Nursing Update

Well, I’ve been incognito for awhile because Annabelle and I have been working on nursing and healing from our hard week. The lactation consultant at Rose Medical Center was able to help us a ton. She got me set up with a rental electric pump so that I can beef up my milk supply. Then we worked on not forcing the breast and respecting Annie and her desire to nurse. I have guidelines on when to pump, and how long to let Annie go before I offer her a bottle of breast milk. So far things have been much better. I still feel a bit hailed from the whole experience but I think we are getting into the clear again. Thanks to everyone for their kind thoughts and well wishes. And Thank You to my friends for giving me my space while we worked this out, that is what works best for me!


I just wanted to write a little bit on how much I enjoy cosleeping.
1. I don’t have to get out of bed and go into another room to nurse at night.
2. I catch Annabelle when she is getting fussy, way before she is in a full blown cry (which makes it impossible to nurse, until she has calmed down).
3. Troy has become a more solid sleeper now that he has learned to sleep through diaper changes, nursing sessions, and the light being turned on.
4. It’s warmer!
5. We all get more sleep.

Power Nurser

I am happy to say that Annabelle and I have finally figured out our nursing issues. My little one LOVES plastic. We know that she has allays been fond of her pacifier, and has the tendency to prefer the bottle to the breast (much to my dismay). Last week we tried using a nipple shield (yea, scary sounding) and she LOVES IT!! I think that she is able to control the milk flow better and added to the fact that she loves plastic, we have had several days of extremely successful nursing. I am looking for my little 25 percentile (in weight, she’s 75% in height…thanks to daddy) baby to start catching up now! Her nursing sessions have gone from 5 somewhat traumatic minutes, to 15-30 blissful peaceful minutes. There hasn’t been a single session where she cried and refused to nurse, she sees the nipple shield and latches on right away. I finally feel like we are having Hallmark moments in the nursing department. AND, she is falling asleep at the breast, which has almost never happened. So yes, while it’s a small step for babykind, it’s a big step for our family!

This just reminds me how much we moms have great ideas/intentions of how we want to raise our babies, and then they come into the world, and they dictate everything. I never thought that following the lead of my child would result in pacifiers and nipple shields!!

New ring Sling

I made a ring sling this weekend. Ever since I saw one of my friends wearing her baby in a Maya Sling, I have been wanting one. I looked into them new ($54) and checked out all the consignment shops for one (no luck). I was checking out the Maya sling website and they have a “Low Cost Options” section. Here they had directions to make your own Maya sling! So I picked up some fabric at the fabric store ($8) and I had already purchased some rings a few months ago ($3). I followed the directions and an hour later I had a new ring sling. Here is my homemade sling. Not to bad huh? Annabelle looks quite cozy!

Elimination Communication

Today after attending a local AP group meeting Annabelle and I decided to try a little Elimination Communication. A very nice lady in the group was practicing EC with her daughter (also named Annabelle) and once I got a chance to see what she was doing I thought it was worth a try. I checked out this really cool diaper free site and read the information on getting started. Basically you try to catch as many pees and poos as you can during the day. They say to start with trying to catch after feedings and upon waking. You just hold the baby over the sink or toilet and when/if they go you make a sound like “ssss”. The key is to start looking for cues to when they are about to go so that you can start to read your baby. Also start following your intuition. So far Annabelle just gets fussy and upset. After a nursing at 1pm I held her over the toilet and she peed! Then later I held her over the sink and she didn’t go, so I brought her back into the living room and she went!! Oops, I didn’t give her enough time. Later we were upstairs and she got fussy so I held her over the sink and she pooped and then several minutes later peed! It was awesome. After Troy got home I took her to the toilet to show him and she pooped again (the picture shown)! Then we nursed at 7, and I took her to the sink afterwards and she peed. So, I am feeling like we had an overly successful first day at trying! It’s really important to me that Annabelle and I get out and do hikes often, so I know that we won’t be a diaper free family, but if we can catch a few while we are at home then I consider it a successful relationship. I hope it allows me to be more in tune with my daughter, to learn to recognize her cues.

As I was writing this, I suggested that Troy give it a try, he took her to the sink and she peed! He is pretty jazzed and thinks it’s really cool!