Today was a huge day for Troy! Being that I am the competitive/exercise/outdoor junkie he always gets the shaft when it comes to new gear. He’s the last to get new ski boots, the last to get new outdoor clothes, and he always wears shoes until his toes are sticking out before he replaces them. It doesn’t help that he hates spending money on himself, and that I am sorta the opposite :). He’s such a martyr!

Not today!

Tax Refund Baby! Going to get him new boots at!

Troy has wanted a custom jacket and pants from Beyond ever since they sponsored me. I am sort-of your average everyday sized girl, and Troy is odd in every way. At 6 foot 4 he has a standard sized torso, and extremely long legs. He’s skinny skinny. He wears medium shirts, but needs them extra long in length. Do they make those? No sir.

Beyond is the perfect company for Troy. Besides the fact that their garments have the best construction I have ever seen in outdoor gear, it’s custom. completely custom. At non-custom prices. Sweeeeet.

So today we measured Troy, all 20 measurements they wanted.

And then we designed and built this:

and this:

The khaki color of the pants (not to be confused with kahiki…inside joke) will match the stripe on the sides of the jacket. He’s got custom pockets where he wants them. He added a waterproof zipper to the coat, and ski boot gaiters to the pants. This set up can take Troy from the slopes of Vail, to the ice falls in Ourey, to the peaks of Peru. It’s a versatile set up that he will get years and years (and knowing Troy…a few more years) out of it.

Congratulations baby on a year of hard work at Cigna, a year of shlepping around Annie gear to a million races, to becoming a much better skier, runner, and cyclist; for being a kind, humble, helpful guy, and for putting up with all my crap. I love you!

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  1. Very cool! Haven’t done the taxes yet so I suppose we should get on that. Last year we owed for the first time ever. Think we’re gun shy this year – although we hope we fixed it. My hubby is hard to buy for too – they just don’t make clothes for the supertall and skinny set,do they? It seems unheard of to make jeans/pants with a waist size smaller than the inseam. Yeah for Troy!!

  2. Yea, the whole tax refund process is pretty insane. We always try to have them deduct enough so we are just in the positive, yet we always seem to get a nice check of OUR money given back to us.

    Fun Times

  3. I love it when I find out the Govt. is not taking as much money as I thought they were taking from me!

    Heck, that’s the only reason I had two kids, so I wouldn’t have to give the Govt. so much money!

    Sweet gear though!

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