Oh my gosh, so about 90 days ago I made a pact to start having more fun in my business. You would think that running a coaching company would be super fun all the time! But alas, as with any business, sometimes it's a fun suck. Hello, overhauling your accounting system, or fighting with a vendor about the 3 weeks they want to take to screen print your logo on something. It's a million little to dos and none of them paid! haha!

Well, in my business group called basecamp, we were supposed to be following this specific guideline that Todd maps out for all of us called two week sprints. None of us were doing it! It's one of those things that we all knew if we stuck to them our business would run smoother, but we just weren't because they were kinda extra and not as pressing as all the other to dos. 

So I started a challenge inside the group. Yes, I started a challenge inside another coaches group. And you know what? It was flipping amazing. Before the challenge about 2-3 people were doing the sprints, and after the challenge, 35 people (out of 50 or so) were doing the sprints. We posted for points and I would pop in and tag you if you were at risk for missing out on points.

I wasn't anyones business coach, Todd has that locked down. But what I did do was provided a space where people could say what they were going to do, and then I made sure they checked in, I held them accountable. I tagged them if they weren't and I followed their journey. I realized I didn't need to understand their business to help them make huge progress in it, just by being there, reading their posts, listening, telling them they rocked when they finished something big, and well, I supported them with Sonja love. 

I loved it. It was really rewarding. It was my favorite part of the last 90 days. 

The requirement for being in the challenge was that you had to send a special something to the people who won. And you should have seen those goodie bags when we met in NYC last week. They were LEGIT! I missed on point along the way and didn't win myself, but on the inside, it felt like a huge win.

Then afterwards I had a few people say "Sonja, can you hold me accountable for this or for that" and it got me thinking... Holding people accountable, supporting them, loving on them when they need it, urging them to keep going, that's MY JAM. It's so fun for me. Not just in sports, but in anything really.

So, without having ANY idea on where this could go or will go, I just decided, let's increase the RANGE. Let's help more people get stuff done, because I seem to have a knack at it. I put together an offer in, it's $99... so people have skin in the game. You need skin in the game for it all to work. They are still going to have to support the winners somehow too, and I packaged it up and stuck a shopping cart on it. Cuz, you know, I'm a business lady now. 

It's called the "GET IT DONE" group (run in Facebook). Why that name? Cuz... it was late at night and that's what I came up with. I want to help people get things done that they really want to get done. And I have a really deeply personal "why" that I will share in the future, but let's just say, this HITS HOME. 

So, if you have a goal or two and you want into GET IT DONE.... you only have until SUNDAY!!!! $99.... seriously... what do you need to GET DONE? Let's go! The world is waiting for your greatness, but sometimes we all need a little help from our friends! 

Here's the link cuz I'm a business lady...

you know you have something you need to get done! 

you know you have something you need to get done! 

I hope to see you inside! We already have 15 people in and they have goals all the way from losing 20 pounds, to launching 10 new products in their business. It's making me grin from ear to ear and our official 10 weeks starts on Monday! 

DEADLINE: Sunday July 23rd, 2017.