Survived and Thrived

Wooo Hooo! I’m back home in Denver from an awesome training adventure in Cali over the last 10 days. Also, please notice that I have a fully redesigned blog! Super yea! I’ve been working on this for about a month (okay, a guy I hired has been, but you know what I mean) and I’m so excited that it’s finally up and running. Notice that my youtube videos are over on the left sidebar, and that you can look at posts by category via the top bar. Also we now have Facebook integrated commenting, optional of course. AND, the font is easier to read! Lots of new fun stuff!

The Coast Ride this year was AWESOME. Last year the weather was fantastic and this year the weather was EVEN better. It was warm and beautiful, no rain, not many clouds. I just could not have asked for a better time. This year was also awesome because…. I knew where I was GOING!!! Yea, for not feeling like you might get lost every 10 miles. Also, this trip ended up being a total girl fest, which I honestly needed and loved.

The night before my mom had a bit of a slumber party with the Happy Hikers and of course at 5am we all loaded into Joyce’s minivan to drive me up to the city. Dropping me off for the ride was a Happy Hiker affair! The ladies even drove about 8 miles into the ride and then stood on the side of the road and cheered like crazy when we all went by. It was hilarious and made me feel loved!

I rode a lot of this Coast Ride with Hailey and Jess. They really are just wonderful women. In fact, if you look at the Kona results for 4 years now, Hailey and I are always just a few minutes apart. We consistently come in as some of the top AGers in the US, and yet, we can get together and ride on each others wheel for three days, no competition, no weird feelings, just love and appreciation for the support and friendship. I would trade every single medal and plaque for this fact. Thank you Hailey, you have so much heart.



Mark did not want his photo taken, he is too cool for school. But it’s hard to escape my mom and her iPhone, which had us laughing for the first few miles of the ride. Huge thanks to Mark for driving us home from Santa Barbara and putting up with 3 women in the car who literally talked at breakneck speed the entire way home. I have also been utilizing my front break much more since chatting with Mark. He’s a bit of a roadie perfectionist and we all love him for it!

I rode with Jess last year and she is just one of the most down to earth, mellow, go with the flow girls I have ever riden a bike with. She’s a total bad ass and has the best stories. She’s one of those new pros that I’m just on the edge of my seat about, because at some point soon, she’s going to launch. You heard it here folks. Also, she has an adorable niece and now I can’t stop using the phrase “SHHHHAAADDD” for sad.



This year it was fun to see how people handled their first Coast Ride and Kayla, AKA: “KK” get’s rookie of the year award. She hurt, she suffered, she got dropped…but you would never know because she just wouldn’t quit smiling. Ahh, a girl after my own heart, the constant happy never gets old!


Christine and I roomed together after the first night and shared dinner on night two. I crave time with Christine, she’s got a wonderful sense of humor and I wish I lived next door to her. She was also much fitter this year and cussed at her bike seat much much less. I’m so proud of her.


So how did I ride? Well, let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised in a few instances, I got dropped in a few other instances, I bonked once, and I had my rear wheel clipped once. But all in all I was super jazzed about how much stronger I felt this year. I was on the edge of implosion much much less this year and was delighted to feel more in control of my effort and my ability to do hard work for short periods of time and recover. Morro Bay is still once of my favorite places on earth. I never tire of it and I feel so grateful I got to grow up here.


I had a really strong day 2 this year, and I had a fun 42 miles after Big Sir. By some stroke of crazy luck I burned a mactch at just the right time and was somehow able to stay with the group through all the rolling twists and turns of the Big Sur coastline. Last year we were taking pictures of whales, stopping to smell the roses and dealing with my mechanical. We pulled into Ragged point close to last. This year I remember being in the big pack, taking my short turns at the front, holding my own, and seeing VERY little scenery. It was 100% focus and I didn’t really even fuel or eat.

At one point I saw whales and I didn’t even get excited. Shocking…I know! sanjose08

Day 3 was a little rougher for me after a harder day 2 and I had my first bonk, but 2 huge things of iced coke at the Subway revived me for the remainder of the day. Rolling along the Santa Barbara coast on Hwy1 and hearing Jess say “I don’t want it to end” was exactly how I felt. It was so fun and so awesome, I didn’t want it to end this year either. Last year I was ready for it to end, this year, not so much.


The next day, there was no rest for the wicked. I was on the track for a 5K time trial with legs that felt like bricks. It was so awesome! There was ice all over the track that we had to dodge left and right. I did the same thing last year so it was good to get another benchmark a year later. Good stuff of course! Track was in the morning and spin class at Concept Cyclery was in the PM. Concept is in Morgan Hill and Muddy coaches the spin class there. It’s great! If you want to meet Muddy, go check out the class. It’s a great mix of technique and strength work, I have definitely watched the people in the class get stronger over this past year!


Jen is one of my favorite chicks that I have met through Muddy. I’m not going to tell you what Age Group she is or you might pee yourself, let’s just say that I have found the fountain of youth and it’s called triathlon. Jen and I like to take an annual gun-show-shot. As you can see her arms are better than mine and she can be my mom….what? what?



I do love the fact that this year I have some great Muddy Gals to train with. I love training with the boys and they push me hard, but it’s nice to have some other ladies in the mix as well. Strong hard workers!!


We did lots more riding, and as the week went on my legs got heavier, and I got more tired. I tried to sleep more and eat more, but a point does come where you can’t sleep and eat yourself out of the fatigue, you just gotta decorate the fatigue cave and cozy up in it. I love this photo of Jonny and Eric. Jonny had a mechanical and got a tow from Eric via his rear pocket. It was awesome!


I got to ride in Woodside for the first time in a long while, thanks to Rob. I love Woodside! It’s amazing out there and we are already planning some future epic training days. They have awesome running (horse) trails through there that I can’t wait to explore!


This was how I spent my evenings, in the chair, with the dog, really trying to fix my legs!


Dan and Eric and I on the top of Mt.Ham. I heart Mt.Ham, it feels like home now. After a mellow day I had a personal best up the climb on my next to last day of camp. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, when you are doing these sorts of things, the body adapts. It adapts in the long term from the hard training block but it adapts in the short term as well. It’s not uncommon for me to have my best day at the end of camp when I think I am spent and done for. Sometimes that’s actually when the magic happens!!sanjose18


This training camp would not have been so successful without my mama. She tended to me like the grand master sherpa that she is. She cooked and did laundry, got me ice cream (shhh) and covered me in blankets. She tucked me in at night and just made it to where all I had to do was train. Thank you mama!!!

And I have to thank coach Muddy. He’s so good at managing me and he really is the best coach I have ever worked with. He really understands me as a person and athlete and I’m excited to see where his plan takes me this year. The cool part about it is that the plan is always rooted in fun and enjoyment so the destination doesn’t really matter as much.

I’m back to video blogging, and today I got an awesome crick in my neck. I basically talked about it for 5 minutes. I promise that I will get back to talking about interesting stuff from here on out. But the crick is where I am at right now!

Sleep/Whole30: Day 13/14 – So Tired

Last night I was tired so at about 7:00pm I went and laid down in my bed to read for a little while. After about 15 minutes I fell asleep and woke up at 7:00am this morning. Yea, 12 hours of ZZZZzzzzzsssss. Trying to be a morning person is exhausting and eventually I knew a catch up day was in order.

The lengthy sleep meant that I didn’t post a blog yesterday. And today has been a rough one. An unplanned rest day, some tears, and finally a ton of retail therapy. I feel like I can head to California tomorrow.

I did get a video blog up yesterday. It’s here’s, and you get to see Michelle for the first time since I’ve been video blogging!

Day 13:

My eating has been rough these past few days (read = boring). But I’ve kept to my goals. Tomorrow is a busy day with training and packing for California, I leave late tomorrow night.

I had a really pretty eggs/hash/magic dust breakfast yesterday. Magic Dust is a recipe in Well Fed Two. And she is right, it can go on everything. I thought it was tedious, but then when I get to sprinkle this yummy goodness on my eggs, it’s worth it.

photo 7

This is a lot of what I have been eating and it’s been boring the heck out of me. But I’m just trying to hold myself over until I get to Cali. If I make up a bunch of stuff it probably won’t get eaten. When I leave Troy and Annie tend to live on Chinese food and pizza. Not so healthy, I know, but they lose their cook, and Troy is a single parent, and I can’t blame him! Once I get to Cali, I’m in the hands of my mom…which means I just have to request it and she whips it up! Love my mama!

photo 6

I shed some tears this morning. I was so groggy and there were a few things bothering me, but mostly, I’m going to miss Troy and Annie, and I sat in the bathroom and had a big cry about it. I finally got over myself and engaged in a little retail therapy. All’s good now.

So my goals for California. Here they go:

— Remain upright…if last year is an indication, over the next 10 days I will ride about 700 miles. So number 1 goal is to remain on top of my bike, tires down, head up! And smile…that too!

— Don’t bonk…that’s another big one. I know that some rice is most likely going to happen, and I will definitely be using training fuel. But other than that I really am making it my goal to keep my 3 meals a day as Clean and Whol30ish as possible, no ice cream, or desserts, just keeping the nutrition focus up. That really helped my ironman recovery and I’m hoping it helps with training camp recovery from day to day.

— Keep Video blogging. I want to keep up with the 100 video blog posts, but I’m not going to be keeping up with the typing posts. So there may just be video blogs posted here, or they may not even be posted here, and just posted on Youtube. I’m hoping to show you all some beautiful places along the way. This is going to be hard, but I’m going to try. If you are seeing the videos only via this blog you can go here for my Youtube channel.

— Sleep 9+ hours a night. That’s a big one, and I know that Monday night it probably won’t happen. That’s the day I finish Coast Ride (125 miles of riding that day I think), then drive 4 hours back to San Jose, then have track practice at 6:15am Tuesday morning. But I’m already promising myself a catch up nap on Tuesday to keep up on my sleep.

— Video Chat 2X a day with home. I miss them so much when I’m out there, and many times we go a few days without talking because everyone is busy, but this time I’m making more effort to make sure we connect.

So, that’s my goals. I’ll try to get a few blog posts in but I’m not making any promises!! Hahah!

Today I video blogged about one of my favorite tri-life-hacks. A little conversation happened on twitter about it, so I thought I would share it with you. So sorry for cutting off the bottom of the basket but these Video Blogs are one time recorded and done! hahah!

Sleep/Whole30: Day12 – What side of the fence are you?

Oh my, so last night I slept from 11pm to 7:30am and I woke up feeling like a new women! I can’t believe how much the early rising thing was conking me out. Have I given up yet?….no! I’m still working on things. Danielle had suggested quitting electronics for 1/2 hour before and reading a light book. This totally works for me. I am going to incorporate this into my nightly routine from here on out.

Some interesting stuff has been happening the past few days. So a few days ago I emailed Whole30 to ask some clarifying questions about whether I’m a sham. I actually got a personal email back from Melissa (she is very sweet) and got to discuss several things back and forth with her. I’ve had some good clarity with her help.

I told Melissa about what I had been through, the good, the bad, what others thought, what I thought, etc. She said that she plans to use this as a teachable moment and is working on an article for Whole9/Whole30. She was very clear that they are not trying to foster an environment of exclusivity, but that they also have some strict devotees. She talked to me quite a bit, and asked me a really great question:

Would you say that you are a performance-driven athlete? Meaning that on the spectrum of having a health-focus (where your only goal is to make yourself healthier, even if it means performance suffers) and a performance focus (where you do things that may not be optimal for your health because they drive performance gains), you fall slightly or mostly into the latter category?

Understand that we believe there is no “right” goal or focus here, but that it’s important for each person to know where he/she shakes out on the health vs. performance curve. Where would you say you self-identify?

Um, I think you all can guess that I self identify as a “right wing” (hahahha), meaning I do things that may or may not be optimal for health because they drive performance gains. I’m definitely not in the camp that will do something healthier if it means performance suffers. This was a really good question to ask me and it helped me to really iron down some things.

I always say “health first,” it’s something I really believe. But the truth is, what I mean is: when seeking to be your fastest self, think about health first. My health first comment doesn’t actually mean let athletics suffer to be healthier (kinda crazy to actually type that…but it’s how I feel). The truth of the matter is that competing in an Ironman is not a very healthy endeavor. If you do too many of them too quickly, you will mess yourself up. They are a performance goal. So when I dive down into it, I would say that I am seeking more health in order to have a performance advantage. And I truly believe that a healthier body is a faster body. But the “faster body” part is the goal.


Let’s be clear here….FOR ME….

We can argue (successfully) that my hobby is inherently an unhealthy endeavor and that I could be doing much healthier things with my time/money/body/etc. like walking, or yoga. But given that performance gains in triathlon are the primary goal, I do think seeking as much health as possible within that framework, helps decrease the number on the clock at the end of the day. This is not something everyone agrees with. Many people feel that you have to get to a bit of a generally unhealthy place, riding the line between too lean, or too overtrained in order to get the best out of yourself. So far I have found the opposite to be true.

Today Whole9, the company that does Whole30 endorsed a book written by Stupid Easy Paleo that just came out called “The Paleo Athlete.” I emailed Melissa at Whole30 and told her this looked like something that might address some of my questions and she put me in touch immediately with Stephanie, the author. Stephanie asked me to read and review the book, so I will keep you all posted there. She did say that the book is not exactly written for the “super experienced athlete” but that I might still get some good stuff out of it. Either way, I’m excited.

Food today was great. I didn’t take photos, I’ll get back to that tomorrow. It was my last day with Kristi here and we were busy bees getting swims and runs in. She’s headed back home (sad face) and this week I need to get ready for my first training camp of the year, which is going to be pretty epic.

Breakfast was sweet potato hash with eggs, lunch was sweet potato hash with chicken, and dinner was left over chili, chicken, sweet potato hash, and I added in a head (I ate an entire head) of broccoli with some mayo (homemade) mustard sauce on top of them. Nom Nom!

Video Blog today is thanks to Erin, and I discuss some of my favorite cook books while wearing a hilarious green hat that kinda looks like a cross between and alien, and Shrek. I aim to please people…

Sleep/Whole30: Day11 – Just a Fantastic Day

What a great Sunday I’ve had! Working with Kristi in the pool today was a totally awesome experience. She has some shoulder issues and we are really trying to work on her form to alleviate the pressure on her shoulders. We made some nice progress today in that regard. I just feel so passionate about my athletes success, it’s awesome to see things click.

Sunday is schedule writing day and tends to be the most stressful of my week, but today I had more focus and clarity than usual. We had terrific office hours today and the crew asked some great questions about running track, ironman nutrition, and using 70.3s during their Ironman builds. It’s been fun, this year some of my athletes have put picking the races they are doing this year in my hands, so I have built a few yearly plans and I’m excited to see those get executed. All in all, really good stuff.

I had a great run today, it was on the treadmill while I had Kristi spin out her legs. I messed around with some different inclines on the tready and now I’m excited to incorporate some of that into my athletes schedules (insert evil laugh here). Many of their sessions stem from things I have done here or there through the years.

Food today was awesome. I made sweet potato/eggs breaky…the usual but without avocado because I didn’t have any. Lunch we went to Smashburger and I didn’t have the bun, but had sweet potato fries and the innards of the burger (patty, avocado, lettuce, tomato, and some bacon…just one slice).


For dinner Kristi and I were coming home from the gym so we swung by and got Chipotle. It was more eating out than I usually have but it was all really good food, and when it’s good food I don’t really sweat it. I had a bit of a headache this morning, not sure from what.

I’m sucking in the Sleep30 department. I’m still not a morning owl. I’m trying but I’m still struggling here. Today I hit snooze. 4:30 just seemed so early and I flunked morning person school today.

Dina asked me if I could talk about inspiration and motivation on the video blog (every time I write v-log it gets autocorrected…..) and so I did.

Also, before I go, I want to chat a little about motivation. If you are doing something you love, like triathlon, and you are needing motivation to get out the door, or going through a funk, I have a little advise. First off, it can happen, it’s normal, you can get in a lull, but I will tell you this. Through the years I have learned that it isn’t really worth it to force it. If I am lacking motivation, I usually just don’t train. GASP! WHAT? SERIOUSLY? Yes, most of the time, if I’m just not feeling it, I skip it.

I just don’t want triathlon to be about delayed gratification. I want to WANT to do it every day, and I think doing it when I don’t want to is the shortcut to getting burned out. So, I generally just skip a session when I’m not feeling the love. It means letting go of perfection, but then when you have some stellar races despite (and maybe because) you skipped some stuff, you start to realize, Oh, it’s kinda a little special secret in the sport. Bottom line is that most of us are plenty trained, but sometimes our mojo is overtrained. I work best when I value both equally.

Sleep/EatingGoodFood30: Day 9 – New Title Sponsor

2014 is a new year and for me brings a huge change in title sponsorship! Tribella Multisport is a Womens Tri Shop in downtown Denver that aims to empower and outfit all types of tri women in the Rocky Mountain Region. If you think “chick power” that’s Tribella. I was in need of a new trishop home and when I walked in the doors, James said to me, “you’re Sonja Wieck, I know your results and we want to be your new home.” It was a great offer and the more I got to know about what the shop currently does, the more excited I got.


They support women. All shapes, all sizes, all ability levels, and all speeds. They partnered with Mile High Multisport coaching and help run a womens team built for women who are just getting into the sport. After spending some time in the shop I knew that this shop was in line with where I want to head, and they were ready and willing to support me in the ways that I need to get to the next level in my own performance. Also, they were just named Competitors best Tri shop for the Mountain Tri Region!

Plus, they have really cute cycling kits, which we women are interested it.



It will be a blast next year to get to know a new group of women in the Denver area, to support a shop that is helping to get more women into triathlon, and to wear a kit that screams “You go girl!”



And to Tribella, I can’t thank you enough. Change is never easy and to have you guys believe in where I am headed and to understand the life that I have to lead to accomplish my big goal, that’s not easy to sign onto. I hope to represent the shop to the best of my ability this year. Thank you for believing in me!

Tribella Webpage

Tribella Facebook

Tribella Twitter

Today was a big day of training and combined with waking up at 4:30 in the morning has made for a tired little triathlete. On the bike at 5:30am, I think that’s the earliest I’ve ever been on the bike in my living room!

photo 4

Food today was lots of leftovers. Breakfast was the normal. No photo, too early. Lunch was so cute. I had just pulled into the driveway after a morning full of lifting and swimming and running and I was on the phone with my coach. So  I was sitting in the car talking and Troy comes out the front door with a plate of lunch all heated up.

photo 3

I ate that, and then I needed more food, because I was QUITE hungry, so I had some chili.

photo 2

That held me over to dinner where we attempted to clean out the fridge of it’s leftovers. So I had a hodgepodge of things. chicken cakes, cucumber relish, brussels sprouts, and sweet potato hash.

photo 1

I’m off to pick up one of my athletes Kristi from the airport. She flew in to spend the weekend with me so we can kick start the year, take a look at her swim form, and make tweaks that are needed. I’m so excited to have her here! I love it when my athletes come visit.


Sleep/EatingGoodFood30: Day 8 – Positive

Whew!! Well, let’s just all agreed that food is a HOT TOPIC these days, something that instills so much passion in many of us! I think it’s time to get this blog back to the basics, food, fun, exercise, smiles, etc etc.

I recently downloaded a book to my Kindle called “How Full is your Bucket.” I can’t say whether it’s a good book or not, being that I haven’t read it. Unfortunately it’s not at the front of my queue either. I’ve got quite a few to get through, but amazon sent me a link after downloading it saying that I had an “activation code” to take the “Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment.” I had no clue what this assessment is, but apparently they talk about it in the book.

It was 4:45am (more on that later) and I was looking for something to do so I clicked on it. The test took like 35 minutes and you answer like 150 questions (don’t quote me on the number) and at the end it spit out your “Signature Themes.” Each one had a little explanation and I have to say, mine were erie. So totally spot on. I could just hand them to someone and say, “This is me.”

Do you know what #1 is? Any guesses??


Hahah!!! If you knew me 10 years ago this would not have made my top 10, but if I’ve learned anything these past years it’s that seeing the world around you as a bright place full of possibilities for yourself and others results in nothing but good stuff. It said:

“You are generous with praise, quick to smile, and always on the lookout for the positive in the situation. Some call you lighthearted. Others just wish that their glass were as full as yours seems to be”

—Clifton StrengthsFinder

After reading the comments on yesterdays blog I can definitely say that you all see that in me too. I really thank you for all the kind words. I don’t “offload” too often, and I appreciate your reactions to my last post. Okay, ONWARDS!

So, sleep. My athlete Danielle, who I love a ton, and whom lives on Nantucket, emailed me yesterday. She is an X-night-owl turned morning-person and she emailed me some tips. They are the bomb and I’m going to share them.

1. She said I’m not waking up early enough! WHAT?!!! She said that 6:30 is not early enough to turn me into a morning person and that instead of going to bed early, I needed to focus on my wake up time and the bed time would take care of itself. She said 4:30-5:00am is when I need to get up. So last night, I set the alarm for 4:30am. It was horrible and I kinda twiddled my thumbs and ambled around the house from 4:30-6:30am, but I could see how this could be a game changer. But for now….it’s horrible.

2. No more electronics 1/2 hour before bed. This is a tip that is everywhere, so Danielle isn’t exactly inventing the wheel here, but having her reiterate it gave it a bit more clout with me. She said a nice solid real book before bed that is light in content is ideal.

3. Lastly, she also told me that bed is for two things….sleep and the other “S” word that is going to get me lots of comment spam if I repeat it. You know what I mean. So no electronics in or near the bed. But what about my cool little sleep app??!! No, says Danielle.

So, here’s to trying to use an early wake up time to help reset my bedtime. I’m going to give it a go, because the bed time thing isn’t really working as of now. Even when I get in bed early, the brain is racing and I feel rushed and pressured.

Breakfast today, at the ripe time of 5:30am was my normal sweet potato hash, 2 eggs and 1/2 avocado. I don’t think you all need another photo of that one, and I forgot to take one because it was so flipping early in the morning.

Lunch was yummy! I took the sweet potato hash and I put it IN the Chocolate Chili from Well Fed. Then topped with avocado. Let me tell you…total game changer! Really super tasty! Like it will make you forget that you ever used to put Fritos in your chili kind of good! I had some veggies on the side and also some toasted coconut.

photo 5

Also, there was some stress eating today. I ate an entire pomegranate in about 3 minutes. Like got out a spoon and just scooped the aerials into my mouth. Definitely not the wisest decision, but I still turn to food when I get stressed. It’s a fact of my life, I’m working on it.

Oh, have you seen the trick of beating a pomegranate with a wooden spoon? If you love them, but hate to peel them, check this out, it works like a charm. It works so good it’s almost sad to me, and it doesn’t require a bowl of water.

Dinner: Okay friends, let me just tell you. We had am amazing dinner. In Well Fed 2 there is a recipe for “Tod Mun Chicken Cakes with Cucumber Relish.” You can actually get a freed download of the recipe here on NomNomPaleo, just keep scanning to the bottom for the free PDF.

These were amazing, totally kid approved, Annie had 3 of them. The cucumber relish was really great too, so don’t skip that when you make it. My photo is not the best and they really didn’t last much longer than 3 minutes. I had seconds. One of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

photo 1

Last thing I want to mention. The Avocado Saver….can I please just elaborate on the avocado saver. Where has it been all my life. I love kitchen gadgets but not silly ones that you can just use your knife instead (says the girl who owns a vitamix, a food processor, a kitchen aid, and is begging for a mandolin and an emersion blender…but I digress). However at a grand total of $7.43 this baby is a real gem. It took me a second to figure it out, kinda had a blond moment, but you keep the side with the pit, it has a hole for the pit, and then it has a seatbelt to keep it safe while riding in the fridge.

It’s genius, and I love it. No more brown avocados. It really works.


Here is my video blog for the day. Probably my favorite one so far!

Sleep/EatingGoodFood30: Day 7 : Well that was a downer.

Today I got a comment on my blog that kinda took me down a level. I’m no stranger to criticism, although I will say that through the years I have tightened my circle and I have learned to value criticism mostly from sources that I have a high level of trust with. My family, my coach, my close training partners, and a few close friends.

But today I had someone comment on this blog that really felt that I was a sham to the Whole30 concept, that by drinking Osmo I was doing a disservice to my followers, and that I basically shouldn’t call this a Whole30. And I’ll tell you, maybe I shouldn’t?? Although her words seemed harsh and critical towards me, I’m trying to think that if she spoke so harshly, maybe this means a lot to her, and so I’m trying to be sensitive to that.

With the Whole30, the authors of the book “It starts with food” are very black and white. The rules are the rules and that’s that. I also found the same thing on the forum, the moderators are of the same mindset of the authors (I guess we call them founders) of Whole30 and I remember seeing and reading a few posts of people talking about how if you weren’t 100% compliant you weren’t doing Whole30. If you had an accidental slip you were okay, but if it was intentional, you weren’t Whole30.

The commenter really called me out on my inconsistencies. And she’s right, I’m probably not 99% whole30, add the Osmo in and I’ll give myself a 82% compliance, heck if it makes her feel validated I’ll go with 35%. I surely don’t want anyone to feel angry or upset with my choice of number.

She found the spots where I wasn’t compliant and when I look back on those days and think about the sugar that was in my bottle to get through a 5 hour ride, or the coke I drank on the Ironman course in the midst of breaking the amateur course record, I was no longer a Whole30er. My choices were intentional.

And I keep telling myself, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. This is so good for you, even just trying is so good for you, don’t be a perfectionist. My personal motto is “Health First” and I felt like I had taken a huge step in the right direction.

So where am I going with this? I just want to be really clear. You my dear “followers,” I love you all, but I am not posting for you. I am so glad you are finding health (if you are) or entertained by my posts (which you may or may not be), but I am not prefect, I am not ever going to be, nor do I desire to be. I am a work in progress and I always will be, and I like that. I will continue to do what I think is right for me, my family, and my endurance goals, no more, no less.

If you are 100% compliant I give you a huge pat on the back. I’m so proud of you for your achievement, you go!

If I have confused or befuddled any of you, if you feel the victim of “disservice” I will tell you this now, I am not an expert, I am a girl, who likes to be outside, and likes to try to get a little healthier every day. I am not the owner of Whole30, I’m just a girl, making food in her kitchen, posting it on a blog that she writes so she can look back on her life when she’s 80. That is all.

If you want to know the details of Whole30 and how they want you to eat pre/during/post workout then YOU go read the book. I’m just going to be over here, doing my Health First thing.

Breakfast: the typical. Sweet Potato Hash with eggs and avocado.

photo 3

Lunch: Some left over burger patties, sweet potato with ghee, veggie salad, and avocado. Yes, heating up my burger patties overcooked them, yes they were chewy, and yes, I ate them anyways!

photo 2

Dinner: I finally made the Chocolate Chili from Well Fed (not 2…the original). It was really good, but it did have to simmer on the stove for 2 hours which I didn’t quite plan for! I topped it with some sweet potato, and avocado, and had a bowl of veggies on the side.

photo 4

I had recorded a Day 7 video blog at the pool today, but after having a conversation about Whole30 with Troy I asked if he would record a little conversation with me. I just watched it and I want to share it for my Day 7 Video Blog.  My husband is incredibly shy, and so I am rally thankful that he let me do this. Love you babe.

Sleep/Whole30: Day 6 – It’s so ON

Last night I went to bed at 10:30. Ug. Troy said I fell asleep at right about 11pm, so a little better as far as sleepless eyes shut time. I’ve decided I’m going to try to do a gentle movement of the bed time. So tonight I’m aiming for 10:15, and then I’ll keep moving it up. I am going to keep with a 6:30 wake up time though.

Lots of training today and I thought it would make Whole30 a challenge but it actually worked out quite well. I’m finding more and more that a recovery drink after more of my sessions is helping to make a successful Whole30. I had 4 training sessions today and I had Osmo recovery after 2 of them. It really helped hold me over and then when I had my next meal it hit the spot.

We went out to breakfast today, like at a restaurant…on a school day. Living wild, I know! But we were all up early and so we got Annie ready for school and then went out to eat. It was such a treat. We went to a pancake place and I was able to have a scrabble that had eggs, spinach, and sausage in it. It had a few little potatoes on the side, which I ate, and instead of a side of pancakes, I got a side of fruit. The sausage was home made in-house and I knew if it had sugar in it, I would know within minutes. No headache…no sugar! I was shocked, and stoked!

photo 3

It was a busy but productive morning, I got some grocery shopping done and a ton of food prep. Then I headed out to swim. Upon getting home I threw together such a good Whole30 meal. Some sweet potato hash, some mixed veggies (jicama, tomato, bell pepper, cucumber) with salad dressing on it, and 2 of the Salmon Patties from last night. This meal did not disappoint. Take note how much taller Troy is than me….

photo 2

I actually had about 90 minutes of free time today. Whew! What a luxury after the last few days. I explored the web, and transferred all my food blog entires to my big, hairy, long-term blog (if you are reading this you successfully made the switch). Then it was time to get on the hog. Then off the hog and in the weight room, then out of the weight room and onto the treadmill. What a day!

Once home, I was hungry! I had a recovery drink, but I wanted real food. We had lots of prepped veggies but no meat, so I mixed a pound of ground bison with some Wildtree Chipotle Lime Rub and some Ranchers Steak Rub, made it into baby patties and cooked it up. Baby patties cook really quickly and are tasty, try is sometime! I had some sweet potato with ghee, half an avocado (to remind Jordan to eat more fat) and some of my veggie medley. So satisfying. So much work, but so worth it!

photo 1

Today was a really great day, I’m so happy to be back training again, even if it seems like the climb back up the mountain is daunting. It’s not like I haven’t been here a million times before. Mostly, I am really thankful that I have my health, and that my body functions like a well oiled machine with very few hiccups. That’s not something a lot of people can say, and I don’t take that for granted.

Video Blog #6 – moving right along. Does anyone have any ideas for things I should discuss or explore on the video blog?? I could use some help, I have 94 more of these to do (Eek).



Sleep/Whole30: Day 5 – Life is Great

I forgot what day 5 of Whole 30 feels like. Oh, it’s just so wonderful, I had great energy today and got so much done including 3 workouts.

Coach definitely hit the ground running with this weeks sessions and it was nice to spend a huge chunk of the day getting my sessions in.

Sleep last night was really bad. I handed the computer over to Troy last night at 9:32pm and turned the lights off. Because I had been GO GO GO all day I couldn’t get to sleep. I kept my eyes shut though. The cat crawled up on Troy and I accidentally opened my eyes to look at the cat and saw the clock say 11:07. Ug. Then about 1am Annie came into our room and we sent her back to her room. But I still couldn’t sleep and was just rolling around keeping Troy up so I went down and crawled in with Annie. She had 2 nightmares while I was in with her, so we were up talking about those. One was that a 4 headed electric eel was trying to drown her in the ocean, and another one was a zombie situation. Today was her first day back to school, so I think she was just having some anxiety.

Long story short I got like 5 hours of sleep, max…and 5 interrupted hours…this despite the fact that I was in bed with my eyes closed for 8.5 hours. Grrrr! But today was full of tiger blood and high energy. I’m just hoping I can get caught back up and get some normal sleep tonight. This is a hard habit to break.

I ran with my friend Dave today who I haven’t run with in like 2 years. It was so awesome to catch up.

photo 3

I didn’t have any sweet potato hash for breakfast so I just cut up some peppers and mushrooms and spinach and zucchini. I scrambled 2 eggs into those and topped with avocado and salsa. It was good, but not as good as my normal breaky.

photo 4

I had Osmo Actice during my workouts today, and Osmo Recovery mixed with almond milk after 2 of my sessions today. I can tell that having a recovery drink really helps keep the “starvin’ marvin” at bay until I can make my next meal.

For lunch I sautéed a chicken breast, and added zucchini and peppers and mushrooms. I did an extra serving of veggies because it sounded good.

photo 2

For dinner Troy made the Salmon cakes from Well Fed 2. He hates using the canned salmon, says that there are too many bones, but boy are they good. We are just going to use fresh salmon next time, he said it would probably be quicker. To go with our cakes I threw some sweet potato and sautéed chicken chunks into a pre made soup that I bought the other day because I saw that it was Whole30. It was a sweet potato Thai, and very flavorful, it came in a box and I got it at King Soopers. This was a GREAT meal, perfect for an athlete!

photo 1

I was in such a good mood today I had quite a bit of fun with my video blog! I’m hoping Youtube doesn’t take it down. I think my monkey hat is my silly hat!