Game Weekend

Troy and I had a great weekend playing games! On Saturday Mr. Pid (Troys bro) came over and we played some really cool games that he picked up from Cheap Ass Games. This is a way cool company that puts out fun games at an affordable price. The games are well thought out and fun, but don’t have a lot of fluff and fancy colors to them. We played a game called Deadwood, where you are a dead beat actor trying to make money. Instead of fancy game pieces, your dude is a 6 sided die, and the number facing up represents your rank. I thought it was a smart idea! So don’t pay bank for good board games any more…buy from Cheap Ass Games!

On Sunday, Troys friend Chris came over and we played Skip Bo and Settlers of Catan, two of my all-time favorite games. I won both…duh! I believe I am undefeated in Settlers, and I’ll give you my secret…you must secure the longest road!

New ring Sling

I made a ring sling this weekend. Ever since I saw one of my friends wearing her baby in a Maya Sling, I have been wanting one. I looked into them new ($54) and checked out all the consignment shops for one (no luck). I was checking out the Maya sling website and they have a “Low Cost Options” section. Here they had directions to make your own Maya sling! So I picked up some fabric at the fabric store ($8) and I had already purchased some rings a few months ago ($3). I followed the directions and an hour later I had a new ring sling. Here is my homemade sling. Not to bad huh? Annabelle looks quite cozy!

Troys Actuarial Exam Results

We found out today that Troy did not pass actuarial exam #5. I know he must have been really close to passing. He studied so hard and knew a lot of information, and I am so proud of him for all his hard work. He puts forth such a dedication to these exams because he knows every one he passes will help his family financially. Annabelle and I love him and think he is the best daddy and husband in the world. We know he will have continued success in the future with his exams, and that everything will work out in the end. It’s great to see Troy’s new found interest in all things financial, he has really taken a liking to specific areas of actuarial work. At least Exam 5 helped him to narrow down his interests.
The Society of Actuaries is converting it’s exam process. So this is the last time Exam 5 was offered. Since Troy did not pass he will now get to take a series of online modules that will satisfy the Exam 5 requirement. He is going to really enjoy the modules and he is going to fly through them easilly. I look forward to taking some pictures of Troy doing the modules with Annabelle on his lap. Being on the new exam system will give him more time to spend at home with us, so we are really pleased about that.

Troy: We love you and are so proud of you. You continue to put forth an effort that is unparalleled to others. Thanks for balancing all of your life obligations so well. Hug hug, kiss kiss kiss
Love Sonja and Annabelle!

Elimination Communication

Today after attending a local AP group meeting Annabelle and I decided to try a little Elimination Communication. A very nice lady in the group was practicing EC with her daughter (also named Annabelle) and once I got a chance to see what she was doing I thought it was worth a try. I checked out this really cool diaper free site and read the information on getting started. Basically you try to catch as many pees and poos as you can during the day. They say to start with trying to catch after feedings and upon waking. You just hold the baby over the sink or toilet and when/if they go you make a sound like “ssss”. The key is to start looking for cues to when they are about to go so that you can start to read your baby. Also start following your intuition. So far Annabelle just gets fussy and upset. After a nursing at 1pm I held her over the toilet and she peed! Then later I held her over the sink and she didn’t go, so I brought her back into the living room and she went!! Oops, I didn’t give her enough time. Later we were upstairs and she got fussy so I held her over the sink and she pooped and then several minutes later peed! It was awesome. After Troy got home I took her to the toilet to show him and she pooped again (the picture shown)! Then we nursed at 7, and I took her to the sink afterwards and she peed. So, I am feeling like we had an overly successful first day at trying! It’s really important to me that Annabelle and I get out and do hikes often, so I know that we won’t be a diaper free family, but if we can catch a few while we are at home then I consider it a successful relationship. I hope it allows me to be more in tune with my daughter, to learn to recognize her cues.

As I was writing this, I suggested that Troy give it a try, he took her to the sink and she peed! He is pretty jazzed and thinks it’s really cool!

Mountain Mamas

I joined a group called the Colorado Mountain Mamas. I saw a pamphlet at my HypnoBirthing instructors house and it sounded like something I would enjoy. I’ve been going on hikes with this group for the last two weeks and I love it! They have baby hikes, toddler hikes and the best tandem stroller walks. I go on the baby hikes and the stroller walks. Each hike has a leader that is certified in infant CPR. Today they had a stroller walk and we did two laps around Washington Park. I love that park. It’s great to be able to meet other moms and to share stories.
I talked to Joy, the owner of Co Mountain Mamas about becoming a hike leader. It seems that there are several moms that want the job, so she will have to make a decision on who gets it. I don’t envy her having the task of making a decision.

Wow! First Post

Wow, my very own blog. I got the idea to do this from a good friend Amy who has her own awesome blog here. Being that I am now a stay at home mama, I thought it would be good to have a spot to keep in touch with the world. Speaking of Annabelle, here is her debut:
Annabelle was born on 11/15 at 10:13 am and weighed 7 lbs. 4 oz. and was 20 inches long. She has my coloring, hair, and eyes, and she has Troy’s nose, cheeks, lips and face structure. It’s taken a bit of getting used to for Troy and I. Neither of us do too well with a lack of sleep, we both need our beauty rest. However, now that we are used to things a little more we are having so much fun with her. She is now smiling from things besides gas, like us playing with her. She is so close to being able to grab her foot. Every day she gets a little closer and I hope to capture it on film (or digital memory).