Thank You Track Gods

Sonja Wieck

A Denver area triathlete enjoying every day of swim bike run. Mom to Annie, wife to Troy, and guide to a few brave athletes, I'm always in search of the next adventure.

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9 Responses

  1. Megan says:

    I LOVE the track!!!! and i love the video, too. Sweet photos too. :)

  2. Woohoo for an awesome track day! You are so ready for your race!
    Love that video too!

  3. Christi says:

    I love that video! I am really pumped up now!

    Great job on the track!

  4. Laura Vedeen says:

    Geez you have ME excited for Kona… for you!! Go Sonja!!

  5. Erin says:

    Hooray for a fantastic track workout! You’re a BAMF! Yeah, and that video? Totally pumped me up too… you’re gonna rock Kona! PS. one of my friend’s from college days just moved out to Boulder and started training with Chuckie! His name is Jeff D., I think he said he’s gone riding with you a time or two :)

  6. Laura says:

    Love the photo at the top. One strong chica! Are you wearing two different shoes.. one green/one blue or is it just the photo? And who is taking your photos.. the colors.. man! amazing… kona kona kona kona!!!!

  7. darryl says:

    Wow looks like an awesome day!! I love hard track workouts like that!! Way to nail it, we(your fans) look forward to watching(online) you in kona. You’re almost there!!

  8. Chris Meek says:

    Hang in there Sonja – this is only a moment – as Lance says celebrate and savor the small victories…they build to the triumphs. And overtaking the white flag is one of big victory that will lead to a moment that will be yours, and those of us that love and support you, forever!

  9. tri wetshits says:

    I read about this 80-year-old man doing his 4th triathlon and I was amazed. He puts all those lazy-have-no-time-to-train people, who compain they are fat, but watch TV all day long.

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