After some days of pain following the first Beaver Creek Snowshoe race this weekend my knee if finally starting to calm down. I have been in PT all week (and all last week) and I’m lucky that the damage is to soft tissue and not anything scary like ACL or MENISCUS! Those words just frighten me.

When you are experiencing pain, and you have a long race coming up it’s just torture. For about three weeks I have felt like my back was up against a wall. It’s depressing, and frustrating. Things were looking much better last week as I went for a 9 mile treadmill run and was in no worse shape than before I started. I was feeling pretty peppy and felt I was up for the snowshoe race. The day after I was back in significant pain, unable to walk normally. I got right into PT again, and I am now experiencing some relief.

Unfortunately time is not on my side. I have 2 and a half days until the 50 miler and I’m running out of time to heal. I know come Saturday I am going to feel much better, and I know (since I’ve been through it 3 times now) that if I were to start the race I would start to feel pain many tens of miles before the finish.

A decision has to be made, and I know that the right one is not to race. Being in pain is depressing enough and I would rather that it didn’t linger for the next several months. There are other 50 milers out there, and there are other years.

So…Troy and I will head to Catalina for some much needed R&R. Troys parents are watching Annie and so it will be good for us to have a weekend off of parenting.

These decisions are amazingly tough. I know I will be standing on the sidelines Saturday, with tears in my eyes, feeling like the dog that got left behind.



  1. I agree that it was the correct choice – I have too many stories of making the incorrect choice; many of which resulted in braces and crutches for several weeks or months. Your body is too young to use up already. Enjoy the vacation and r&r!

  2. Oh Son! What a bummer! But I have to say that, once again, you amaze.

    Not only are you an inspiration when you race, but you are an inspiration when you don’t. You constantly show us how to be committed to a life of adventure and athleticism. Sometimes that means not racing today, so you can rock it tomorrow.

  3. I’m so sorry your body’s not cooperating. 🙁 But, what a fantastic vacation to have to take! Enjoy the trip, and the r&r, and heal up! ((hugs))

  4. You made the right choice in the long run, you will Run again real soon.
    Enjoy the high speed boat ride to the island.

  5. Enjoy the weekend. Heal!

    But it is certainly understandable about the pain of missing a race! I wish I didn’t know it myself.

    Any theories on why the pain is there?

  6. I was going to support you if you decided to race but I am really relieved that you have decided to allow your body to heal. I know what a tough decision it must have been for you. Have a great weekend in Catalina and I will hopefully be in NM to cheer you on for Jemez Mtn!!

  7. Congrats on making such a smart decision!!!! It makes me so happy to hear that you are putting your body and common sense ahead of the race. I hope you and Troy have a great weekend — races come and go, but knees are pretty important. Yay! Be proud of your decision, it’s the right one!!

  8. I am so sorry! Dang it!!!! These bodies of ours sometimes do not cooperate with our plans, do they? I know the feeling of being left behind, and I can imagine for you, a much more competitive athlete than myself, the feeling is magnified greatly!

    However, we just got back from Southern Ca. and it was gorgeous and beautiful! An oasis compared to the snowy white barrenness we’re living in now. You will love it out there and just think of the running you can do while there! Maybe even on the beach??

    Enjoy yourself. You need it. You’re right; there will be other 50’s and other years.

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