It's been about three months since I stopped racing triathlons and overall I can say that it's been a really good decision so far. I've felt much less pulled in two directions and I had an amazing summer with Annie and vacation and working on RTTC. I still pinch myself that I don't have to spend my weekend training and Sunday brunch out still feels insanely weird. 

I thought I would miss my bike and the pool but today was actually the first day I missed swimming, so, apparently 3 months of not swimming it what it takes to miss it! ha! The deep chronic pain under my shoulder blade is totally gone after no swimming and riding for three months and I definitely don't miss that throbbing issue I couldn't crack after 3 years. 

I run now. Mostly every day, except when I don't, which is sometimes too. The morning run crew is awesome and my run wife Drea is pretty much solely responsible for any and all run fitness I have at this point. When she goes on vacation I barely run, haha! 

I signed up for some races that I have always wanted to do, and this week is race week! It feels SO WEIRD. I don't know why, it's just weird to have put racing on the back burner and then... oh hey, it's "race week."

I'm racing the Nut 100K in Oregon. I signed up for this race because I wanted a 60+ mile trail race to do for my long run before the 100 miler I signed up for in September. 

I know, I signed up for a 100 miler. Here's the cool thing. 13 hours a week of triathlon training gets me nowhere. I'm such a diesel it takes big volume to get me gains and 13 doesn't do much for me. But 13 hours a week of running...holy batman that is a TON OF RUNNING. So, with the business, for efficiency sake, this is working quite well.

Another fun part of 100 miler training is NIGHT TRAINING. It's so scary and awesome. The last two weekends I have done long night runs after relatively long morning runs. Not last weekend but the weekend before I did 14 in the morning and then 18 that night starting at 8:30pm. Then this weekend I did 11 in the morning and 14.5 that night, and then 15 the next morning. I am literally making all this up...


I always wanted to race another 100 miler. Ever since I did one in 2010 I have craved doing the Western States 100. But it's all so complicated. To enter the Western States lottery you have to have finished one of their qualifying races. I couldn't even enter the lottery! So I looked on the site and the only one that fit with my schedule and still had open spots was the Run Rabbit Run 100 miler. It seemed like it was meant to be. So I signed up.

There is another way to get into the WS100, and that's to qualify at a Golden Ticket race. It's not clear which races those will be for 2018, and I don't know if they open registration before it's announced. It seems like the popular ultras sell out. 

Night runs!!!! Training for 100 miles!

Night runs!!!! Training for 100 miles!

There is very little probability I will get into WS100 via the lottery (2.8% chance) but each year you don't get in increases your chances, so I gotta start racking up failures. And I'll do some more research into the golden ticket races, but I'm not sure I'm cut out to snag a spot that way. 

So, that brings me back to racing the 60 miler this weekend, that will help me towards the 100 miler. Then I can enter the lottery, and then work on the plan from then on.

And wha-lah, here I am, race week!

The Nut 100k is a small race. It's usually one way uphill, but this year due to some trail closures they had to change it to an out and back. So 30 miles downhill, then turn around and run 30 miles back uphill. Temps forecasted are 82 and it tends to take people about 12ish hours. 

I have zero expectations. It's 60 miles for Petes sake. You go out as slow as possible and then get slower. That's my tactic. I'm really looking forward to picking up the National Park Stamp for Crater Lake (I launched a blog and FB page called National Park Nut in case you want to check it out)

So, here we go. Sonja F-ing Wieck 2.0, the self coached, runs when she wants to, isn't taking things very seriously, trying to stay fit while building a business, girl is headed on an adventure this week. I can't wait to see if I've still "got it." It's been 7 years since that last long ultra and lots of of Ironman races between then and now. 

Adventure awaits...

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