We close on our house in Colorado a week from tomorrow. That whole situation was quite wild. 7 days after we decided to move we put our Colorado house on the market, on a Tuesday. We live in a super desirable location, next door to three of the best schools in Denver, next to a state park and a block from the store and some tasty restaurants. The week we put it on the market was also Training Camp week in Evergreen for RTTC, which I was the head-hauncho over.

Side note, we had a really awesome camp at high altitude complete with a super big adventure up Mt Evans in cold+ rain. I sagged 15 people + 12 bikes off Mt Evans in 2 vehicles…I’de like to see anyone top that! Everyone was well taken care of, but I saw a few new grey hairs that next morning. The athletes made such amazing gains that week, everyone was tested in one way shape or form, and it was a blast to see two campers win their AGs at their races the following weekend after camp (you don’t need as much rest as you think for most of these non-A races…hahha).

So, Tuesday the house went on the market and in 11 hours we had 28 showings and 8 offers submitted on the house. It was a total cluster for Troy who was home trying to work. He finally escaped to Jessica’s (pod bestie + realtor) house with the dog and Annie and just let the mayhem at the house play out. Then Tuesday evening Jess and Troy (and Eric and Annie too) drove up to the camp house and we sat on the back portch and decided which offer to take.

So just like that, in one day we were under contract. Everything has gone super smooth with this house sale and we close on the 3rd of August.

Now over at the Los Osos house we booked a trip over the 4th of July to check out the house and review the inspection report. The 4th of July also happens to be Troy and I’s anniversary… 14 years, baby! Stronger every year! It was really cool to pull into town with that feeling that we were going to move there instead of just visit. It really changes your perspective when you start to look at the coffee shop you will head to for your morning walk and the grocery store you will shop at.


Our new little house is straight up awesome. It’s the perfect amount of space for us and has a great deck with a little bay view from it. It’s a couple blocks from the bay and a short little trip to the beach. The current owner is super sweet and when we met her she said “This house needs a tall family.” She is quite short, I think Annie is taller than her, and there were lots of step stools in the house! haha! Our abode is in great shape, there will be some small things we will work on, enough to keep Troy busy for a few weekends, but all in all, it’s move in ready for sure.

Through the whole weekend our only obligation was the 2 hours at the house to check it all out, and then we spent the rest of the time as a family relaxing and playing on the beach, and visiting with my childhood bestie. It was important for Troy and Annie to really soak it in, eat the food (fish yay), smell the ocean, and get a little sand between their toes. Luckily the weather cooperated big time with some beautiful days!

IMG_2005 IMG_2050 IMG_2012




We close in California on the 10th of August, and our stuff arrives on the 12th. For the 7 days between closing on the two houses, we are house-less! Troy is going to take the pets to his parents so he can work and then make a quick drive with them to Cali the day before we close, and Annie and I are going ROADTRIPPING up to Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone, and will meet Troy in Cali. I can’t wait to spend some solid mom time with Annie! More stamps in our National Parks Passport Book, whoop!

After the 4th of July I headed to New York City! Todd Herman hosted about 30 of us for his Basecamp program where we sit in a room for one full day and unpack what went down in our business over the previous 90 days. He asks us the hard questions and we uncover the holes. Then we look to what needs to happen in the next 90 days, we create new goals, and we break those goals up into the projects that need to happen. He had a great flow for the day and if I had tried to make that much progress on my own it would have taken weeks, weeks that I don’t have! The 90 Day Year program has been a great tool for life. Nothing ever matters much past the next 90 days, it’s easy to get caught up in stuff beyond that, but it never actually works out like you think.



After basecamp I stayed for a few extra days in NYC to play, think, work, and just be. I got my moneys worth from the bike share program…12 bike rides in 24 hours! I rode the subway, went up the Empire State Building, visited the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Wall Street, and ran around Central Park with the unofficial mayor…Mr.Chris Baker himself! All this around many athlete calls, schedule approvals, and bringing on new coaches. It required the art of balance!





From NYC I headed straight to Lake Tahoe and participated in the Trans Tahoe swim with my dolphin pod. By the time I landed in Reno I was pretty emotionally drained. It was hard to be in the place that I won the Ironman the previous year and to know that my fitness is in such a different place. I thought I had lost some fitness then, but oh lordy… perspective! I spent a lot of time in bed in Tahoe, but did get in a few good swims and a nice trail run with my big brother Beeson. I came home pretty tapped, tired, and drained.



But, there is no rest for the weary, the goals have been set and there is work to be done! I took some time to rejuvenate, and am back working and training like I’ve got goals, because I DO!

I’m excited for what is coming the next few weeks. Lots of change. I’m leaving behind good friends and a great network, but I feel very deeply proud to be following my heart in these matters, and I know I will make new friends there as well.

Oh, and wow has packing been a breeze. The konmari method of decluttering is the real deal. We packed for about 2.5 hours and the house is 50% packed. Nice to not have to stress about having too much stuff!

Until the next update…



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