I signed up for a 50K trail race today. Yea, you heard me, 50K. Like for some reason a marathon isn’t enough, and a marathon on trails isn’t enough. No, let’s try on 31 miles off-road for size. Apparently I didn’t learn my lesson from the experience below, oh no, I’m back for even more:

Mile 24 of Denver Marathon

The funny thing, I am so darn excited about it. Remind me of this comment at mile 27. It’s in Moab, on the 15th of November. I love Moab, and Troy and I used to go there every year. It’s actually where Troy and I kinda “knew” we were going to get married. At a gas station of all places.

We haven’t been back since Annie was born, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to get back to a great town. Again, remind me of this comment come 15 hours after the race when I probably will not be able to walk to breakfast. I will be running the race on Annabelle’s 3rd birthday. I’m sure I will spend considerable miles reminiscing about the pain I was in three years back, most likely comparing it to the pain I am in during the race. I let you know afterwards which was worse.

Signing up for the race today and experiencing the giddiness that ensued I was reminded how much I love a good adventure. I always tell myself that I come to triathlon as an adventure racer at heart, although the only adventure racing I have done involves a 2 year old, and traffic. I’m more grit than grace, and I believe Steve’s words today were “You have bigger balls than most guys I know”. Uhhh, thanks…I think? Of course, he does hang out with a lot of rather feminine male triathletes who shave their legs…where was I going with that? So anyways..here I go, off to more epic adventures that will test me. I just keep pushing the limits of “Is this still fun?” So, if anyone is in the mood to do some long distance running over the next month and a half, let me know, I’m your girl.



  1. PIC – your in…??? Like, your gonna come and run 50K with me? Like that kinda in?? Hillary is out due to being prego, and Laura is rolling it around… Cami, now you have to come cheer, or come run the 10 or 20 mile…eh?

    Cami, How fun would it be to meet my blog buddy??!!

  2. You are crazy, girl! Awesome, though! Maybe I’ll have to come cheer you on! Moab is only 3 hours from our house. Good luck! So excited for you!

  3. Sounds like so much fun!! I can hardly wait until I can tackle a half marathon again but after I get my half good and comfy, I know a marathon won’t be far behind. Have fun celebrating Annie’s 3rd in Moab. I am going to assume that this trip will be a family affair because you would be nuts otherwise.

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