1. Love the blog Sonja! Your efforts are inspiring on so many levels. I’m happy to see you doing well and rocking it on multiple levels. What CRM software did you find helpful? I’ve heard infusionsoft is good. I am AMAZED you did all that back end coding yourself. Did you already know how to do it or did you learn on the fly??? I have needed payment management for awhile.. but have been putting it off. If you have any good tips could you email me! Thanks friend! Happy 2016!!

    1. Thanks Kim! Yes, we are the proud users of Infusionsoft. It only took me 100 hours to learn how to use it!! It’s hard. It’s pricy, but depending on what your forward thinking goals are, it might make sense for you! To answer your other question I KNEW NOTHING!! I have literally learned everything this year and gotten stuck more times than I can count. Frustration was common but I continued to plug away and when stuck I talked to people, asked questions, found other entrepreneurs to speak with, picked coaches brains, business peoples brains, accountants brains, lawyers brains, you name it. Most the time I just sat down in my basement and stayed there until I figured things out. We need a female coaches professional group or association. Don’t you think!?

  2. Sonja! Happy 2016! It’s going to be great. You need to revise the APRIL listing though as WE get to hang out and The Battalion and RTTC will join forces East Coast style!

    1. Wait what….the RTTC crew and the Coeur crew and THE BATTALION all get to hang together….we shall rule the world!!! Can’t wait baker!! I’m still counting on you for 2017 NYC marathon mashup between our two crews!

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