So, I’ve been slowly wading my way through Brene Browns Daring Greatly and let me tell you, it’s a “one day at a time” sort of book. There is so much in there and it’s really got that researchers touch that appeals to the mathematician in me. Lady has mad skills.

So, she talks about certain shields that all of us as humans tend to apply to protect ourselves from being hurt, diminished, and disappointed. We wrap ourselves in a coat of thoughts, behaviors and emotions that we think protect us from harm.

I found that as I read some of the chapters I was saying “Huh, that’s what so and so does, that’s interesting” but then we hit the perfectionism chapter and I found myself underlining EVERY SINGLE PARAGRAPH and saying to myself “that’s what I do.” It was interesting to connect with some stuff so deeply.

Perfectionism is not the same thing as striving for excellence. Perfectionism is not about healthy achievement and growth. Perfectionism is a defensive move. It’s the belief that if we do things perfectly and look perfect, we can minimize or avoid the pain of blame, judgement, and shame.

–Brene Brown, Daring Greatly

Crap…girl just got all up inside my head. I totally see a lot of this in myself. The good thing is that after 7 years in triathlon I understand what striving for excellence means and have had many successful quests in this department. But I also identify greatly with the second sentence, the concept that perfection insulates me from judgement. I struggle when judged. Another quote that came later in the book ties in this with this. After I read this quote in the book I had to put it down for awhile. I really did. Mind. On. Fire. (Underlined Part)

photo 11

It’s this tightrope that has to be walked and I’m really coming to understand more and more that allowing yourself some leeway is so important. The perfectionist (me) struggles with leeway, with self forgiveness. It’s the little things: not being able to be everything to everyone, not being able to cook and clean and train and mother and get enough sleep and maintain meaningful relationships with my friends, my athletes, my coach, my parents, all while dressing cute and applying sunscreen (seriously, I feel like this last one is going to undo me sometimes). I’m incredibly hard on myself when I drop a ball, despite my intentions being in the right place all along.

Most perfectionists grew up being praised for achievement and performance (grades, manners, rule following, people pleasing, appearance, sports). Somewhere along the way, they adopted this dangerous, and debilitating belief system: “I am what I accomplish and how well I accomplish it. Please. Perform. Perfect.”

— Brene Brown, Daring Greatly

This last quote is in no way a dig on my parents. I have great parents, they taught me manners, how to respect others, and they taught me how to show people love with my actions. Both my parents are some of the most generous people on this planet, whether it’s with their time, their food, or their knowledge. They taught me to give of myself to others, to help and be available to people in need. I am one of the best mama bears you can have around you. I nurture people with my actions. It’s a big part of who I am and that’s what makes it hard to find that gap between ME and PERFECTIONISM. How do you keep the good stuff and let go of the shield. I’m learning it’s all in the WHY!

Perfectionism is more about perception than internal motivation, and there is no way to control perception, no matter how much time and energy we spend trying.

–Brene Brown, Daring Greatly

That was a big ah-hah. I really have to separate the intention behind my actions into two separate categories

— Because I want to  <—-GOOD

— Because I feel I need to for approval  <—-PERFECTIONISM

I have found that since reading this chapter from her book I find myself repeating “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of good” really often. Probably 3-5 times a day I catch myself doing something and I have to say those words in my head.

Dans ses écrits, un sage Italien
Dit que le mieux est l’ennemi du bien.

(In his writings, a wise Italian
says that the best is the enemy of the good)

–Voltaire, La Bégueule

So, here’s to moving forward in a more half-ass way! It feels good to read a book for once that doesn’t make me feel like I need to be more, do more, be better, etc. I feel like the important take away from the book is to have the courage to be vulnerable, imperfect, and self-compassionate. That’s where important things in life start to come out of the fog. It’s a weekly thing for me. I find that I’m good, I’m cranking along, and then something will set me off, a missed session, a dirty house, being really tired, and suddenly my perfection-beast is screaming at me to buckle down, stop being lazy, do more, work harder, work faster, oh and smile through it. I’m still trying to really understand my triggers. It’s a work in progress.


Angela Visit and Fun Food

This week has been so much fun. I’ve really enjoyed spending February at home. The beginning of this week Angela came and stayed a few days. This visit was particularly special to me since she and I don’t get to spend a lot of time together but always look forward to when we do. She was hot off a win at Panama 70.3 which was a great test for her early season fitness.

Angela and I met in 2010 when we were both coached by Chuckie, and have remained friends ever since. I trained with Angela a lot the summer leading up to my first Kona, and she was in Kona cheering and yelling at me this year for my 4th. She’s seen my progress and I’ve seen hers. We can really get laughing about the silly things we were doing 4 years ago. Climbing Longs Peak, riding up Mount Evans, her borrowing a road bike to win a race (okay, she got second, but she borrowed a bike). So many fun memories, and more to come.

Check out Ang winning Panama, her video is super cute she had a great home stay taking lots of footage!


I think one of the best things about spending some time with Ang is that we both just love to talk about the mental and emotional side of the sport. I get such wisdom from her, I’m always inspired to train harder when I’m around her. She’s such a professional, she keeps her performance in mind with every decision she makes, and that’s not just this year, but every year. I also like hearing about what it’s like to be coached by Mark Allen and Phil Maffetone. I have really enjoyed everything I have read by the both of them, books I go back to weekly for inspiration and guidance, in life and sport. Ang is like a little mini expert in this area, so I’m always picking her brain on these topics.

We recorded a video blog when she was here and it’s honestly my favorite one so far. It’s a little longer, just under 11 minutes, but just really good stuff. AND, the cat’s out of the bag…we are headed to Australia!!


Today, Katie came out to train and we had two really steady strong sessions. The masters swim today was INSANE. The temps were cold, but the wind was so wild that we had to put our heads in the water when we were resting at the wall or we would get a “brain freeze” headache. It was one of the coldest swims I’ve even done in the Greenwood Pool. Luckily Dennis gave us sets with very little rest. We did a set of 5×100 at the beginning of the workout at steady pace. Mine were around 1:37s, and my CSS pace right now is 1:36/100M. Then at the end of the workout we had to do them “5 seconds faster”. Which is more above threshold pace. I was really jazzed to descend them from 1:30 down to 1:27. I gave myself a little pat on the back. Getting out of the pool and running inside was literally the coldest 8 seconds I have experienced all year. I feel ALIVE!

photo 10

Katie and I had lunch and then came back and did some cooking. It was really nice to spend some time together doing something that we both really enjoy, that isn’t training!! We cook the same. If we don’t like the look of it we just start adding and dumping in things that we think will make it better. We had fun!

So we started with the Osmo Nutrition print out and went to town on the Protein Power Bites. They really turned out grand. I would like to cover them in liquid chocolate next time!

Then we went onto a bar recipe that Katie had called “Nick’s Bars.” We didn’t have 1/2 the ingredients so we just made stuff up and they turned out kinda dry but still tasty. Everything we made we were like “it needs more salt” and then we realized we are probably just low on salt from the days training sessions.

photo 9

Lastly we mixed up some of Phil’s Fudge. There are several recipes around for this one, as we found out later. We did the one that Paul put on the outstrip endurance blog. Phil also wrote an article on Lava Magazine with his fudge Recipe in it. It’s slightly different. We were so confused by this one. We got all the ingredients mixed and it seemed like it wasn’t working. The middle was this blobby mess and the outside was liquid like and wasn’t mixing in. We added more protein powder and more cocoa. Not much better. Finally we just put it in a loa pan and into the fridge and said “good luck.” 10 minutes in the fridge and then 10 in the freezer, we pulled it out to check on it….it was amazing! Exactly like fudge. I always wondered why Ang and Paul made so little of it, Katie and I had tripled their recipe. It packs a PUNCH!! Amazing. Next time Katie and I agreed we would coat the top in sea salt…yes, back to the salt thing!

Katie and I filmed a video blog. It’s silly, and fun!


So, I totally urge you to have faith, and make the fudge. It’s full of healthy fat and raw cocoa. This is not a Whole30 thing (plus your not allowed to eat dessert on Whole30), it’s got lots of honey, but it’s pretty darn yummy for healthy fudge. If anyone else has made anything off the Osmo print out, let me know, I’m curious to see how some of the other recipes go. Thanks!




Filling Buckets and Osmo Goodnight

I finished reading the Bucket book. It was a really short read but a few things have really stuck with me. It’s reinforced something that I have believed for a long time about endurance sports as well.

I’m gonna be kinda controversial here…you may not agree and you can go ahead and give it to me in the comments if you like! You know when they say:

“Take the positive, learn from the negative, and move on”

Well, being that I’m basically in the business of getting people to do just that in an endurance sports setting, I can say:


Most people can not do this. It’s more like:

“Take the negative, push away the positive, hang on”

I often think that if I could just get my athletes to absorb the positive, forget the negative, don’t even learn from it, just forget it, and then move on, i.e. keep having fun and chasing the fun, if I could get them to do that, the results would skyrocket. It’s this hanging onto your smallness, your negative internal thoughts, that keep you down. They keep that one foot attached to the floor.

But we are humans, and we want to dwell on what needs fixing, what went wrong. We like to explain away our progress, we don’t want to internalize how awesome we are, after all, we need to be humble, we can’t be arrogant. If we think we are awesome, then people might not want to be around us. Who wants to be around awesome?

Secret….everyone! If you deeply accept your progress and forgive yourself for the other stuff, you will like hanging out with yourself (and so will others, but that will matter less if you dig yourself).


Rant over…okay, the Bucket book. It’s quick and simple, but the basis is that when you contribute positively to someones life, you fill their bucket. And when you fill their bucket, you fill your own. If you contribute negatively to someones life, you scoop out of their bucket, and you scoop out of your own. So the book simply advocates that you aim to fill peoples buckets. That’s it! Focus on the good stuff in others, not because the bad stuff doesn’t exist, but because it’s not helpful to harp on it, even for the sake of “learning” and “progress” and “fixing mistakes.” Just aim to authentically see the good stuff in people, tell them about what you see, feel good about doing it, that’s all.

“The lesson here is clear: If you want people to understand that you value their contributions and that they are important, the recognition and praise you provide must have meaning that is specific to each individual.”

–How Full is Your Bucket, Tom Rath and Donald O Clifton

The biggest connection I had with this book was in regards to my daughter. There are some areas of school that she is struggling and some stuff that she really shines at. She’s always been that way, she crawled and walked REALLY early, but talked REALLY late. She’s always been way up in one area and way down in another area at the same time. It’s left us scratching our heads, and worrying a lot. And what did we do when she started to really struggle in school in one area? We got tutors (Love Mrs.Pam), we spent lots of extra time, we grilled, and flash carded, and played games. You know what we didn’t do? Expand upon her strengths. We were spending so much time trying to get the deficient areas up to par that we weren’t throwing time, money, energy into what she already rocks the house at. That will be changing pronto. Because when we become adults, we do more of what we rock at, and we find ways to not do what we suck at. That’s the truth. And our strengths and positives need MORE effort and engagement than our deficiencies. So, anyone know of any Math camps in the Denver area?! Or camps where you take my recycle bin and make elaborate cities out of it’s contents??

photo 6

This week has been a great week of training. I really started to see the benefits of the Coast Ride and Cali camp start to shine through in some nice run paces at low heart rate. That was a surprise and made me happy. I’m really enjoying the increased running that Muddy is giving me. It’s nothing major as everything with him is just this beautiful gradual thoughtful build. It’s all very non obvious and just comes at you bit by bit. The key for me is really establishing and maintaining consistency. That’s been my focus this week and things have gone great. I also had my athletes over 3 of the days this week for training sessions and I just love how enriching having them around is. They really inspire me daily and help me keep consistent along the way.

I got my new TriBella kit for next year. I must say, it’s definitely the most girl power kit I’ve ever worn and I feel pretty in it. That’s not something I ever expected to say, but I’m pretty gleeful about it. I’m also motivated to NOT drink Coke on the course this year, because the front of it is white and Coke is going to make it brown I think!! Thanks Liz and Nikki for posing with me! Lastly, Liz did the “soaking wet” test with the kit, and despite all your wishes this bad boy is not see-through! Hahaha!

photo 7

Part of developing consistency in training this week, I also got back into the consistent routine of fueling like a PRO. OSMO Active during my sessions, and recovery drinks after the appropriate ones. The other thing I added this week was the GOODNIGHT that Osmo advocates. Stacey tried to develop a powder that you would mix with Almond milk as a goodnight but she could never get a consistent taste and texture. So she just published how you could make your own.

My thoughts so far:

— I tried it with unsweetened almond milk. I wasn’t a big fan. It was more like “get it down”

— I tried it with sweetened almond milk. It was much more tasty, but the cocoa powder was clumpy

— I put all ingredients in the vitamix, this was better

— I upped the sweeted almond milk to 8oz instead of 6, and put it in the Vitamix, and added a few ice cubes, this is my favorite so far.

I want to try adding a frozen banana, or maybe some frozen organic cherries, I’ll do that tomorrow. The taste is like bad cherry chocolate milk. It’s strange, but with my tweaks I can’t exactly call it “Bleh” anymore, it’s more like “Okay, cool.”

Also, I bought the really pricy Valerian, it’s in capsule form, and I started with 1/2 the dose she suggests.

Outcome: deeper sleep, fresher wake up in the morning, and feeling just a little more recovered than I expected, although I have added back in the Normatec pants as well. Also, drinking this is like a pavlov’s dog situation. You drink the drink, you go to bed. Sometimes drinking a drink is an easier decision than dragging yourself to bed. But you drink it, and then you just head to bed easily. That’s been a nice perk for me.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

photo 8

Lastly, I just want to give a short and public I love you to Troy and Annie. I felt very loved last friday and am constantly reminded how lucky I am that we are such a strong supportive team. Love you Troy, thanks for accepting all of me even more than I accept myself.

Use the Tools

Okay, today was an exciting day. First off, Michelle is doing great after surgery, things went well and we are excited to see what the knee looks like under all the bandages. She’s doing all her machines and being a good patient and relaxing, and taking her pain meds. It’s fun having her here and I’m glad she trusted us enough with her recovery. All is good for now! She’s got a long road ahead of her, but we are excited she’s now on the road! We video blogged today about being friends. It’s a sappy one, kinda cute too.


So, a kind of exciting thing happened today. Melissa Hartwig, one of the Whole30 founders emailed me last night to say that she was featuring my Whole30 journey on the Whole30 website today. She included a lot of the email that I sent her back when we were having the great “Whole30 debate” on my blog. I swapped a lot of emails with Melissa when I was frustrated at being challenged on my Whole30ness back about a month ago and I’ll admit that I got to a good place with all this, thanks a ton to Troy for his insight and lots of the comments you all left on this here blog. Food is controversial, that I definitely learned. So the jury rang in, and I think the verdict is that I’m not a technical Whole30er, and that’s okay. I completely agree, and I’m honestly proud of myself for not throwing the baby out with the bathwater. It’s in my personality when things get controversial and I’m being called out to just walk away. I’ve done this with relationships, so it was a sign of growth for me to be okay with the middle ground. Just being honest here.

Also, Melissa thinks I am a professional triathlete. She asked to look through my blog and for a non triathlete I totally get how she could think that. Those of you in triathlete-land know that I don’t have a Pro card, but that I could if I wanted to and I have qualified to do so. Most of you know that I have been trying to win my (amateur) age group in Hawaii for several years now and thus haven’t taken that Pro card. Also, just my opinion, but in order to win my AG in Hawaii I think it will take a mid to upper Pro pack performance to do so. Most pros don’t make much money although they are technically racing for it, that’s the reality of the sport. However, I think most athletes in my situation make the decision to go or not based on what will challenge them and keep them improving. My Hawaii goal continues to challenge me and keeps me questing for improvement. So, long winded here, but just an explanation for if/when you read this article.

whole30If you would like to read the write up you can either go to the main page of and scroll to the bottom, or you can click on the image below:



What I learned from this experience is that there are a lot of tools out there. Now more than ever tons of health minded people are putting their opinions about what health/development looks like out on the inter web. They are developing books you can read, programs you can follow, movements you can latch onto. I think this is awesome! I always want to jump on them! I’m a self experimenter at heart! In this day and age you can write a book, and then engage with the people who loved the book in new and exciting ways. You can create classes, programs, challenges online, twitter and facebook followings, and turn your book readers into your network of followers and advertisers. It’s getting pretty crazy…crazy cool! Whole30 has done it, the Happiness Project has done it, Brene Brown has done it, I can keep going here…. It’s everywhere in our “new-media” age.

I think this new way of reaching and engaging people is pretty neat, but to the individual, I want to stress that these are tools. I personally feel that health for each of us looks different. It’s like your favorite outfit (StitchFix is awesome by the way), it may be Classy Chic, but it’s a jet black collared top with impeccably tailored tan slacks and a set of black heels. It’s yours, it’s unique, it’s a reflection of your taste/needs. Someone else may have the same slacks, but not the same heels. We are each unique and your favorite outfit most likely will not work for me. You have to try things on, see how they feel, throw out the black heals and put on a tall pair of boots. Use the tools at your disposal, but know that you have a heart and a soul guiding you, that your intuition is uniquely you and is a voice that needs to be allowed to speak.


That’s my take away from this situation. Use the tools in this awesome world, not to paralyze you, but to educate you. Take what you like, toss the rest. Give things a good college try and consider yourself and your life an experiment of one. In the end, it’s you that has to live with the decisions you made, so you need to make decisions that you can live with the consequences of. What I am really thankful for today is the level of engagement that Melissa at Whole30 was willing to have with me. She cared about my journey both personally and as a teachable moment. I value that sort of engagement. I adopted a lot of the Whole30 recommendations, and some I did not. I’m not going to do another “Whole30,” I’ve learned from that tool and will most likely continue to education from other tools in the future. I feel lucky that I live in todays world, I’m jazzed about the trajectory and about how many new subjects are finding a voice out there.

Poop Puke Periods and Vulnerability, It’s a Doozy

I have launched into reading Daring Greatly and already I am having to reread, and then reread, and then go back and reread again. I’m totally digging the book so far and I feel like there are so many passages in the book that have a triathlon, or endurance sports angle. What really got me thinking this afternoon was a passage I read about her “vulnerability hangover.” It really got my brain going because I have experienced this in racing and I’ve even talked to a few other ladies about this and felt a bit alone in my experiences. I went ahead and did my video blog on it today. Please excuse the beginning, it really took me a little while to get rolling into my blog today. Hahah. There is a fair amount of the “what am I trying to say here” talk. I’ll also warn you that there is a more than normal amount of Sonja cleavage…Oy, the joys of being a rookie!


I would be really interested to hear if you have experienced anything like this, or can relate.


This evening, I was really grateful to get an invite to a Coeur conference call where Stacy Simms was speaking on womens nutrition. Stacy developed Osmo, and she helped me personally with my fueling strategy for the last year. Her advice was such a gift to me, that I begged her to sponsor me this year. After the call today there are a few things I want to tweak and try after hearing some more of her advice (like some of her great recipes for Food in the Pockets). I literally could listen to her talk all day. I felt hopeful after this call that the future generations of women endurance athletes will have so much more access to information about how women need to fuel differently. This excites me.


I wanted to share a few things from the call here, just in case it’s able to help someone in the future.

One thing I see out there on the race course all the time when I am coaching/spectating is people who are having nutritional disasters. I have had disasters, my athletes have had disasters, and I see disasters at every single race I am at. I asked Stacey what her advice was on what to do after nutritional disaster has struck. How do you rebound?

1) Poop – I have had issues with this. I have fixed that for the most part, and how I did is a whole different blog post, but what happens when you are doing the port-a-potty-hop? Going from loo to loo to loo? Stacey said that you need to hit up an aid station for potato chips or pretzels and plain water. No more sugar!!

2) Puke – I have never personally experienced this one, but I have seen it in action. Nausea, ill feeling, bleh? What to do? Stacey says Tumms are the way to go here. This will settle the stomach and get some calcium to your intestines, which is also a muscle.

3) What about Imodium? – I have heard that carrying Imodium is a good thing to have on hand. Stacey said absolutely not and I was really thinking this would be her response. She said it’s not something you want to be taking in this particular compromised state. No no no.

I think it’s important when you are developing your race strategy to have thought through some solutions for when things go wrong. I think that most triathletes spend FAR more time thinking about what “time” they will go when they should spend that time thinking about how to execute their races. When the taper sets in, the “time thoughts” can be an endless loop in the head. Get those thoughts off of time and get them on the executables, the plan, the how, why, what ifs. Think through what can go wrong and have answers to the difficult questions. I hope that the above answers can help you formulate your “what ifs” when you are putting together your execution plan.

(In case you wondered what nutritional failure looks like….)


Okay, some more Stacey insight. We talked about periods. Hallelujah, see, now you are getting poop, puke, and blood, all in ONE blog post! Aren’t you lucky? Well, it was very interesting to hear the truth about what women’s bodies do during the different phases of the hormone cycle. Enlightening because the truth is, nobody in sports wants to talk about women’s periods. Nobody. It’s a total “LaLaLa” fingers in the ear sort of situation. Not Stacey, she’ll talk all day here. So, feel like crap for the 5-7 days before your period? Guess what…it’s proven. You need more carbohydrate while training, you will have a tough time going anaerobic, and your heart rate will not behave. It’s science, you’re not weak, you’re a woman, it’s part of the deal. If you push through this time period where you feel like crap, you put yourself at risk for overtraining, or overreaching. This was a big eye opener for me and you can bet that my ladies are going to have to start logging their cycles into Training Peaks. I can’t ignore these facts. Bottom line. In the Osmo women’s line Stacey has put little things here and there to help with these natural rhythms. It’s there when we need it.

It’s been an eventful and informative evening! Please do share if you have any responses to my video blog, or have anything to say about nutrition or being vulnerable! Have a great day. Oh, and send good vibes to Michelle Thursday morning, she has ACL reconstruction.

Okay February, Let’s Do This

February is here. Wow and wow, February is here! Training the last few days has been poop. It’s hard to get motivated in the cold weather, with all the snow, but I’m getting it done. I just hate training when it’s a chore. I always like to find ways of making it fun and enjoyable. Even if it’s singing or downloading my favorite songs, I want the process to be enjoyable, because it’s my hobby and fun is a choice.

So, I would love to hear what some of you do to keep it fun and lively when you are getting bored on the trainer? Sometimes it’s the tinniest things, like a new favorite hat, or a new song on the playlist.

photo 3

After having traveled in January I came home excited about the prospect of being home the entire month of February. But then it snowed like every single day since I got home and now I’m ready to leave again. Haha!!

I will say though….I just applied for a travel visa….??!!!! To….???!!! Any guesses?

Some hints, I’m headed to a race, but I’m not racing. And….. it’s sometime in March.

This past weekend while the Broncos forgot how to play the game of Football Annie and I were working on her Valentines Day box. Did you have to make these as a kid? Valentines day was my second favorite holiday as a kid. Halloween being my first. But Valentines day….ooohhh, the making of all the little cards, then putting them in all your friends boxes. Then getting to open up your box and read all the notes. LOVE! Like totally LOVE!

Since Kindergarten Annie and I have sat down and worked on her box together. the first year her’s was covered with buttons and feathers. It was pretty cool and top notch for a 6 year old. Then last year we went big. We covered her box in the fake flowers. Actually, she covered it and I managed the glue gun. She said glue here, and glue away I did. It was beautiful and floral and amaze balls.

photo 1

This year she had decided on an ocean theme and I was thinking to myself, how the heck are we going to pull this off? So we went to Michaels for our hour of meandering and crafting our plan. Well, at Michaels she found these fairy garden lawn furniture do-hickies. That’s the best I can describe it. A trellis, bench, wheel barrel, you get the drift. The spark had struck. And then we were off. Rocks and fake plants (lots) and moss (several kinds) were procured. Then the idea of a pond was hatched, so pond rocks and sparkle ribbon was procured. I grabbed a few helpers, some more glue for the glue gun and we were out of there.

The process was the same this year. Annie thinks and brainstorms, says what she’s thinking and I help make it happen. I run the glue gun, she pokes, and cuts, and puts rocks down, and moves things, and creates cute little flower pots full of this and that. This was the Annie show. When we got done, we were all itchy from the moss so we had to go take a bath, but after that, we sat back and marveled at it. It was her best yet. She can’t wait to take it to school!

photo 4


And I gotta say, much to the distaste of Troy I do not put up a stink about the financial implications of these projects. Fine art costs! So what if it’s used for one day just to put Valentines in. We have so much fun with it, she’s so proud of it, and I let her get whatever she thinks she needs to make it happen. So yes, $120 Valentines Box and I could care less about the money. The memories are priceless and timeless. It’s the little things like this that are so hard to carve out for our children. The traditions that are so loved and cherished. These things are really important to me.

Yesterday I went on a cleaning and rearranging the whole house binge. That felt darn good. I moved some rooms around, finally got Troy to move his office from the family room, which I turned into a room for riding the trainer, into a spare bedroom we have. Now he has a room with a door that he can close and it’s quieter and lighter in there. Happy Troy. Lots of throwing away stuff and boy did it feel great!

photo 2

Today was super awesome. I spent several hours at Denver Fit Loft getting a Retul fit from Daniel there and it was awesome. I now am the owner of two fully built up TT bikes. Oh my! My CD01 frame was sitting in a closet and now it’s built up and fit to me, and will live on the trainer. A huge thanks to James at Tribella who built her up beautifully. I almost felt bad for my Illicito because she looks a little drab next to the CD01 now. Daniel did great getting the two bikes to match even though they have completely different head sets. I also filmed a video blog at the Denver Fit Loft:

Life for the rest of the week is about to get a little wild. Michelle has surgery to reconstruct her ACL Thursday and we are so excited that we get to bring her back here and take care of her for those first rough days after her surgery. Someone else for me to spoil with love! I’m really hoping that her recovery goes smoothly, so send her some healing vibes please.

Other than that, all is well and great! Oh and if you are looking for a good book to read, Katie and I are going to launch into Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. I loved her Ted Talk on vulnerability (13 million views!)


And Katie says we all need to watch the one she did on Listening to Shame.


Okay friends! I’m off to bed!