The last few days all I could think about was getting rid of 2015. I just could not wait for it to be over and done with. I didn’t blog much in 2015, there is a whole Ironman I haven’t written up, #15, and a doozy with lots of juicy details.

What went well last year? So much! I launched a business! Rising Tide Triathlon Coaching is going strong! It’s interesting, there really aren’t any entrepreneurs in my family, not a one. I come from a long line of carreer oriented individuals, a strong focus was always put on education. When I wanted to switch my major to anthropology in college there was a swift and resounding “absolutely not” and on to mathematics I went. I was getting Cs in my math classes at the time, but it was better than I was doing in the engineering classes. Ha! My second two years of college I found the As in math and really fell in love with pure mathematics. None of it prepaired me for entrepreneurship though. I would say the best education for that was my triathlon experiences. 

Starting a business is about wearing a million different hats and solving a million different problems. One minute you are sitting in a lawyers office, the next you are designing inspirational quotes in Canva. You move from thing to thing seamlessly and quickly after awhile. And most of the progress comes from sitting down and getting busy with work. No time to feel stuck or doddle. You gotta jump in, dive in! 

I don’t remember much of the year to be honest. There were countless days where I was up until 2 or 3am trying to finish something huge. I’ve had to learn how to not finish my to do list and often there are 30 little 2 hour tasks left on it for another day. I have struggled with balance more this year than any other and when it came down to it, I just worked longer and harder day in and day out to make it all happen. And I’m a little tired.

So, what did we get done? Well! I went from a team of one, to a team of four. I have three other beautiful souls who are using RTTC to grow and market their personal expertise within the sport. That feels awesome, to be able to create that opportunity for others. We have a group of talented and amazing athletes on board this year. Each of our coaches play a part in each athletes experience so it feels good to watch our athletes get support from so much expertise! I can’t wait to see what other coaches come onboard this year. 

I built some super duper robust systems. From our public facing website complete with a full line up of apparel, to our back end members only athlete portal stacked with oodles of resources for the athletes, I’ve spent a lot if time on the computer. Business these days is about online systems and I went full in with CRM software, online accounting, billing, and payment processing. Lots of back-end programming. We systemized the getting started process and made it truly seamless for the athlete.

I did all that so I would have time for athlete communication. Coaches spend a lot of time doing work that the athlete barely sees or notices so I tried to systemize as much of that as I could so that time could be opend up down the line for work with the athletes. I also wanted to create an environment where our coaches can spend their time growing their expertise and working with athletes.

I also did a soft launch and a hard launch of our business model and ran a free 10-day challenge for athletes to be of service and introduce our business in the market. Those tasks each took hundreds of hours to develop and roll out and I spent the better part of September-December knee deep in those tasks. Oh yea, and I ran a 2X a month webinar called IronMind, which will become something bigger in 2016. Whew, typing that made me tired! 

All if this requires so much vulnerability. It’s funny, when I was staying small with my coaching, people were constantly trying to get in with me. When I spent my life building a better coaching product then opened that to the world, the dynamic changed. I had to explain my coaching philosophy and process over and over, new for me. So many lessons learned! The fastest way to personal growth is through starting a business!

On the personal front, I did three Ironmans in three months in the middle of all this. I relied deeply on last years strong depth of fitness, as you can tell by some pretty nontypical run times off the bike for me. It was always the plan to step back this year and I really got lucky at Tahoe with a strong block just before the race that got me back to being able to put in a strong one day performance. Norseman was all pneumonia and Los Cabos was the most I have suffered in and ironman other that Norseman. Los Cabos showed me that my past fitness was pretty used up, and reminded me that it’s time to get training harder.

As I write all of this I realize that I want 2015 gone because it was a year where I suffered in so many different ways. The biggest suffering was emotional, losing some relationships that I can’t talk about but are probably the reason why I threw myself so deeply into creating a business, so I wouldn’t be left alone with my thoughts (don’t try this at home). These are always the biggest wounds, aren’t they? I’m still trying to get over this hurdle and one thing I’m learning is that going through life means picking up a lot of wounds and healing them into scars. Some things just never fully heal, and that’s called being human and living.

So what does 2016 hold? Ooh, I’m excited. I went ahead and planned the whole year. The trips are all set in stone which feels really exciting. 

January: I’m headed to complete the Dopey Challenge in Disney world (5k, 10k, 13.1, 26.2 all on consecutive days) 

February: we are headed to Costa Rica as a family with friends to vacation, learn to surf, meet sloths and go zip lining. 

March: We are headed to Moab with tons of RTTC athletes to run the Canyonlands 13.1 and the the following week we host the first RTTC training camp in Denver which is lining up to be awesome (fun to fast is our 2016 motto).

April: I’m headed back to Boston with Mikki and to meet up with many Coeur ladies to run “the marathon” and I CAN NOT WAIT.

May: I’m traveling to Santa Barbara with a group of ladies who do not swim bike or run to do a women’s retreat to keep me sane and moving in a positive direction emotionally. After that I’m off to IM Texas to coach the athletes we have racing the season opener. 

June: I’m staying home this month, hunkering down and training.

July: I’m headed to San Jose for training camp and the Vineman 70.3 and then off to Tahoe for more training and the Trans Tahoe relay with the dolphin pod. After that I’m off to IM Whistler to coach our athletes who are racing.

August: I’m cheering and coaching at our local Ironman Boulder and then headed to Timberman to race with Amy Farrell, first time since Kona 2014. 

September: I’m excited to head to the mountains to take on the first ever Dillon Half IM and later in the month off to IM Chattanooga to coach our athletes who are racing.

October: the big dance, off for Kona #6 for me and with 4 of our athletes who are already qualified. After Kona, I’m traveling to Greenville to experience the Hincapie Gran Fondo, should be good times!

November: I wouldn’t miss IMAZ for the world, headed there to yell at Mikki and chase her around the course on my scooter.

December: The big plan is to head to Columbia for the Cartegena 70.3. New passport stamp and adventure!

2016 also holds a return to training consistently, and getting outside doing what I love. I’ve missed it and find my computer screen a crapy replacement. I’m hoping for lots of mini-adventures around Colorado this year, along with lots of swimming with my dolphin pod. 

Also, 2016 must include better work life separation and harmony, I’ve got some work to do healing my heart this year and that just can’t be done if I don’t give myself some breathing room and thinking time. So that’s a big focus for the year.

I wish you all much success in 2016, hoping that you paused at the end of 2015 to take stalk, celebrate the success of the year and are now looking forward with hope and positivity. My wish for you is a life filled with adventure, whatever that looks like for you, kindness, both towards yourself and others, and a splash of adversity, because it’s our greatest teacher and yields all the good juicy stuff. 

Happy New Year!

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  1. Love the blog Sonja! Your efforts are inspiring on so many levels. I’m happy to see you doing well and rocking it on multiple levels. What CRM software did you find helpful? I’ve heard infusionsoft is good. I am AMAZED you did all that back end coding yourself. Did you already know how to do it or did you learn on the fly??? I have needed payment management for awhile.. but have been putting it off. If you have any good tips could you email me! Thanks friend! Happy 2016!!

    1. Thanks Kim! Yes, we are the proud users of Infusionsoft. It only took me 100 hours to learn how to use it!! It’s hard. It’s pricy, but depending on what your forward thinking goals are, it might make sense for you! To answer your other question I KNEW NOTHING!! I have literally learned everything this year and gotten stuck more times than I can count. Frustration was common but I continued to plug away and when stuck I talked to people, asked questions, found other entrepreneurs to speak with, picked coaches brains, business peoples brains, accountants brains, lawyers brains, you name it. Most the time I just sat down in my basement and stayed there until I figured things out. We need a female coaches professional group or association. Don’t you think!?

  2. Sonja! Happy 2016! It’s going to be great. You need to revise the APRIL listing though as WE get to hang out and The Battalion and RTTC will join forces East Coast style!

    1. Wait what….the RTTC crew and the Coeur crew and THE BATTALION all get to hang together….we shall rule the world!!! Can’t wait baker!! I’m still counting on you for 2017 NYC marathon mashup between our two crews!

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