I were up rather late last night with guests over, but we slept in and got 8 hours of sleep. Really amazing sleep! Great night!

Breakfast: 8:30am

The rest of last nights pork tenderloin with apple salsa, the rest of my sweet potato hash, and a side of avocado with ranchers steak rub. I actually had trouble eating everything. It was feeling like too much food, but I think a good big breakfast works really well for me.

photo 8

I went balsamic vinegar shopping today. It was quite awesome. We have this specialty shop that sells balsamic and olive oil and it was such a treat to pick up some new Whole30 compliant flavors. Super yum! We also went to the mall and I got a new glass storage container, a tiny funnel, and a new plate. Random, I know. I also successfully navigated the mall food court WHILE I was hungry. I’m feeling super human when it comes to the temptations today. I think having “definitely not” rules helps. Also, I’m finding that I can find compliant things while out, but they are so dumb (like crappy salad with no dressing) and I get massively gouged in the wallet ($9 for iceberg lettuce and shredded carrots). So it made it easier to just wait until I get home where I have amazing tasty wonderful food waiting for me. Also, I could smell EVERYTHING in the food court. I could smell sugar, and ice cream, and bell peppers, and pizza. It was nose overload, I think my nose is working better than ever right now.

photo 7

Lunch: 1:30pm

I had the leftover Turkey Stuffing Loaf, I’m almost done with it. I made a salad with red bell pepper and avocado and tomatoes. I dressed it with some of the new Espresso Flavored Balsamic Vinegar that I got. Oh my it was so good! I also had some left over Coconut Cauliflower Rice. Do you like my new plate? It’s bigger! And pretty!

photo 6

Dinner: 5:00pm

We had my athlete Mikki over for dinner. She’s so lovely, great company! I made burgers. She is gluten free so I didn’t feel bad about not serving her a bun 🙂 I made the burgers with bison and Troy BBQed them up. I also made the Veggie Hash from Clean Start again. It’s just so dang good I wanted to have it a second night in a row. Then I whipped together a little salad with tomatoes and avocado and my yummy dressing that I found in Arizona. I need to order more, I’m almost out!

Oh, and I made the Awesome Sauce from Well Fed2 for the burgers, that was really good.

photo 2


I made the Ketchup from Well Fed today. But I didn’t have, or even know where to get dried figs! So I just used 1/2 of a fresh apple. It turned out good…I think…I mean…it’s totally different from other ketchup but I still like it. From that I made the Awesome Sauce from Well Fed 2. It was mayo, ketchup and other spices. It was awesome, really good on the burgers!

photo 4

Today I don’t have any Whole30 homework, but I just wanted to give a shout out to the other folks that have started a Whole30 because of what they have read here, especially Ron. It’s been fun to have someone to text food pictures back and forth with. It’s especially awesome to share the “I feel like this” with others. I’m loving my accountability partner Gina too. She’s the bees knees.

I really feel like I am the most healthy being I have ever been right now. Headaches…GONE. Mood Swings….nonexistent. Extreme reactions to shitty situations….GONE! Patience…there. Smiles…present. I feel so FLIPPING healthy!

2013 Ironman Arizona – Run

I get out running, get myself situated and there are so many people I know in the first tenth of a mile. Michelle S, Hillary, Kristin, they are giving me love like no other, Heidi HAD A SIGN! It said Go PIC1&2 and melted my heart. Nobody has ever made me a sign. Coach was right there too, and his face looked so serious. I don’t remember what he told me, but I remember telling him “I rode my a$$ off out there.” I think he told me I was in the lead maybe?

I got running and I really LOVE the first 4 miles of the course. They are my favorite. You can see the people coming back down below you and I was watching the pros. When I got to mile 1 it became apparent that I was running WAY too fast, and I also saw Jim coming back the other direction. Jim is my brother from another mother, if you read this blog, you know Jim. He’s one of the good ones put on this earth.


My watch was auto lapping on the 1/2 mile. That’s my new favorite watch trick. No more mile splits, half mile splits are the bees knees. The problem was mine were like 3:38, 3:40, 3:35….I tried to ignore them because they just kept telling me I was running too fast and I didn’t want to hear it. I saw Beth down below, and I said “go Beth” but it wasn’t very loud.

I got to the 2 mile turn around and knew for sure that I was leading the amateur race. I felt fantastic, not uncommon for me at the beginning of the marathon. I knew the real pain was coming. I knew going into this race that Kendra would be trying to run me down, if she wasn’t already ahead of me on the bike and I talked to coach about that before the race. He gave me a stern pep talk about not concerning myself with what is behind, and always looking forward.

So on the way back I didn’t look at who was coming. But I just happened to see that the next one behind me was Michelle. I wasn’t surprised, like I said previously I have never seen her in better shape and I knew she was going to seize the day.

photo 1

Mile 4 I was back at coach and he told me “I think I’m wrong Sonja, there is someone 4 minutes back”…my response….”awesome”…I actually had a sense of humor…I never have that in Ironmans! On I ran. Michelle S, and ROB, yes ROB, with his huge smile were there cheering. There was the PIC1&2 sign again.

And on I ran. I ran fast, and as the miles went on I got tired. We all do. I was sipping on my Osmo bottles and taking water at the aid stations. Mile splits were: 7:16, 7:20, 7:24, 7:30, 7:27, 7:40, 7:39, 7:48, 7:52, 7:58, 7:45, 7:59, 8:01. I think I went through the 1/2 way point at 1:39ish. Miles 10-13 were really painful.

Through the last miles of the first lap I started having to really use my tricks of the trade. I also asked the sweetest girl who was cheering for me what my gap was and she figured it out and caught up with me and told me 7 minutes. I know her from twitter….Elizabeth I think?? She was so there for me!

I like to repeat things in my head when I get tired. I latch onto something and I just run to the beat. Things that work for me:

“Push Pull” – this is something that Muddy says when he coaches spin class and it works really well for me running. I find myself saying it all the time when I’m hurting.

“All it takes is all you got” – this is the mantra of the Multisport Madness kids team in Chicago that I spoke to and it popped in my head and I repeated it over and over for a solid 2 miles.

“Nobody is going to take this from me” – the night before I watched the Kona broadcast and Rinny really inspired me with some of the stuff she said. Especially the idea that she won’t let anyone take it from her. So I said that a few hundred times.

“Look forward not back” – that was from coach the night before.

So, I get to the second loop and get to coach again. This time he says I have a great lead and now we can have a little fun with it. Panic sets in, FUN? The feelings I’m having at the moment don’t exactly lie in the fun house. I told him “this is taking everything I’ve got.” I was hurting. He told me I had to fight for every inch. And thus started my new mantra.

“Fight. Fight. Fight” – step after step.

At 13 miles I also made the executive decision to stop drinking Osmo. Worst decision ever but the nectar of the gods was calling to me. Coke. At mile 13 I began worshiping at the Coke alter. At mile 17 I came back by coach. I was in a bad spot, my tummy hurt, my shoes felt heavy and I had this feeling that I was going to leave mile 17 and be on my own for the next 9 miles. I went by and I said “Coach, please don’t leave me.”

Ugh, I was hurting. So what does coach do, he shows up across the lake, 5 miles later on a beach cruiser with flowers all over it that I’m pretty sure he finagled his way onto. He was there for me. Times 100. And Michelle and Stephen, and Tracey, and Jim, and Eric. He was there for all of us.


I leave mile 17, after the begging incident and my tummy is mad, but I see Rob again and that makes me happy. Michelle takes my fuel belt for me and I decide I’m going to hit the potty and just try to see if I can relieve some tummy Coke pressure. Mile 17 I took a potty break, about 30 seconds, and used the opportunity to tighten my shoes. I forgot to do that in T2 and they had been loosey goosey this whole time, bugging the crap out of me.

My legs start immediately cramping. Ahh! Get out of the port a potty! So I get out of there and pull over and loosen my shoes. Much better! But from then on I had some intermittent leg cramps. I’m used to these, they don’t alarm me any more. I just run through them. But I do think they are a factor of too tight shoes. I felt totally awesome after the potty break. So much better. Like I had a new lease on life…you know for about 2 miles…

Over to the other side of the lake and coach is there giving guidance. I hit the 10K to go sign and again, that pep talk happens. You only have 6 miles left in your season. I flip over to time of day. I briefly think, oh my gosh, you are going to finish under 9:40. You are going to PR today. Your PR is 9:50, oh my gosh, coach was right last night, he knew it, he called it.

As I’m running down the backside of the lake, searching for the turnaround point, I’m hurting, and counting down the half miles and Troy and Annie pop into my head. When I was hurting the most I thought about their birthdays and how I was missing them for this. And their birthdays mean A LOT to me. I said to myself, “Don’t you squander this, you missed their special day, this needs to be perfect, for them, so they know that you didn’t take it lightly.” They really carried me thought those miles, the thoughts of missing their birthdays and wanting so badly to do them justice out there, to let them know it was worth it to let me go.

photo 3

Running up the hill I see Jim. He’s had a rough day, and yet, he has no idea how much he is helping me keep the pressure on. I try as hard as I can to run up the hill and catch him, but he’s too fast. I run down the big hill and he gaps me. I used him the entire last 4 miles to keep my foot on the gas, to limit the carnage, and I really really really wanted to run with him.

The very first week I met Jim he did a long run with me and I ran on his shoulder while he pummeled me and made me run so fast for like 3 miles, all with coach on the bike next to us. I just wanted that memory again. But I couldn’t catch him.

Muddy was on the side and he said “15:59!” I looked at him and said “I don’t know what that means” and he said “you and Michelle each have a 15 minute lead, and I’m going to go find her.” A huge weight was lifted and I said “thank you so much coach, I’m good now.” That was with 3 miles to go.

I caught up to Trish Diem, a woman I always know by the green socks that she always races in. We run side by side. She asks me if I’m going to find her car for her after the race. Last year she raced and I was coaching and she lost her car in the parking lot and I ran around with her key and found it for her, and she gave me gluten free cookies as a finders award. I told her that I would find her car for her if she needed me to. I told her I was her huckleberry. Oh the crap you come up with out there.

We had to do a little single file section and I got a little gap on Trish. And then I saw Jim again and with renewed vigor I tried to catch him. With one mile to go, I was next to him and I asked him to come with me. He said no. I had this idea that we could finish together and we could both jump at the finish. That was all that was going through my head, that I wanted to finish with Jim. He said No again and I slowed down and gave him a “please” look. He said no. I ran on. But I was sad about it.

The last mile went on forever. I really mostly remember Mac and Kristi there and the look on Macs face. Mac is in charge of my sponsorship for QR and I want nothing more than to make him proud. The look on his face was pure joy and that made me so happy. I told Kristi, his wife, that I loved her, which I do.


I got really emotional that last 2/10ths of a mile. There were tears. I turned the corner to the finish chute and the tears turned to this overwhelming feeling of “F%$&K YEA” (sorry grandma). I was JAZZED! Miles 13-26: 8:11, 8:20, 8:17, 8:19, 8:48 (portapotty), 8:10, 8:14, 8:21, 8:27, 8:57 (big hill), 8:11, 8:15, 8:03.

0478_40346 - Version 2

I went for the leap and it was a pretty pathetic one, my legs were tired. Everytime I go for the finish leap I have no idea if my legs are going to hold up on the way back down. So far they have never failed me. This time they did. They did not even try to hold me up on my return to earth and I ended up on my  butt on that finish line. A volunteer came over and helped me up and we were both laughing.


Coach Barbara was right there at the finish line and all I could do was shake my head and thank her over and over for her wonderful husbands work. I was in shock, and yet, I knew in my heart that this had been possible.

It’s the good races that you don’t learn a lot from. This race was like that for me. It just went great, I wouldn’t change a thing. Yeah, I went to the port a potty and I got addicted to Coke, I don’t care. I’m as happy as a clam. 12 months ago, I was a broken girl, but a broken girl with a hope. If you had told me that 12 months later I would have 3 sub 10 Ironmans under my belt with a new PR of 9:35 I would have pooped my pants. I would not have believed you. I am ecstatic, and the crazy part…I’ve had more fun playing the game of triathlon this year than any other year. Total success, and after 7 years in the sport, I feel truly accomplished.

Time: 9:35:54, Swim: 1:04:19, T1: 3:22, Bike: 4:56:33, T2:1:26, Run: 3:30:14

1st Amature Woman, 1st F30-34, Age Group Female Course record by 17 minutes.

photo 5

I can not express enough thanks to all of you who have followed along on this journey. It’s been a hard and wonderful ride, paved with tears and blood and sweat and joy. Thank you as well to the fast ladies I shared the podium with. Tough Nuts, all of you!

This year could not have been so successful without my coach Muddy. He’s amazing and wonderful, and inspires me everyday to be a better athlete and an even better human being. thanks for being my wing Mud!

A huge hug and kiss for my husband Troy and my daughter Annie. They are my rock and they support me from near and far. I love them with all of my being.

To my sponsors: Quintana Roo, the best hog a girl could ride. Kompetitive Edge, thank you for keeping my hog happy, and replacing the chain when it’s only been a month! A really big special thanks to Amrita, Arshad has been an inspiration this year and I love his bars. Thank you to Osmo for the best nutrition plan a girl could ask for, now if I can just STOP worshiping to the Coke gods! And last but not least, Ron at Punk Rock Racing, thank you for your goodies, but also for your phone email and text support through the years. Sometimes I feel like you are one of the only people who truly accept me for who I am on this earth, good and bad. My sponsors are my family. I work hard for them, and I care deeply about them, please think about supporting them with your purchases, should the opportunity arise.

And that, my friends, IS A WRAP! HELLO OFF SEASON!

Whole30: Day17 – I Can Smell the Tiger Blood

Wake Up: 7:45am

I went to bed at 9:45 last night, so that’s 10 hours of sleep. I’m finding that sleep and mood seem to be quite connected. Sometimes I just can’t sleep 10 hours, but when I can and I do, I wake up in a great mood it seems. I think the key is to tire myself out a little bit so I sleep good and deeply.

Breakfast: 8:35am

Even though my photo says 9;45, it was actually 8:45 that I ate. I did a much better job at getting breakfast in my belly within an hour of waking up. This continues to be a challenge for me. I did left over sweet potato hash with 2 eggs on top and 1/2 avocado. I gotta say, this breakfast makes me feel like a Whole30 expert. It is so filling and so healthy and just makes me happy.

photo 8

Run: 11:00am

With my friend Andrea, we busted out about 5.5 miles and chatted the whole time. It was super cold today and she was dragging her feet to get out the door. Since my season is over it was great to be able to join her without a watch, or a workout planned. Freedom! That’s what this time in the season is all about. Legs felt great! No feelings of Ironman in there at all.

photo 4

Lunch: 1:00pm

Andrea treated me to lunch after our run at a sushi restaurant. I am not a fan of sushi but love going to sushi restaurants because they can always make me the most beautiful piece of fish and you know it’s fresh caught. The restaurant was fantastic, as was the company. It was the first time I have celebrated the 9:35 and it really got me thinking about celebrating with food. I will elaborate below. I had fresh sea bass, with a pesto (no dairy in it). On the side were steamed veggies and they gave me a little homemade ponzu sauce on the side. I feel this was pretty darn Whole30 and I didn’t have any repercussions in the way of headaches which is what usually happens when I accidentally get a little sugar.

photo 6

Dinner: 7:00pm

This was probably the best meal I have made during Whole30. We had guests over for dinner and they eat Paleo so I was excited to cook for them. It’s not everyday you can feed someone cauliflower rice and expect them to say “This is great.” So, this meal I would make again for anyone, it was a huge hit and I would make it again tomorrow if I had all the stuff. So so so good.

So the white stuff is Coconut Cauliflower Rice from Well Fed 2 on page 202. At first I thought I might not like it….but nope, it’s really good! It would be great with sauce but I just served it as a side and it disapeared.

photo 5

The real hit of the evening was the other two dishes I served. I made Veggie Hash from Clean Start page 118. This recipe is a little laborious for a side dish, but let me tell you, it’s well worth it. It’s a huge hit with sweet potato, onions, zucchini, and squash cooked until everything is caramelized and uber yummy.

Then, the final big hit was Cinnamon Pork Tenderloin with Fresh Apple Salsa. I saw this recipe the other day and printed it out thinking it looked good. Oh my lanta, it was amazing! I left the honey out of the salsa, and it didn’t need it. It’s perfectly fine without. I did 2.5 pounds of pork and 4 of us pretty much gobbled it all up. It was to die for. The rub on the outside was beyond words.

I wish the photos did this meal justice, but they just don’t, it was a party in my mouth.

photo 1

Dessert: 8:00pm

What?! The nice thing about having Paleo friends over for dinner is that they bring Paleo dessert. It was Paleo pecan Pie made with dates! I don’t have the recipe, but hopefully Devon will share because it was so tasty! No added sugar! No grains!

photo 2


From Well Fed 2 page 53 in case you are wondering. This time I actually made sure ALL the ingredients were at room temperature before starting and I strictly followed the directions. This is my conclusion…mayo is REALLY EASY…IF you follow all the directions. If you don’t it sucks and makes you cry because you wasted expensive ingredients. It tastes amazing and I can’t wait to start making things with it…like SAUCES!

photo 3


As promised earlier I thought I would discuss celebration and my thoughts around it. First off I feel lucky that I even have something to celebrate.  So, this isn’t meant as complaining, more just recognizing culture. Why do we use food to celebrate? When 9:35 happened I definitely wanted to celebrate but I didn’t want it to be about food. So I tried to think of some other ways to celebrate and I read a few things on the web. Most of them suggested celebrating with stuff, like new yoga pants, or kitchen gadgets. Some new cookbooks would be nice. Others said something like a pedicure or a spa treatment. And I think all these things are cool, but for some reason I wasn’t drawn to them, and then today I realized why. I want to celebrate WITH PEOPLE. I want to be social, and trying to think of celebratory SOCIAL events that don’t involve food is pretty darn hard. A celebratory run…? schedules, people work, people think this is crazy. A celebratory bike ride? snow on the ground. A celebratory swim? I can’t even go there. Then I thought….celebratory ROLLER SKATING! But I think I’m the only adult who really likes roller skating.

See, everyone eats, and people who want to celebrate together…well they eat together. I can’t think of really any other group celebratory event that doesn’t involve food. So that’s where I’m at. I don’t want lululemon pants…not after the CEO said I can’t wear them because my thighs rub together (Ummm by the way….I’m a 9:35 IRONMAN ATHLETE and MY thighs rub together….that dude needs to grow up). I don’t need a pedicure. I just want to get together with my friends and be happy about a great year. Thoughts?

Mood Grade: A+++

Such a wonderful day in so many different ways. So happy, can’t get me down today