February is here. Wow and wow, February is here! Training the last few days has been poop. It’s hard to get motivated in the cold weather, with all the snow, but I’m getting it done. I just hate training when it’s a chore. I always like to find ways of making it fun and enjoyable. Even if it’s singing or downloading my favorite songs, I want the process to be enjoyable, because it’s my hobby and fun is a choice.

So, I would love to hear what some of you do to keep it fun and lively when you are getting bored on the trainer? Sometimes it’s the tinniest things, like a new favorite hat, or a new song on the playlist.

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After having traveled in January I came home excited about the prospect of being home the entire month of February. But then it snowed like every single day since I got home and now I’m ready to leave again. Haha!!

I will say though….I just applied for a travel visa….??!!!! To….???!!! Any guesses?

Some hints, I’m headed to a race, but I’m not racing. And….. it’s sometime in March.

This past weekend while the Broncos forgot how to play the game of Football Annie and I were working on her Valentines Day box. Did you have to make these as a kid? Valentines day was my second favorite holiday as a kid. Halloween being my first. But Valentines day….ooohhh, the making of all the little cards, then putting them in all your friends boxes. Then getting to open up your box and read all the notes. LOVE! Like totally LOVE!

Since Kindergarten Annie and I have sat down and worked on her box together. the first year her’s was covered with buttons and feathers. It was pretty cool and top notch for a 6 year old. Then last year we went big. We covered her box in the fake flowers. Actually, she covered it and I managed the glue gun. She said glue here, and glue away I did. It was beautiful and floral and amaze balls.

photo 1

This year she had decided on an ocean theme and I was thinking to myself, how the heck are we going to pull this off? So we went to Michaels for our hour of meandering and crafting our plan. Well, at Michaels she found these fairy garden lawn furniture do-hickies. That’s the best I can describe it. A trellis, bench, wheel barrel, you get the drift. The spark had struck. And then we were off. Rocks and fake plants (lots) and moss (several kinds) were procured. Then the idea of a pond was hatched, so pond rocks and sparkle ribbon was procured. I grabbed a few helpers, some more glue for the glue gun and we were out of there.

The process was the same this year. Annie thinks and brainstorms, says what she’s thinking and I help make it happen. I run the glue gun, she pokes, and cuts, and puts rocks down, and moves things, and creates cute little flower pots full of this and that. This was the Annie show. When we got done, we were all itchy from the moss so we had to go take a bath, but after that, we sat back and marveled at it. It was her best yet. She can’t wait to take it to school!

photo 4


And I gotta say, much to the distaste of Troy I do not put up a stink about the financial implications of these projects. Fine art costs! So what if it’s used for one day just to put Valentines in. We have so much fun with it, she’s so proud of it, and I let her get whatever she thinks she needs to make it happen. So yes, $120 Valentines Box and I could care less about the money. The memories are priceless and timeless. It’s the little things like this that are so hard to carve out for our children. The traditions that are so loved and cherished. These things are really important to me.

Yesterday I went on a cleaning and rearranging the whole house binge. That felt darn good. I moved some rooms around, finally got Troy to move his office from the family room, which I turned into a room for riding the trainer, into a spare bedroom we have. Now he has a room with a door that he can close and it’s quieter and lighter in there. Happy Troy. Lots of throwing away stuff and boy did it feel great!

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Today was super awesome. I spent several hours at Denver Fit Loft getting a Retul fit from Daniel there and it was awesome. I now am the owner of two fully built up TT bikes. Oh my! My CD01 frame was sitting in a closet and now it’s built up and fit to me, and will live on the trainer. A huge thanks to James at Tribella who built her up beautifully. I almost felt bad for my Illicito because she looks a little drab next to the CD01 now. Daniel did great getting the two bikes to match even though they have completely different head sets. I also filmed a video blog at the Denver Fit Loft:

Life for the rest of the week is about to get a little wild. Michelle has surgery to reconstruct her ACL Thursday and we are so excited that we get to bring her back here and take care of her for those first rough days after her surgery. Someone else for me to spoil with love! I’m really hoping that her recovery goes smoothly, so send her some healing vibes please.

Other than that, all is well and great! Oh and if you are looking for a good book to read, Katie and I are going to launch into Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. I loved her Ted Talk on vulnerability (13 million views!)


And Katie says we all need to watch the one she did on Listening to Shame.


Okay friends! I’m off to bed!


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  1. Well now I know I don’t have a self-confidence problem I have a shame issue. Really powerful stuff. I struggle with reading non-fiction, self-help stuff but I’m going to give Daring Greatly a try. I’ve put myself out there for this coming season so I need to figure it out in a hurry. The videos were really powerful though!

    1. Laurie, I think even if you are a self help hater you might still like this. She very much cuts through the BS and says it like it is. It’s stuff that has come out of her research and it’s been really awesome to read along with my athlete Katie, we can discuss along the way and I can’t believe how much of the book speaks to me but doesn’t speak to her, but then different sections speak to her and not to me. So she’s really done and exhaustive job at classifying why we feel shame and how we stop. You are a wonderful human being, a superb mom and friend, much deserving of working around what shame you feel. xoxo

  2. I second above… Gifts of Imperfection is another must-read. I read both early last year and need to dig them out again. Another recommendation: Danielle Laporte’s Fire Starter Sessions and Desire Map. I’m midway through the latter and can’t wait to dig in deeper to finalize my core desired feelings. Happy reading 🙂

    Current favorite trainer music: Girl Talk.

    Also, Annie’s Valentine’s Day box is awesome! Totally worth it 🙂 I remember making those as a kid, too… so fun!

    1. Thanks Erin! I’ll add the two books you suggested to my list. I have to set out several hours a day to read if I’m ever going to make it through my list! Must check out Girl Talk!! You rock!

  3. If you get something out of ‘Daring Greatly’ and Katie says everyone should also listen to the TED talk on shame, you should also read the book Brené wrote prior to ‘Daring Greatly’ called ‘The Gifts of Imperfection’.

    I tell people ‘Daring Greatly’ is the “friendly” version of what Brené studies and ‘The Gifts of Imperfection’ is the “how-to that punches you in the face and allows you to truly dig in” version. If you practice it and invite it in, the words in that book will change your life. Just don’t expect it to be a 2 day read…I use mine as a reference for so many things. I also wrote in the margins then re-read it with a different color in hand 6 months later…It’s amazing…

    And as an athlete, coach, mom, daughter, wife and friend, the most important person you talk to every single day is yourself – either with guilt, or with shame – and Brené will teach you the difference. If you decide to implement what she teaches, your whole life will morph. I cannot say enough about this author or this book (both books, actually). I’m stoked for you to write about your take-aways!!

    An interesting thought for your trainer situation – YouTube “Brené Brown” while you’re cruising in place and listen to her talk. I’ve found a couple YouTube “channels” that play one video after another and there is some seriously powerful stuff in her clips and interviews. I listen to her over and over and I always hear something new.

    I’m excited that you’re reading Brené!!

    1. Wowzer! Glowing endorsement. Okay, so do you think I should read Daring Greatly first or second?? I had The Gifts of Imperfection as next up on my “to read” list but do you think I should start with Daring Greatly first?? Thank you so much for the comment and for sharing your experiences and tips. I love the idea of reading with a different colored pen several months later. That’s a great tip. I am addicted to my kindle and read everything on that, but I like to make comments and highlights along the way. Okay, totally inspired to get my READ on now!

  4. Did you read her other book that I recommended…powerful stuff, huh! Thanks for attaching the Ted Talks:-)

    Annie’s V-box is AMAZING! You two are sure crafty:-)

    1. I have it downloaded! It’s next up, I promise. Then you and I are going to have a chat about it! The shame video almost got me crying at one point, especially when she talked about how women feel shame, and then about how men feel shame, and how women are mens worst critics. Ooh, that stung…

      Thanks for the V-box kudos. It was so fun.

  5. I feel ya on the trainer – been there since November (and most years it starts in October up here in the Adirondacks). My solution whenever it’s REALLY getting to me is to download a whole bunch of new tuneage from iTunes. I usually try to remember songs I used to love that I haven’t heard in years.

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