Whew!! Well, let’s just all agreed that food is a HOT TOPIC these days, something that instills so much passion in many of us! I think it’s time to get this blog back to the basics, food, fun, exercise, smiles, etc etc.

I recently downloaded a book to my Kindle called “How Full is your Bucket.” I can’t say whether it’s a good book or not, being that I haven’t read it. Unfortunately it’s not at the front of my queue either. I’ve got quite a few to get through, but amazon sent me a link after downloading it saying that I had an “activation code” to take the “Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment.” I had no clue what this assessment is, but apparently they talk about it in the book.

It was 4:45am (more on that later) and I was looking for something to do so I clicked on it. The test took like 35 minutes and you answer like 150 questions (don’t quote me on the number) and at the end it spit out your “Signature Themes.” Each one had a little explanation and I have to say, mine were erie. So totally spot on. I could just hand them to someone and say, “This is me.”

Do you know what #1 is? Any guesses??


Hahah!!! If you knew me 10 years ago this would not have made my top 10, but if I’ve learned anything these past years it’s that seeing the world around you as a bright place full of possibilities for yourself and others results in nothing but good stuff. It said:

“You are generous with praise, quick to smile, and always on the lookout for the positive in the situation. Some call you lighthearted. Others just wish that their glass were as full as yours seems to be”

—Clifton StrengthsFinder

After reading the comments on yesterdays blog I can definitely say that you all see that in me too. I really thank you for all the kind words. I don’t “offload” too often, and I appreciate your reactions to my last post. Okay, ONWARDS!

So, sleep. My athlete Danielle, who I love a ton, and whom lives on Nantucket, emailed me yesterday. She is an X-night-owl turned morning-person and she emailed me some tips. They are the bomb and I’m going to share them.

1. She said I’m not waking up early enough! WHAT?!!! She said that 6:30 is not early enough to turn me into a morning person and that instead of going to bed early, I needed to focus on my wake up time and the bed time would take care of itself. She said 4:30-5:00am is when I need to get up. So last night, I set the alarm for 4:30am. It was horrible and I kinda twiddled my thumbs and ambled around the house from 4:30-6:30am, but I could see how this could be a game changer. But for now….it’s horrible.

2. No more electronics 1/2 hour before bed. This is a tip that is everywhere, so Danielle isn’t exactly inventing the wheel here, but having her reiterate it gave it a bit more clout with me. She said a nice solid real book before bed that is light in content is ideal.

3. Lastly, she also told me that bed is for two things….sleep and the other “S” word that is going to get me lots of comment spam if I repeat it. You know what I mean. So no electronics in or near the bed. But what about my cool little sleep app??!! No, says Danielle.

So, here’s to trying to use an early wake up time to help reset my bedtime. I’m going to give it a go, because the bed time thing isn’t really working as of now. Even when I get in bed early, the brain is racing and I feel rushed and pressured.

Breakfast today, at the ripe time of 5:30am was my normal sweet potato hash, 2 eggs and 1/2 avocado. I don’t think you all need another photo of that one, and I forgot to take one because it was so flipping early in the morning.

Lunch was yummy! I took the sweet potato hash and I put it IN the Chocolate Chili from Well Fed. Then topped with avocado. Let me tell you…total game changer! Really super tasty! Like it will make you forget that you ever used to put Fritos in your chili kind of good! I had some veggies on the side and also some toasted coconut.

photo 5

Also, there was some stress eating today. I ate an entire pomegranate in about 3 minutes. Like got out a spoon and just scooped the aerials into my mouth. Definitely not the wisest decision, but I still turn to food when I get stressed. It’s a fact of my life, I’m working on it.

Oh, have you seen the trick of beating a pomegranate with a wooden spoon? If you love them, but hate to peel them, check this out, it works like a charm. It works so good it’s almost sad to me, and it doesn’t require a bowl of water.

Dinner: Okay friends, let me just tell you. We had am amazing dinner. In Well Fed 2 there is a recipe for “Tod Mun Chicken Cakes with Cucumber Relish.” You can actually get a freed download of the recipe here on NomNomPaleo, just keep scanning to the bottom for the free PDF.

These were amazing, totally kid approved, Annie had 3 of them. The cucumber relish was really great too, so don’t skip that when you make it. My photo is not the best and they really didn’t last much longer than 3 minutes. I had seconds. One of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

photo 1

Last thing I want to mention. The Avocado Saver….can I please just elaborate on the avocado saver. Where has it been all my life. I love kitchen gadgets but not silly ones that you can just use your knife instead (says the girl who owns a vitamix, a food processor, a kitchen aid, and is begging for a mandolin and an emersion blender…but I digress). However at a grand total of $7.43 this baby is a real gem. It took me a second to figure it out, kinda had a blond moment, but you keep the side with the pit, it has a hole for the pit, and then it has a seatbelt to keep it safe while riding in the fridge.

It’s genius, and I love it. No more brown avocados. It really works.


Here is my video blog for the day. Probably my favorite one so far!

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  1. HA! I just saw one of those avocado savers last week at some store and thought, what a waste of money! But here you are to report that it actually works and is useful. I love learning new things that turn my assumptions upside down.

    I love the way you are challenging yourself and paying attention to your coping mechanisms and habits.

    1. I’m trying to challenge myself. Challenge is HARD! hahaha! Yea, I’m pretty much in love with my avocado saver. I was always using saran wrap or bagees and I just felt so wasteful. Combined with the fact that I always eat 1/2 of an avocado at a time…and WHA-LAH I am the avocado saver poster child!

  2. One thing I’m wondering – WHY are you trying to go to sleep and get up early? Your schedule doesn’t seem to require it and your natural circadian rhythms obviously are that of a night owl.

    I’m just saying I wouldn’t try to change my natural body cycle unless there was really good reason. Just a thought. Easy for me to say with a boring natural sleep cycle of 10-6:30 or so.

    1. This comment really got me thinking, I talked to Troy about it. I was like “Why am I doing this to myself?”
      I feel like the night owls are the unproductive ones of the earth. There are so many studies saying that those who wake up early exercise more, are more productive, watch less TV, etc. And when I looked at my days the time spent from 9:30-midnight or 1am is often TV time and super unproductive time. I also tend to eat my way through those hours. So I was hoping that converting over to a morning person might help me steal back a few more of those hours and turn them into productive work hours instead of TV time.
      So far it’s kinda not working. Those early hours are mostly spent wandering around the house in a sleepy stupor.
      So, the jury is still out but you bring up a completely valid point!

  3. I’m laughing at your wake up time. I’ve always wondered how you avoided early wake-ups, especially with masters swimming.

    I did the StrengthFinder thing ~5 years ago (work recommended it) and I thought it was spot on. The only bad thing is that they don’t let you re-take the test. Even if you pay. I had a code for a new test last year and there wasn’t an option to retake it. Perhaps if I contacted them I could have, but I didn’t take it that far.

      1. Your results can always be available through the website (assuming they’re still in business). The irritating thing is that I’m pretty sure 5 years later, most people would have different strengths. Or it would be interesting to see if you have evolved. But nope, you go online and it just gives you your original results. Honestly, they’re missing out on making some money out of people who want to re-take the thing.

  4. Love the vlog today, of course! Gives me hope! I thinking about a dietitian now, after whole30(ish) that might be a next step! I’ll channel my inner-sonja on my trainings now and see where it can take me.

    I’m TOTALLY going to have to get that avocado thing. I personally don’t like them unless they are mixed in decadent guacamole, but my husband LOVES them. They always get nasty. I know you can put the seed in your guacamole and that keeps it green (a tip if you didn’t know that already).

    Love the post about the pomegranate seeds too. I’m going to try that when I get those in my next delivery box!

    1. Yes, the seed trick works to an extent…usually about 24 hours. The saver is pretty awesome! Thanks for your vlog suggestions, you got me through another day!!

      Look for a dietitian that isn’t selling a lot of supplements, I really had to search for one that just could teach me how to eat better. It was money well spent.

  5. I just “found” your blog and I love it and you! And yes, as an early riser (4:15 on Tuesday and Thursday for Masters Swim and 4:37 Mon/Wed/Fri) I can tell you that bed time takes care of itself. Most nights we are lights out at 8 p.m. and I LOVE it! And I totally need that avocado saver!

    1. Welcome Patti!!!
      I am jealous of your early riser tendencies. And getting up and swimming none the less, that’s like double awesome! I have thought about getting back into early am masters, I remember it used to really tire me out for the day, but that’s an ok thing I think!

  6. I love that you’re a “Positive Patty,” but also that it was an intentional change on your part…I’m taking notes;-)

    1. It was intensional change and I really think it came with working on my self esteem, working on how I talked to myself in my own head, and seeking perspective often.

  7. Love the Avocado Saver doohickey! In Peru they would just put the cut side down on a small plate and it worked pretty good…

    Luv U!

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