The ending of the story i have yet to tell

Sonja Wieck

A Denver area triathlete enjoying every day of swim bike run. Mom to Annie, wife to Troy, and guide to a few brave athletes, I'm always in search of the next adventure.

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30 Responses

  1. Suasn says:

    CONGRATS, Sonja!! I’m giggling with excitement for you!! You are a ROCK STAR!

  2. Jaimie says:

    Congrats! I love reading your blog and can’t wait to read about your training and race at Kona!

  3. Krista says:

    AHHH!!! So Awesome!!! I can’t wait to read about the race report that earned you the spot and all about the training! Don’t forget to update your 2010 race schedule 😉

  4. Matty says:

    congrats you look SOLID out there all day, every time I saw you also you looked like were enjoying it which doesnt seem to be a common thing.. I was the guy on the bike course that knew your same, sorry if it was odd..hmm how does this guys know my name 😉

  5. HOW EXCITING!!! KONA!!!! That is so awesome!

  6. Kim Neill says:

    That is so awesome. You are going to rock the island. Keep up your smart training and thanks for sharing with us :)

  7. Christi says:

    Woo Hoo!!! I am so happy for you! There is a great adventure on your horizon I can’t wait to live it with you vicariously through this blog! YOU ROCK!

  8. Chuckie V says:

    You are the hammer that absolutely nailed it yesterday, and I am very proud to be your coach right now. Rest up; there will be plenty of work to do in coming weeks.


  9. Bret Stevens says:

    You are going so going to rock Kona! Congratulations!

  10. Mandy says:

    THAT IS AWESOME! Congrats! Kona bound! YEAHH!

  11. Sam says:

    Awesome! Great job, Sonja!!

  12. Thor says:

    Amazing job, Sonja, but you know as well as I do that you earned this, and so you deserve it. Talent is nothing without determination, committment, and belief in self. And you have it all, driving to be great.

  13. Maggs says:

    Congrats on the Kona slot!

  14. Mishy says:

    Pure happiness. Congratulations!

  15. Joel says:

    In awe. Amazed. Wowed. Blown away.

    Congrats on getting the ticket. Now the “really” hard stuff starts :-)

  16. Amy McD says:

    I often think it’s fun to play the “what would the me five years ago think of the me today?” game with myself – what would you have thought if I told you when we were hiking with Mtn Mamas that in less than 5 years you would be racing at Ironman Kona?!?!?!? Rock on, sista.

  17. Cami Rush says:

    What in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are incredible! I am so happy for you!!!! What a woman!!!! You are the bomb!!! Great work, great writing, great sharing your story!!!! Thank you!

  18. Laura says:

    HOLY SHIT!!! Way to go Sonja!!! You are a rockstar!!!!!

  19. Laura says:

    Hope?? Or Expectation? for yesterday’s race… that is the question!

  20. Liz W. says:

    Congratulations!! You are amazing :)

  21. Dave says:

    Yay, congrats Sonja!

  22. Curly su says:

    Once again, the biggest congrats possible. !!!

  23. Jen says:

    So excited for you! It was great getting to know you a little in CdA. Would love to get together some time in Denver – maybe for a run? Congrats again on an awesome day!

  24. Grandparents Willis says:

    We are so very proud of you and your success.

  25. BenS says:

    I’ll say it again – awesome job out there! I knew you’d get it, especially after seeing you put it all on the line, just didn’t want to jinx you by saying it before hand.
    Can’t wait to hear of some of the new sick and twisted stuff Chuckie V throws at you for your Kona build up – it’s going to be fun no doubt!

  26. Jill Whelan says:

    AHHHHH! Cried yesterday when I found out! Way to go girlfriend!!

  27. Ms. Terri says:

    Way to GO!!!! Congratulations!!!! Does Annie get to go to Kona too???

  28. Isela says:

    Huge Congrats!!!

  29. Kathy says:

    Way to go!!! Wow.

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