I have been so lucky to have lots of wonderful active women to train with the last several years. An important sub group have been my close mom friends that I bike with. We dubbed our group “Bike with your Bambino” and there is a pretty substantial group of us that continue to bike with our kids as they get older and older. We went out for a 2 1/2 hour ride yesterday and had a total blast. It’s really fun to ride at the back of the group and listen to all the comments of the people who pass us. I hear “The baby brigade”, “wow they are racing”, “moms unite”, and many other hilarious little comments. Our kids have grown up either in the backpack or in the Chariot and most the time the kids are perfectly happy for 1 or 2 or even sometimes 3 hours riding. We get in great workouts, after all, every ride pulling 60 pounds is like a hill workout.

Laura, Gaye, Hillary, Me, and Lindsay

So thanks to all the moms in my life, and to all the women that I train with, we sure have a lot of fun staying healthy.


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  1. Seriously, you’re the one who started all of this craziness, so mucho thanks! I’d probably still be sitting around on the couch (ok, maybe hiking a bit) without your inspiration. A year and a few months later, here I am: a runner, a triathlete, a budding cyclist, and a healthy and happy mom! Not to mention that I’d never even heard of Chariots till you got yours. 😉

    So, thank YOU! Love ya!

  2. Yea, the Chariot is the bomb. I emailed Chariot today and sent the picture at the top of the post. We do such a good job of spreading the “Chariot word” and we provide a safe place for moms to “get to know” their Chariots that I think we would be great candidates for some support! Thanks Ben!

  3. gee, I wonder what the bike trailer of choice is…..

    you should submit the top picture to Chariot to see if the “team” can get sponsored by them 😀

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