33 things before 33

I stole this idea from Erin at Just Run With It. Every year after her birthday she posts a list of things she wants to do before her next birthday. I have followed her blog for several years and I always love seeing the lists and then seeing what she gets done, what doesn’t get done, and how much fun she has along the way. So, I’m stealing it this birth-year. Next year is the big 33…an AWESOME YEAR because it’s 3×11..and 11 is a wicked rad prime.

33 Things Before 33 (in no particular order)

  1. Break 10 hours for 140.6 miles of swim bike run.
  2. Swim a mile in the pool faster than 24:00
  3. Go kayaking in the Blackwater Wildlife Refuge
  4. Go to the top of the Sun sphere
  5. Attend Engine2 Immersion or something similar with Troy
  6. Qualify for Kona
  7. Go camping with Annie and Troy
  8. Run a winter Ultramarathon
  9. Plant a garden in the backyard
  10. Make Annies Halloween costume from scratch
  11. Write a cookbook
  12. Run the Boston Marathon
  13. See Cirque Du Soleil
  14. Decorate my triathlon cave room
  15. Learn about bike fitting
  16. Swim 100×100
  17. Learn to glue on tubeless tires
  18. Hike a 14er
  19. Do something on my own that I didn’t think I could
  20. Learn to make a really good Veggie Terrine
  21. Go down an alpine slide
  22. Get Annie reading
  23. Start a monthly group call with my athletes
  24. Paint something at one of those paint your own ceramic places
  25. Run a race with Troy
  26. Paint some walls in the house
  27. Learn how to make Risotto
  28. Get some stamps in my passport
  29. See all the movies nominated for 2011 Best Picture
  30. Be an Ironsherpa for an Ironman this year
  31. Take Ukulele I at Swallow Hill Music
  32. Read 10 of the 100 Best Novels
  33. Buy a real camera

Whew, I’m getting old, that’s a lot of things! Should be oodles of fun.


Sport Science


Have you received any of these crazy Sport Science shirts in your race packet lately? You can tell because they have the little bright yellow tag on the sleeve. Last year our Phidipides shirts were Sport Science and I found myslelf working out in it a lot. At first glance it looked like your run of the mill cotton t-shirt. The first time I put it on I couldn’t believe how well it fit. They make women’s and mens shirts separately. The other track club members were pretty jazzed about it too.

A little about their philosophy:

In 2003, we launched sport science™ smarter performance™ for the fun-having, sport-playing, running, walking, hiking, commuting, climbing, training, traveling, going, doing active people of the world.

Our mission is to create products that do more so you can do more – clothing that can go anywhere and do anything, not just in regards to function, but to comfort and style as well. When true technical performance fuses with incredible comfort and versatility, smarter performance™ is the result.

Then I worked out in it and I knew something was different about it. The fabric that Sport Science uses feels soft and nice like cotton, but it wicks. Normal race shirts are either cotton, or tech. I never feel like I can wear my race t-shirts that are tech shirts around town because they are a little thin and breezy, and somewhat see through. I definitely can’t wear the cotton race tshirts to workout in. Not for any considerable workout at least. But these sport science shirts really bridge the gap. Practical Coaching used this company for their shirts this year…I bought three!



Cruising through their website it looks like they make all different cuts of shirts. I would love to try out a sleeveless and a long sleeve, I definitely see a tied dyed shirt in my future, and the wool line looks really enticing.

Oh, and this isn’t just a chick thing. Troy has a habit of wearing things he likes over and over again until they die (usually beyond when they die). Despite the fact that our 17 hour training day shirts are pink, he wears it every other day (when he’s not wearing the grey Practical Coaching shirt). I haven’t told him it’s pink (he’s color blind). He hasn’t worn them out yet, and he said that if it was his choice he would wear only this brand of t-shirts. Pretty strong feelings from my mellow-smellow hubby!

If you haven’t raced a race that has Sport Science shirts you’ve got to find one! You wont be disappointed. If you know of a race that is putting Sport Science in their packets, leave the name and link in a comment below. And if you are Sport Science and you are reading this, I really love your product!

Veggie Update

The garden has been busy while I have been racing my tail off all over the country. Troy tended things well while I have been gone.

This just in: Early Girl Tomatoes rock! I have a tomato that is getting RED. Yes RED, like, as in edible RED!

My three tomato plants have oodles of tomatoes on them and have grown in height above their cages, despite the fact that two of them are supposedly 2 foot high patio tomatoes. Out of 14 green been seeds sowed, I have 10 successful plants happily growing up the trellis. My snap peas look too pretty to eat with their ripe pods dangling high from my balcony. The basil is happy, but the cucumber is slow to start despite much coddling. Here are some photos for your salivary pleasure.

My Early Girl

A close up of the ripening tomato

The galvanized pot garden with basil, Early Girl, 10 green bean plants, and 1 cucumber.

My two patio tomatoes, brimming with tomatoes

A close up of the bounty to come

Lastly, a great shot of my snap peas.

Patio Garden…check!

Today was kick butt gardening day! Annie and I headed over to my friend Hillary’s house to garden and make up some tomato cages. The kids were so cute playing together and Hil got this great shot of them together in the wagon! How cute and opposite are they??


I was able to plant up my zuccinni plant at her house. It was so nice to have the use of a backyard for gardening, that’s the one thing I really miss about apartment living. Hillary made this great pasta for lunch that I have to get the recipe for, it had fruit in it and was totally tasty. I think her and I have similar tastes!

Patio Zucchini plant

When I got home I tried to get Annie to take a nap since she fell asleep in the car…but no go, I just ended up falling asleep while she piled stuffed animals around me. I finally decided to get up and finish my garden on the patio. The tomatoes now have cages around them, and the zucchini plant has a spot on the balcony. Here is a shot of the two tomatos and the zucchini.


And lastly a shot of my garden in a galvanized tub. There is a tomato plant in the middle, basil around the front, cucumber in the back, and green beans from seed around the back.

Cure for the Common Funk

Swim like a rock star at Masters in the morning, hitting your 100’s in 1:35 in the meter pool. Mix with a trip to the plant sale at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Top with a loaf of Cinnamon Swirl Whole Wheat Bread gifted from a wonderful Friend. Bake for an afternoon. Funk Gone.

Ahhh, I can feel the release of the the funk. The tight shoulders are relaxing. The smile is coming back. The funk is on an outbound train, headed somewhere else. Today’s events (thus far) really helped the funk exodus.

The morning started off with a solid swim workout. 15X100M all under 1:40, lots around 1:35. Then 500 kick set followed by 10X50 and 8X25 all out.

Then it was off to the annual plant sale at the Denver Botanic Gardens with my friend Hillary. It was members day and we were there at 8:15 waiting in line with the 500 other members that JUST HAD TO BE THERE FIRST. What a hoot. Hil brought the wagon and we both had the kids in backpacks for easy maneuvering. We had so much fun. At first there was a total run on the herb tent and it was a madhouse, then we got word that the veggie tent was selling out, so we ran over there and grabbed what we needed. Ahh Crazy Gardeners, you would think it was a rock concert! After we procured our plants we walked around the gardens, all of which we are totally familiar with now and were amazed at how much has changed in a short couple of weeks. Everything is green and in bloom and it just sucked the funk right out of me.

I ended up purchasing a rosemary plant that I am going to plant in it’s own pot, two new basil plants, a cucumber (the little yellow ball ones), a patio zucchini plant (who knew…so uber excited about this one), and an impulse purchase of ANOTHER tomato plant (a sun gold that they were only allowing people to buy one of…this one’s a gift though because three tomato plants in ENOUGH for one patio).


Upon walking back to the car Miss Hil presented me with the most yummy, tasty looking loaf of bread. I am calling it Funk Be Gone Bread beacuse after I got home and had one slice of it, I felt compelled to write this post. Thank you Hillary. You guys don’t understand, this bread is to die for! Troy is going to flip a lid when he gets home and has some (he’s taking his EXAM today). Here’s a photo for your drooling pleasure.


Buy bye funk. Uh yea, Bye bye.

Funk on it’s way OUT

Spring has sprung: A recent shot of my patio garden.

I can feel myself coming out of my funk, but it’s slow. I had a great 8 mile tempo run today with the even miles hard. I was able to keep the tempo efforts between 6:30 and 7:00 pace, and the easy efforts were just that…easy. I went out to the familiar Highline Canal and enjoyed running in the sun and light breeze. Spring is definitely here. After I got home from my run (which I had awesome weather for) it started raining with big claps of thunder and lots of lightening. I so so so live in Colorado, the official “random weather state”.

So every time I get into a funk (like now) my natural tendencies are to:
One) get myself on a daily routine
Two) deep clean the house.

I don’t know what it is with the routine, I think I crave some consistency and some control when other aspects of my life feel out of my control. Part of that routine has included tracking my food again. I felt like my food intake was getting a little out of control, not in the calorie department as much as the types of food that I have been eating. In a quest to get food on the table quickly I have relied on a lot of Costco lasagna, which is fine once or twice a month, but not every other day. Breakfast has been shoddy at best, it’s always my toughest meal. So I went looking for an online FREE site that I could track my nutrition. I found this awesome site called SparkPeople. You can use it for weight loss, but there are also a lot of people on there that are more fitness based, and tons of people at their goal weight and giving the maintenance routine a go. The tools on there are helpful, and the format of the site is unique. If you are looking for a nutrition and fitness tracker online, check it out. The more I click around, the more I find!

So the deep cleaning house part of my funk has definitely hit hard. Two days ago I went to town on the bathroom. I scrubbed everything and went through every drawer and cabinet and trashed everything that wasn’t heavily used. I even went through our first aid bucket and got rid of expired medication (like advil and stuff). Crazy Sonja. Troy thinks I’m loopy, but he just grins and smiles.

Lastly today: My friend Michelle put together this great little snack that I thought I would pass along. She took plain yogurt and added Fat Free Sugar Free Jell-O Pudding mix to it. You get the yummy benefits of Yogurt (cultures, probiotics) with a little sweet taste, and it thickens up like pudding. Then she added some bran cereal, and this morning I added some cut up strawberries. It’s a totally yummy breakfast, or a tasty post workout snack. Just thought I would share.

Lastly Lastly today: Troy bought a new (to him) road bike off Craigslist last night. He came home very happy from the deal and spent the rest of the night cleaning it up. It needs a tune up, but after that I suspect he will get a lot of great riding out of it (unless he drives it into a garage) (I couldn’t resist, blame it on the funk).


Ornery is as Ornery is Raised

The pook-er-ator has become the great Hodinini two year old. It’s clear that she has some serious climbing genes, after all, mom, dad, grandpa… climbing is in her blood. She escaped her crib for the fist time last week but we caught it on film today. Not like it was a hard thing to catch, she will do it on demand. The nice thing about it is that she sleeps through the night really well now. She has slept completely through for the past 4 nights. Between 6:30 and 7:00am we hear the pitter patter of feet and her sweet little voice saying “Mama…Dada” like 2 inches from our nose as we lie blissfully, hoping for another 1/2 hour. The combination of a solid bedtime routine and her having the ability to leave her crib whenever she wants was apparenly the trick. She has given up daytime napping about 50% of the time, and without a way to really enforce it, I am outta luck!

So…I guess it’s time for a big girl bed? Is that what all the good parents do at this point? Something about a safety hazard, maybe.

In other bad parenting news Annie got ahold of the scissors while Troy was trying to clean the bathroom and she did a number on my herb garden. What did the poor garden ever do to her? Apparently she’s got a beef with it. Actually I think it’s just a case of “Mimic Mom” who is constantly clipping herbs. And who says she is having trouble mimicking?

The Wrath of Two

I was just trying to brush my hair. Can’t a mom brush her hair just once a day? Is it so much to ask? As of yesterday I don’t even have much to brush anymore.


I’m in there brushing away and I hear a loud crash. I come running out to find:

Can you tell what this is? It’s my herb garden lying on the carpet like a busted up murder scene. The culpret…Annabelle. She knocked it over. For the first time EVER in her life I am so insanely mad I have to sit down. I am light headed. I stick her in her crib, give her a little talking to, and the tears start rolling. You all know what my herb garden means to me. It was very upsetting, kinda like she put the cat in the dryer or something.

I collect myself and get started on cleaning up the mess. Annie helps me repot the herbs, who knows how well they will bounce back.

As I am cleaning up the carpet, I happen the glance in the dogs water bowl and there lies my wallet. Yes, that’s right, not only did she manage to destry the herbs, but she ALSO decided my wallet needed a bath.

How is it that a two year old can cause so so so very much damage in such a short amount of time? I am just flabbergasted! We are now headed OUT of the house where the wrath of her energy can be distributed amongst the world. Just my little gift to all of you.

Sprouting Aphids


I decided to start growing some alfalfa sprouts. I love sprouts in salads and on sandwiches so I gave it a go. I picked up some sprouting seeds at Vitamin Cottage, along with a jar (any jar would do) that had a lid with a screen. I have seen these screens sold separately before to fit a canning jar (like these ones). The fist day I put my seeds in the jar, rinsed and washed the seeds about 10 times, then I turned the jar on it’s side, set it on the countertop and covered it with a towel (seeds don’t like sun). On days 2-5 I rinsed out the seeds (which became sprouts) two times a day. I just poured water into the jar and dumped it back out. The screen kept everything i n the jar. Make sure your jar is well drained. Drenched seeds keep them from sprouting. Again, I always kept the jar on it’s side and always kept a towel over it. On day five I did one last rinse and dry and then I took the towel off and set them in the windowsill for several hours. They greened right up. I then used a ton and put the rest in the fridge. Don’t put wet sprouts in the fridge, make sure they dry first. That’s it, super easy.

Now, onto my herb garden update. Houston, we have a problem.

This just in: My basil plants have Aphids.

My first round of defense was to spray with watered down dish soap. I use the Mrs. Meyers Lemon Verbena Dish Soap. That didn’t seem to help much. Although I might have been too gentle with my soaping, I didn’t douse them or anything. So my second line of defense has been to add more soap in the squirt bottle and to really give them a soaking. The aphids are hitting the underside of the leaves and are attacking with vigor the standard basil plant and are shying away from the “Windowsill Basil” variety that I have in there as well. My third line of defense has been to put the plants outside today. I hear (from the internet) that Aphids don’t like cold weather and it’s quite chilly today (plus I just gave them a dousing).

The other plants are doing divine. My sage is SUPER happy and I have harvested parsley, rosemary and oregano. All the plants have bounced back from harvest wonderfully. Now if I could just get my basil on board I would be happy. I know why basil is tricky…it’s because it’s so tasty :).



I got a treat in the mail today! A new Nike Triax Speed 100 Watch (in Black/Pink). I have been running without a watch for awhile now ever since mine broke in a snowshoe race at the beginning of the season. A new friend had this one sent to me and I would like to send her many thanks and hugs! You sure made my week! Now I’ll actually know how fast I am running!

Also in the news, Annie is weaned from the bottle! While I was in Utah Troy, Marla and Roger got Annie off the bottle and onto the sippie cup! She no longer drinks milk at all, which I hope we can add a little back, but she drinks watered down juice from her sippie. Annie was quite the bottle addict and we could never go anywhere without it. I thought we would have a tough time but it looks like Troy, Marla, and Roger got her 100% weaned while I was gone. I’m so glad she won’t be taking it to Kindergarden with her! I’m thinking that when we leave in April we should have Roger and Marla potty train her. Ha Ha Ha…just kidding!

Also some good news on the veggie front. We found a CSA to join here in the Denver area. It’s called DeLaney Farm and is part of the Denver Urban Gardens. Yesterday Annabelle and I biked (okay I biked, she rode) out to the DeLaney farm via the Highline Canal Trail to see how far the ride was. It was 15.5 miles each way, so definitely doable on Monday evenings this summer. I figure riding our bikes will save us about $4.50 cents in gas a week or $81 over the growing season, just from riding to pick up our veggies. I’m so excited to be a part of this farm, and to live a bit closer to our food!

Lastly, I had my first herb harvest this week! The herbs were doing well enough to pull some off and use them in my cooking. I used some Rosemary to make a great Spinach Soup with Rosemary Croutons, and then used some basil in the Savory Orange-Roasted Tofu & Asparagus dish I made. It was a little sad cutting things off my plants, but I think I will get used to it. They just feel like such a part of the family now. I guess now that they have been eaten, they are literally part of the family, strange thought!