#24 of 33 Paint Some Pottery

Before Christmas this year I got an email from Ceramics in the City for some discounted paint your own pottery. Since this was on my list of 33 things, and since I was looking for some Christmas presents, I decided to hit it up. I thought some mugs for Troys parents would make a nice gift…if they turned out okay!

I went after I dropped Annie at school and I painted for like 3 or 4 hours. It was so calming and I figured if they didn’t turn out, then no skin off my back. I’m not very original. I just like the tedium and monotony. I did it alone, which I realize looks kinda sad and pathetic, but hey, I don’t have any siblings so I actually crave my alone time every once in awhile.

You want to have plenty of time when you go to one of these places, the last thing you want is to be rushed. I worked on Rogers first. I kinda just went with a striped theme, trying to pick some manly colors that would be happy and vibrant, that someone who wakes up at 4am most days would like to drink from.

I wanted Marlas to be calming and soothing. I liked the greens, but I’ll be honest, I almost like how the colors are muted before it got fired. I think it’s prettier before!!

I signed the bottom with Merry Christmas and laughed as I had visions of them turning out horrible and Troy and I drinking out of cups that had Marla and Roger on them for the rest of our lives.

Here they are after they have been fired. They dip them in a shiny glaze so they come out all glossy looking. I think they turned out pretty good, a little amateurish, but hey, I can’t claim to be anything else. Roger and Marla said that they liked them, but we did make sure to include a pound of really nice Kona coffee, just in case.



#13 of 33: Cirque Du Soleil

I found out that Cirque Du Soleil was coming to Denver as part of the Michael Jackson Immortal Tour. I was expecting to have to go to Vegas to check off this item on my 33 before 33 list. Upon finding out, I got really excited because I am a closet MJ fan in a big way. The MJ Pandora station is what I play while training like 50% of the time. I love me some MJ. This was a win-win.

Then I looked up the price of tickets. Oh my lanta! I didn’t think I would need to solicit sponsorship for my 33 before 33 list! They were really expensive. So I bagged it and tried to forget about it. But then I kept checking craigslist every 2 days.

Finally on the day of the Saturday show (they were there F/Sat/Sun) I found a set of tickets that were equally pricy, but the seats were great, and it was a set of 4, and I got a little impulsive, and next thing you know I’m driving across town in a snowstorm when I should be doing my long run to purchase really expensive tickets. In my defense, they came with a VIP parking pass….

PIC was off driving to the slopes that night so I hatched this grand plan. Ann, who lives behind us likes to spend time over at our place from time to time. She’s 11 and we adore her. Annie loves her, and her and her family have made moving to the neighborhood one of the best things we have ever done. So I called her mom and asked if we could surprise Ann and take her as part of our special night. Score!

At 6:30ish we packed up and headed to the show. The girls were HYPED up, they were so excited. We totally splurged, shirts and show treats whatever they wanted, snacks, etc, just for one night we lived it up. This is their “We are really excited” faces.

The show was pretty crazy. Honestly, I think MJ was rolling over in his grave. He wouldn’t have hated it, because that wasn’t his style, but he is really much more into the build up…the slow crescendo. This was Cirque first and foremost, to the music of MJ, inspired by what MJ is known for, but not in an attempt to be MJ…it was clearly Cirque. So it was fast paced, mashing together the peppy parts of various MJ songs, all lights and dazzle, with the main dancer representing MJs sequin glove. Still, I’m happy to listen to MJ all night long, and the acrobatics and performers were jaw dropping.

There was one issue in my mind, the music was extremely loud. I love loud music but I was very glad I brought ear plugs for the kiddos and I even used them a little bit myself. It was funny at the end, Annie actually fell asleep. The music was pounding, they were singing and performing all over the stage, and her eyes drooped shut. Annie is such a sensory seeker, it’s not surprising. The kid was meant to have like 10 siblings.

After the show everyone was hyped and we watched MJ music videos the whole way home. Smooth Criminal is still my favorite all time MJ video, and it was my favorite song at Cirque.

All in all, an amazing show, and just awesome to see them portray so many of the things that MJ was passionate about…his lost childhood, the earth, hunger, poverty, love. I’m so glad I splurged and went to this slow.

#2 of 33: Swim a mile in the pool faster than 24:00

Wow, what a slacker I am! See, there is a back story here. In April of 2010 I swam the mile in the short course masters swim meet. I think I swam 24:08, actually I know I did, how could I forget that? It’s been almost 2 years since then and A LOT of meters in the pool but every time Chuckie assigns a mile TT (usually it’s a 2K TT) I can’t seem to get under 24 for the mile. I’ve tried probably 10 times over the last couple years and it never comes together.

So, in my mind, I think I am faster than a 24 minute miler, but until you’ve done it, you can’t really say you are. Since the number seems to be a pesky little barrier for me I put it on the 33 things before 33 list. Little did I know I wasn’t quite aiming high enough.

I usually don’t blog about the exact workouts CV gives me, but today I will break the mold. I had a morning swim that was 500 warm up, 2K time trial, then cool down. Then I had some other training to get done during the middle of the day, then in the PM, back in the pool for the same exact workout. 500 w/u, 2KTT, cool down.

So this morning, even though I have swam a gawd awful amount this week, and I swam like poo yesterday, I was feeling kinda peppy. I decided to give the old 24 mark a run for her money. Boo Ya! I ended up with a 23:41, and a PR in the 2k with 31:51. I was jazzed, pretty pleased with myself, put me on a bit of a high the whole day.

Troy, Annie and our neighbor Anne came to the PM swim with me. Troy said he would swim every other 50, and some 100s in the lane next to me to keep me motivated. I was a little irritable…I was nervous. I just PRed that morning, what on earth was I in for this evening?


1500M = 23:27

First time under 30 for 1900M (1/2 IM swim) in 29:51

and PR in the 2K with 31:24

Troy made a video! Photo evidence!

You bet your britches that I am eying that 23 minute barrier now. It’s nice to have a day like today, believe me for every day like today in the pool, I have 50 that feel like poo. Every once in awhile, the work that has been put in just oozes out of you, and today was one of those days for me.

#33 before 33: Buy a Real Camera

Well, that was quick! This one just sort of landed in my lap. I was down in the computer room answering some emails when Troy came down and said he was going to the store. 45 minutes later he came back home and handed me a box. He had purchased me a new Olympus Tough.

Wait? Didn’t I just get a new point and shoot camera a few months ago? Why yes I did. I got a Fuji XP. I was really excited about it, but the one thing I didn’t like was the battery hatch. When you closed it, it made a little click, and the yellow indicator showed it was closed….but it wasn’t REALLY closed. You had to push down on the hatch super hard to hear a second “click” that was indeed closed.

Long story short…hatch not closed…day before Kona…camera dead. We tried to revive it for weeks by drying it out, etc etc, and just yesterday did it start to work again….sort of. I had been lamenting the unreliability of it’s resurrection, and wha-lah, Troy just bounces home with a new Olympus. The Olympus is the first camera I had, and it lasted a long time (given what I did to it). So while I gave the Fuji a try, it VERY MUCH failed the Sonja test.

However! The bag that Troy had in his hand was not empty after he handed me the Olympus.

“What’s in the bag Troy?

“My birthday present”

(his Birthday is Friday)

“What did you get for your birthday?”

“A camera”

And then he pulls out this!!!

Wha???? So…. #33 Buy a Real Camera can officially be checked off the list. Apparently he has been looking for a few months and my husband who is super money conscious just went out and bought himself a new camera. Very exciting. So the remainder of the night we each spent geeking over our new cameras and taking pictures of each other, and the cat, and the kiddo, and stuff like that.

I will wait a few months to pry it out of his sleeping fingers to try to learn how to actually take photos with it! Super Cool!

I must say, I am looking foreword to having some family photos that are a little bit better quality than the ones we have been taking. I’m excited to learn a little more about photography…as soon as I can get it out of Troy’s hands! I have forgotten how photogenic and expressive Annie is, she is such a ham!