Push Your Boundaries, Win Some Chocolate

Sonja Wieck

A Denver area triathlete enjoying every day of swim bike run. Mom to Annie, wife to Troy, and guide to a few brave athletes, I'm always in search of the next adventure.

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44 Responses

  1. Megan says:

    Boy am I ever excited! I l-o-v-e Ritter chocolate! Lucky for me, the local grocer stocks it!
    What am I going to do in 2010? Well, one thing is Rim2Rim2Rim!! I’d have never thought to do it if you hadn’t mentioned it, and I hope we get to throw down together in April.

    I’ve never done a run-event where I ran more than 30miles in a day, so R2R2R should be interesting!

    I also want to do a few ultras competitively. Try it out, see how it goes!

  2. Adam L. says:

    You can thank Megan for directing me over here…

    In 2010 I’m going to push myself to not only break the 4:00 marathon barrier but help others do the same in the process by training runners with our local running club. My other goal is to place in my age group at every local run (which I actually did a few years ago…). With that much chocolate I think I’d need to stick to those goals…

    I guess we’re going to call 2010 “The Year of the PR”!

  3. Hillary says:

    Wanna know what I am committed to for pushing my boundaries in 2010, your training plan. Wanna know why it pushes my boundaries, cause it involves putting Harvest Moon on my race schedule when I don’t consider myself a triathlete because, to date, the only time I swim is at the 1 to 2 sprint distance races I do each year. I am committed to training so that I can be confident in calling myself a triathlete, and that scares the crap out of me. I need to go eat some chocolate now…

  4. Emily says:

    I just decided to race my first triathlon ever! It will only be a sprint, but considering the longest race I’ve ever done thus far is a 5K, I think that will be more than enough to take on. Started by getting in the pool last night for the first time in ten years! I could only swim two laps at a time, but I didn’t drown! It was a big confidence boost after a baaaaad year.

  5. Christy says:

    Great contest! I am pushing myself in 2010 by doing 100 runs in 100 days (i’ve never come close to that kind of consistency in frequency before in running), to set me up to qualify for the boston marathon with a fall marathon. I missed boston in 2008 by 1min14 seconds… I’m so close – but so far away :). The 100/100 started this past tuesday – so far so good. I sure could use some chocolate to power me through that volume :)

  6. Libby says:

    Sonja, I was thinking just yesterday that after years of recovering from back to back injuries (and then being in denial about being recovered), I will push my boundaries in 2010 by getting back up to lifting weights 3 days a week and running again.

    Since you also know me on the TMMO forums, I want you to know that I am starting a revolution on the MT board to get more discussions going around the baby steps beyond BS2. I’d love to see you back on the boards participating in these discussions!

  7. Kyle says:

    This year I plan to push my own personal boundaries in many ways. At work I won the Biggest Loser contest by losing 32 lbs by picking up this addicting little habbit called running. Started out running a mile then moved on to running 5k’s and in the next year have commited to a whole list of different races. I have a 10 mile race this weekend. There are 2 trail half marathons I’m going to attempt in February and March. I plan on my first marathon in April. Also an Xterra Tri and another Olympic Tri later in the Summer. This is all uncharted territory for me and I’m loving every second of it.

  8. Nicole says:

    This year I’m going to do 2 things (because, in my mind this year has 2 parts). One, I’m going to keep walking Sy to and from school…the long way…plus any other walking I’m doing, through the end of my pregnancy. In the past I’ve given in to being enormous and uncomfortable and let that be an excuse to become a vegetable. Not this time. And then in part B I’m going to pick up running again when I can without damaging my pelvic floor). Mentally I don’t do well when I try and run the farthest or the fastest, but I’m eager to recapture that feeling of moving my body and getting “lost” for a little while. No races or anything, but these 2 feats will be huge for me :)

  9. Ben S says:

    yummm, Chocolate is good, and good chocolate is even better!
    My push this year is several fold – I am going to actually lift weights this off season, and consistently stretch/ do yoga; I’m going to actively strive to get rid of my gut rather than train and hope it comes off; for new events and expanding my horizons so to speak – that will be done mostly by supporting Hillary in her adventures this year. Though getting back into backpacking with our kids is definitely in the cards – and anything like that with a ~1yr & ~4yr old is an adventure in itself.

  10. Ingunn says:

    Oh, Ritter Sport…my favorite is the butter biscuit. Mmm.

    Anyway, my goal for 2010 is to get in good enough mental (I’m scared of heights and need to work on my self-confidence) and physical shape to finally get to climb some real mountains here in WA.

  11. Amy McD says:

    Son – like you, I have never been much of a chocolate person… so I’m psyched to try Ritter! Make me a convert. My goal in 2010 is to kick cancer’ ass for good (tri training through all 6 chemo treatments), then begin REAL training for my first Olympic distance tri – either LL2L or Peak!! And then, if still feeling adventurous… Half Iron!!!!! Woot woot!!! Now bring on the chocolate!!!! :)

  12. Sam says:

    Megan sent me here! I have two push my boundaries goals – I’m aiming to break 3:30 in a spring marathon and also to run my first ultra in the fall.

  13. Kelly says:

    What a great giveaway, Sonja! My goal this year is to actually race a triathlon (as opposed to just finishing.) I really want to push myself harder, and you are a total inspiration for me!!

  14. Colleen says:

    Mmmm, I love Ritter Sport. “Quadratisch. Praktisch. Gut.”

    This year my goal is to finish a marathon in under 4 hours which is big for this slow runner! Then I want to qualify for age group nationals at the Battle at Midway tri by being in the top 5 in my age group! Aaaahhh, it’s scary saying all that, but I really hope I can push myself and do it.

  15. Nicole says:

    It sounds sort of silly after all the hardcore goals on here, but for me, running my first full marathon is really going to be pushing my boundaries! If you’d have told me a year ago that I would ever attempt 26.2 I’d have said you were crazy. Now my goal is to run Boston within 5 years, but I have to qualify first, right? So marathon #1 is on tap for 2010!

  16. Becky Hathaway says:

    Ok, after reading the other comments I feel quite inferior but I’m a chocoholic so I’ll put my goals in here. I’m going to push my limits by learning to swim this year. No more excuses. Once Sarah is able to spend some time with Daddy, SwimLabs- here I come. After that I hope to do my first tri. I’m also hoping to get back to my Army running pace and be able to do some 5ks and more duathlons.

  17. Gaye says:

    Well, as you know…I’m pushing my boundaries by running my first full marathon. In (eek) just over 4 weeks! Boundary pushing part two involves continuing to train and keep/improve my current level of fitness while going to school full-time. That idea scares me silly, maybe more than the marathon!

  18. Katey W. says:

    Sonja you got me started in 2009 and I will continue this new found love into 2010. I have never ever liked running, but biking and swimming are my favorite pastimes. So because of your contagious spirits I have decided to push myself and sign up for an olympic distance tri in the summer and possibly a half marathon…oh my god did I just write that!!!

  19. Christy says:

    My motto “will run for chocolate”. hehehe…
    my goal for 2010? Well, I got a little story to share first. My significant other is a cancer survivor. Watching him go through a divorce, chemotherapy treatment, and the hellish process of getting into a specialty program really taught me to face “our deepest fear”.
    Sonja, there’s this awesome quote that I am going to put up on my website. Check it out, I think it’s great! Actually, the picture behind the quote is of Jason, my inspiration. That is of him at Western States 100 in June 2009.

    anyhoo, so my goals for 2010? 1) In may, I will participate in the Pittsburgh marathon in order to quality for Boston in 2011. 2) I will finish my very very first ultramarathon — JKF 50miler in Novemeber. 3) I will also participate in 50K; haven’t decided on which race yet.

  20. Darcy B says:

    My goal for 2010 is to get my DH to drop 30 lbs –(Dr.’s orders) I power walk every day–but now I need to take things slow to help get him up and walking –we’re doing a 5k walk/run in February –hopefully I can get him to stick with it.

    I also going to rejoin the workforce -and I’m terrified –some chocolate would really help –don’t worry about my husband he’s not a chocolate person-I of course am always happy to step up and consume his portion!!

    Thanks for the chance to win something yummy!

  21. Cami says:

    Ok. Well, my goal to push myself for 2010 is to enter the Tour de Cure 100 miler bike race for Diabetes. My sis in law just got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I am going to raise at least $150 to enter and then that goes towards a cure. I have many others in my family with the disease, too. So, it’d be benefiting lots and lots of people.

    The reason this pushes me is because the most I’ve ever ridden is 40 miles. Wow. 100 miles is far….not quite as far as your 420 miler, but hey, you have to start somewhere, right?

    Thanks for a fun challenge, Sonja. Thanks for sharing!

  22. Charlie says:

    I plan to push the boundaries of my waist line. I have never worn a size 42 pair of pants. 2010 is the year. Send that chocolate to get me started. Thanks

  23. Sonja,
    My Ritter Chocolate Goal is: to run sub 8 min miles consistantly for 10k. Hopefully placing higher than 8th overall in the Lakewood Trail series next Sept. Qualify for Boston….that’s always the goal. Run Boston, that’s the dream!

    big hugs my friend.

  24. Eliza says:

    Hi Sonja,

    Great contest!

    In 2010 I am challenging myself to Run 1000 miles, Complete a Marathon and get my runs into the single digits per mile (current running in the high 10min-low 11min miles).

    Hugs, Eliza

  25. Alex says:

    HUGE fan of the blog and your adventures. Seeing your video of running in the Grand Canyon has pretty well burned the idea of running there one day in my mind.

    This year I am set to run my first ultramarathon. ‘Just’ a 50 km one called the Lost Soul Ultra(www.lostsoulultra.com) in Alberta, Canada. It’s more of a step in the direction of running longer ultras in the following years.

    I am also running once again, a 33km leg of the Sinister 7 ultramarathon (www.sinister7.com) in July. I ran this leg this past July in 4 hours and 6 minutes, through heat followed by hail. So this coming season I want to run the leg in around 3 hours.

    Finally, I’m going to push myself this coming year so I am able to best my PR in the half-marathon which is currently 1:33. I believe I’ll be competing in 2 or 3 half-marathons.. Hand in hand with this, I want to get my pace to a sub 4 minute kilometer. Right now I can do tempo runs at around 4:20/km. So I’m not too far, I hope!

    Oh, and the winter sucks here (hit -50 last Sunday!). So I’m going to work hard at getting pushing myself out the door when there are little lulls in the cold weather!

    Well this turned into a novel!

  26. Hillary says:

    A little shout out to Katey W, my cousin. I am so proud of you! Can’t wait to go on a wedding run in August!

  27. Fern O says:

    At age 68, I am determined to learn the freestyle so I can swim at my gym which has two pools. All previous attempts involved swallowing half the pool and I just gave up. 2010 will be the year!!

  28. christy says:

    I vote for Fern O!!! Totally been there! You can do it!

  29. Cynthia says:

    I am going to get that novel written this year – I mean it!

  30. Taryn Murtagh says:

    14er this summer…can’t wait!

  31. Ron says:

    This year I’m going to be in the Clydesdale-Fat Tire (Old Man) bracket, but I’m doing 3 duathlons. And I’m doing my 4th charity hike up Pike’s Peak in under 5 hours.

    All this because your blog and the comments are so inspiring. And because I like chocolate.

  32. Mishy says:

    After having spent the past several months injured, and still not being healed, I feel like pushing myself includes still letting myself heal because it’s FRUSTRATING!

    Doc says to swim. I don’t like to swim. But in 2010, I’m going to push myself by swimming and learning to like it!

  33. annalene says:

    Great giveaway! This year I’m going to commit to the gym 5 times a week. I’ve gotten sort of lazy about it in the past weeks, but I need to pick things up for the new year. It’s not so much about the weight, more that I want to be fit and healthy. So of course, a little bit of Ritter sport never hurts. By the way, I love the marzipan flavor!

  34. Kim Nixon says:

    My first goal this year was to get on XC-Skis and not fall down. So this year for (an early) Christmas I went to a local ski shop and was outfitted with boots, poles, and skis. I had ski’d 2x in my life and spent more time in the snow on the ground with my butt then upright. I had a feeling that, this year, after becoming a runner might be different. I trail run and my balance and core strength have improved. But I had to set a goal–to enter in my first race a 12k!! So today was my first day upright on skis and in less than 45 days I have a race!! Whew! I got my work cut-out for me.

    I’ve lost 50 pounds in a year BTW :-)

  35. Kim Nixon says:

    Thanks! You have helped me focus on my goals! And I have spot-lighted the challenge on my own blog. Plus yu are linked on my blog roll :-) Your site was an instant fave!


  36. shaun says:

    Hi Sonja. After reading your adventures this year, especially the epic period when you did Ironman and the worlds I was inspired to enter the New Zealand Ironman which is in March. I am well on my way and last weekend I did my best ever half ironman at Taupo which is run on the same course as the Ironman will be. I can’t wait. I remember what you wrote after Canada about enjoying the whole experience so that will be my aim.

  37. Doreen says:

    Here goes…I’ll give this a try…cause I LOVE Chocolate and haven’t had the pleasure of trying Ritter.

    For 2010 my goal is going to try to take my racing up a notch! How will I do that you ask???
    First off I am trying to drop 5-8 lbs during the holiday. As of today I am 2.8 lbs closer to that goal in one week! It’s taking big discipline!

    Second….I am going to work my a$$ off this winter because in April at Rage LC Triathlon I am going to place 1st in my age group so I can make the Worlds LC Team and compete in Germany this year! I didn’t get to do this in 2009 because of my dad’s cancer tx.

    Third…I’m signed up for my second IM. And if all goes well I will be going to Worlds right before and then Nationals AG and LC right after! To be able to do that I am going to be commited to getting all my training in and not skimping on anything.

    I am commited to having a kick butt, train hard, race hard, take-it-up a notch year and become a kick a$$ athlete :)….and to remember to balance that with graciousness and kindness to everyone!

  38. Hillary says:

    Here is my blog post. I am so excited for what is to come!


  39. Aryn says:

    Athletic adventure – I will push myself to keep running, to complete my first triathlon this summer (Oly distance, because I CAN), and to take steps to getting into marathon completion shape.

    Sonja – Thank you so much for blogging your adventures. ๐Ÿ˜€ I am so inspired by reading about what you can do, and the enthusiasm with which you do it.

  40. Lindsay says:

    I luv chocolate! Please vote 4 me! I can’t wait til’ Easter, so if I win I will have an extra bar of chocolate and be able to tease my sister!

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