I love age 3. I reallllllly love age 3. Annie cracks me up every day. As time goes on and I learn more about how to parent Annie I am enjoying her so much. I love watching the world through her eyes.

When you are three, a good afternoon is all about wearing a tu-tu, while playing in a tent with your friends.

When you are three luxury dining is chasing after the Um-Pah band while your parents gorge themselves on Fondu.

When you are three getting in 2 hours of skiing is a big day.

When you are three you are a daddy’s girl, true and through

When you are three walking the dog is not a chore

When you are three you make up your own dance partners

When you are three happiness is jumping on a trampoline with pink bear stuffed down your shirt

I am so lucky to be a mother.

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  1. I love it! It’s so fun to live vicariously through Megan (2 weeks shy of 4) and get to re-live some of my own childhood. Monday we went up Turkey Trot as far as we could go before having to turn around to make it back in time for our hair appointments – but watching her run down the hillside in wild abandon and resisting the urge to tell her to slow down so she won’t hurt herself, instead I just ran with her to keep up, and silently prayed she wouldn’t crack her head open on a rock.

  2. Yep, being a mother is THE best If I weren’t a mother you wouldn’t be here and
    neither would that sweet sweet mother of yours and neither would that sweet sweet Annabelle. Miracle!!!

  3. Becky! So nice to see you comment. I have been wondering how your pregnancy is going. I bet Andrew is going to love having another playmate!

  4. What a beautiful sequence. You captured some wonderful, magical moments.

    I think I’m going to go grab my camera and get a few of my own.

  5. Awesome pictures and very encouraging because right now, 2.5 is a big frustration. Although the problem may be 2.5 combined with pregnancy.

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