TriWhole30: Day 3 – Wildtree Giveaway

Giveaway….keep reading!!

Today was pretty awesome! I had a huge meeting with my swim coach and that got my brain juices flowing….gotta post a blog on the triathlon blog sometime soon over it.

I ran in the afternoon with Michelle. We didn’t go far since it was her first run in a month (since IMAZ). It was painful for her, but I felt good and mainly talked her ear off the entire time. I do that. I talk more than her. She still talks a lot, but get me going and you CAN NOT SHUT ME UP. It was one of those days.

So, I’m reading The Happiness Project. Thank you Gina, this was her suggestion and so far so good! I gotta share this quote from the book:

The most reliable predictor of not being lonely is the amount of contact with women. Time spent with men doesn’t make a difference.

-The Happiness Project

So, essentially men need time with women to not feel lonely, and women need time with women to not feel lonely. Everyone needs time with women! I was telling Michelle that a lot of days I speak more words to her than I do to Troy, and so this quote validated that for me. I need Michelle!

After our run, I didn’t have a recovery drink. I REALLY did not feel that I needed it and I went home and heated up some sweet potato and ground beef, had a pear along side too.

Dinner tonight was cleaning out the fridge of leftovers! Steaks, Chicken, sweet potato, veggies. It was a great hodge-podge of a meal that really filled me up.

On my run with Michelle today I asked if she would give away some Whole30 compliant stuff on my blog!!!! She said yes! Whoop!!!

I’ve never done this but here I go!

What can you win?

— A 3oz container of Ranchers Steak Rub: or as I call it RSR. I put this on everything, meat, veggies, you name it. Anywhere you would put salt and pepper, use this instead for MORE JOY!

— A 3oz container of Everything Spice Blend: I haven’t tried this yet, but Michelle says that if you take the goodies on top of an Everything bagel…that’s what’s in here. And Erin told me in the comments the other day that I HAD TO TRY IT, so I thought I would ask Michelle if she would give some away!

How do you win?

— Go like Michelle’s brand new Wildtree Facebook page. That will get you one entry.

— Send Michelle your email address so she can add it to her distribution when she sends out recipes and what not: Send to michelle_ford AT comcast DOT net . That will get you a second entry

— Then, just so we can keep track of you, leave a message here with which of those (or both) that you did.

When do you win?

Monday Dec. 23rd I will pick a random winner (or 2) and notify you here on this blog.

Tomorrow Troy and Annie and I begin an epic road trip out to California for the holidays. It’s going to take a couple days to drive there and recover from driving there! I’ll be back posting on the blog on Monday most likely. Have a great weekend everyone! Move your body every day, have fun with the holidays, but make the rest of the meals healthy and balanced!!

And guess what? Next week I’m going to get back to posting food pictures! My parents love to cook, so there should be lots of fun Whole30 cooking action happening! Stay tuned!

TRIWhole30: Day2 – Zeal Rocks

I swam this morning with Michelle and afterwards I had an Osmo recovery drink in the hot tub. I got that in within 5 minutes of being done with my swim. I also watched the clock to see when I was in the car after to see how much time my normal post swim routine took. 18 minutes.  That’s not so bad. It’s within the 30 minute window but not the 15 minute window.

After swimming Michelle and I drove to Boulder to have lunch at Zeal. Our friend Wayde opened this restaurant 8 days ago and I’ve been twice now. Wayde is an Ironman athlete and we were on the Kona start line in 2012 together and did some training together before that race. Actually we were walking around in Kona the day after the race and he went into the Donkey Balls store and bough me a package of “dingleberries.” You know you have good friends when they can make fun of your 1 million portapotty visits the day after!! He’s always had a soft spot in my heart since then. He has supported me in a brotherly way for years and his new venture is AWESOME.  It’s literally EXACTLY the type of food I love. Michelle and I started with the house fermented plate and two glasses of beet juice. It was light and fresh tasting, so very good.

photo 2 photo 1

For the main meal I had a bowl that had roasted veggies in it, a huge assortment, and grass fed organic beef, and then it was drenched in a divine coconut curry sauce. Michelle said the only problem with the place was they they didn’t bring us spoons to slurp up the last bits of our sauce. She wanted to lick the bowl, I did too.

I’m just really proud of my friend Wayde for opening a restaurant that is serving the kind of food that it’s so hard to find. I’m proud of him for hiring top notch executive chefs and putting fresh juices front and center on the menu. The food is fresh, sustainable, catering to all sorts of health enthusiasts. If you are Paleo, Vegan, Whole30, Gluten Free, you name it, they understand all those terms and aim to make GREAT food for all those different groups of people. If you are ever in Boulder, Zeal should be first on your list.

(PS they even have cauliflower rice as an option in your bowls…insane)

TRIWhole30: Day1 – Post Workout Nom Noms And Post Workout Carb Info

Okay, so today I got up early to spin/lift with my trainer Jen. I woke up extra early to have my yummy sweet potato, eggs, avocado breakfast and then went to the gym. I did good and brought 1/2 cooked sweet potato and chicken with me for after.

Spin, then lift: That went good. This is my 3rd lifting session back so the soreness is getting more under control now. It’s so nice that I am MUCH stronger than I was a year ago at this time. I’m excited to see what another year of functional strength yields. Last year I was dying with the sessions she had us do, and now I’ve got things more under control.

After lifting I ate my food. I didn’t spend any time under the Shower head and ate it while I drove home. I wanted to shower but it didn’t seem to make sense, my “window” would be gone. I’m just stoked that I made it happen. It tasted okay, it was cold, so that was meh, but I wasn’t bummed to eat it or anything.


Because I woke up early, I got tired and ended up with a three hour nap in the middle of the day. Oy! It was wonderful!

In the PM I went to a run that the local tri club was putting on where you run around and look at Christmas lights while doing a scavenger hunt sort of thing. That was a lot of fun and I brought more chicken and sweet potato for after but ended up going out to eat with friends straight away so opted for that. I had a GREAT Paleo plate at Wahoos Tacos with extra veggies. It was really good!

So, day 1, success!

Okay, last thing I want to talk about is the no fruit as a recovery carbohydrate issue. The “It starts with food” book talks a bit about this. They basinally say, no fruit after because fruit is mostly fructose and it replaces liver glycogen not muscle glycogen. Replacing muscle glycogen is the only reason we eat recovery stuff in the 15-30 minute post workout “window”. It’s when our muscles are more open the replenishment.

So my friend Jordan (love her) did me a big service and dug a little deeper by talking to a local coach who is big in the tri industry. He reached out to Stacy Sims, who I consider an EXPERT in the field, like BIG TIME. I trust what she says over anyone else. PhD in this stuff, works at Stanford.

Her email was amaze balls and extremely technical but the jist of it is that fructose goes from the intestine to the liver where it is metabolized (broken into glucose, triggers the formation of triglycerides). Then if the liver needs glycogen it gets it. But the muscles do as well. The glucose component of fructose after it metabolizes is available to skeletal muscle glycogen replacement.

Stacey also said that FREE GLUCOSE INGESTION is faster across the board for glycogen replacement. So the fastest was to replenish is protein with mixed sugars.

I love Stacey and I love Jordan for helping me with some more information.

So, from what I can tell is that fruit is not a no-no choice, because the glucose is available to the muscles. But it’s not the best choice because the liver can take what it needs (if it needs any) first.

That was my take away, Jordan, would you agree here??

Everyone seems to agree that actually protein is really the big post workout kicker, it’s needed, it’s important, you gotta get it in, within 15-20 minutes. As for the carbohydrate piece, you can be a bit more relaxed with that.

***I’m not a Dietitian….just trying to learn and share….!!

TRIWHOLE30: Day 0 – Mad prepping

Okay, today was good. I did some prepping. We leave on an epic 20 hour road trip on Friday or Saturday for California for the holidays so I was torn between making too much food and just a little. Then I realized, we’ll just take it with us if we don’t eat it all, so I went for it. It probably won’t even make it until then anyways.

We had a busy evening with Annie being at the reading tutor and doing some Christmas shopping. Troy and I actually ran to the bank and the store while she was getting tutored. We always stay and listen in, but today we ran errands. They were rushed and we had to stop and get Troy a burger because he was hungry, but it was okay. It’s now become a family habit that I won’t eat stuff that isn’t at least close to Whole 30. No more junk or fast food, I’m happy to go along and not eat. This was a success because I was hungry too, but didn’t want to settle for crap.

Prep it up. So, I’m totally stoked about my ability to multitask this evening. Annie sat and read 1/2 of a book to me in the kitchen today while I:

Chopped and got in the oven everything for Sweet Potato hash.

Stuck in like 5 additional sweet potatoes still in the skin into the oven with the hash.

Chopped and prepped two 9×11 pans worth of kobucha/pear/leek with nutmeg/EVOO/pomegranate juice.

Chopped up 3 chicken breasts that I had cooked last night and were in the fridge.

As PHASE 1 was finishing in the oven we finished the rest of the book in her bed.

Then I ran up and took out the hash and popped in the 9×11 pans of veggies….PHASE 2.

I read Annie a chapter from Matilda and did kisses and songs and tuck tuck.

Came back up to the kitchen, stirred the roasting veggies and cooked 2 lbs Grass Fed Organic ground beef in the cast iron skillet. I added some Wildtree (Whole 30 compliant) Cajun seasoning to the ground beef.

Finally I pulled out the pans from the oven and packed everything up into storage containers.

The whole process took about 50 minutes, and that included putting Annie to bed. I ended up with this:


BAM. Totally set up. 50 minutes and the right ingredients…BAM! So jazzed I got all this done. My rant for the day….I’m shaking my head over the beef I bought. I was at Sprouts. I like to shop there compared to King Soopers and it’s closer to Annies tutor. It’s small so you don’t have to cover a lot of distance, but it has everything I need and very little of all the crap. Yea!

So they have organic beef! Sweet! And the package says….100% grass fed!! This is awesome. It’s not pastured….but it’s good right? Check out the little note underneath…



People…this is what is wrong with our food system. We live in Colorado for Peet’s sake. We have miles and miles of cattle. We have TONS of pastured cattle, happy cows. How on earth is it easier to bring in organic beef from URUGUAY than to get some local beef, or even some American beef.

Okay….BUT I’m happy I’ve got organic beef, just sad it had to travel 9,000 miles to get here. But, I’m going to have to let it go.

Here we go…Day 1 of fueling workouts tomorrow. Excited!!!

Oh, and here it FINALLY is:

Sweet Potato Hash Recipe:

Preheat oven to 400.

– 2 BIG sweet potatoes, peel them, and dice them pretty small

– 1 BIG onion, I like purple, dice it as well, like 1/2 as big as the sweet potato dice you did.

– Optional – Kale, chopped fine

Mix it all up in a bowl with 1/4 cup EVOO (I know, I know) or Coconut Oil.

Add lots of salt and pepper (or Wildtree Ranchers steak rub if you have it)

Spread it out on a cookie sheet, mine has sides. You can do a 9×11 pan too.

Bake for 20 minutes

Stir it all around and then smooth it all back out

Bake it for 10 more minutes, repeat the stirring and smoothing

Bake for 5 more minutes or until the potatoes are soft.


Then to do the best fastest breakfast on earth:

Break 3 eggs into a bowl and stir while heating up nonstick omelet pan.

Put Sweet Potato Hash on the plate, fill the plate.

When pan is hot, pour in eggs, and right after pop hash into the microwave for 90 seconds.

Flip your eggs…or do what you need to do to cook them. While doing that, half and slice 1/2 avocado

When 90 seconds is up, pull out hash and top with eggs. Then top with avocado. S&P too.

This whole process takes me approximately 4.5 minutes from everything in the fridge to first bite.

Girl Power

It’s no secret that I’m a big supporter of chicks doing endurance sports! I coach more ladies than men (love my men, I do), but the girls always have a special spot in my heart.

Triathlon has come a long way when it comes to CHICKS in the last few years, not just in performance, but also in the industry, in starting companies and being major players in the field. I thought I might write a post about some of the lovely ladies that are rocking the house right now.

Coeur @coeursports

Kebby is the mastermind behind Coeur. It’s built for the ladies, and focuses on fit and form for women. This clothing company is designing for women only and there are swim bike and run lines this year. They have a simple and clean look, it almost reminds me of East Coast Posh in it’s colors and patterns. I hear the fit can not be beat. I’m most excited to pick up some sports bras because I hear that they have a pocket in the them…and not a small pocket….but like a “fits everything”pocket.


Betty Designs @bettydesigns

Holy Cow. Kristin has really set the stage here. The skulls and butterflies are the perfect emblem for us rough and rugged girls who still like to feel cute….without losing the Grrr. Her kits and swim suits are seen on bad ass chicks all over this planet, and at all the big races. I just ordered some knee warmers and a cute hat that is to die for. I love using her pink water bottles when I’m headed out for a really hard ride. It’s just provides that extra bit of motivation.


SmashFestQueen @smashfestqueen

Hillary has been kicking butt as an athlete for a long long long time. She just won Ultraman and was 2nd overall and pretty much sealed the deal as the queen of ULTRA tri in my book. She’s done about 8,000 Ironmans (I kid, sorta) and yet she’s girly and paints her nails too. She teamed up with business partner Michele and started designing some BOSS kits. They are the color schemes I LOVE, LOTS OF COLOR, and really with a women’s eye in mind. She also included some casual clothing to her line and it’s comfy yet cute. Everytime I see her kits, I Purrr.


SOAS @soas_racing

No list of womens tri clothing options would be complete without SOAS, they were really one of the first to hit the womens tri market. I’m not as familiar with the inter workings behind this brand, but I know that I see it all over the race courses, everywhere. It’s a women only line, and the arm warmers have a thumb hole. We women love warm hands.


When it comes to clothing choices, bike kit choices, and tri kit choices we ladies have OPTIONS! Such a huge thank you to the gutsy women who decided to start these clothing lines. No longer are we limited to the “pink it and shrink it” mentality that runs most large sports companies clothing decisions. We finally have stuff that fits to us, that is built to last, and in colors that give us options!

OSMO @osmonutrition

Umm wow. Osmo is sponsoring me for next year, so you can assume I am bias here. There are so many reasons to love Osmo I could go on and on here. First off, Stacy Sims. I have spoken about her before. She helped me get my nutrition locked and loaded this past year and did it out of the kindness of her heart, for free. Yes, a woman with a PhD and a growing business, who has very little free time, exchanged a million emails with me to make sure my nutrition was dialed. I have read LOTS of books on the subject but what she was telling me was so different, and when I implemented it, it worked!

So, for a long time she has known that women need different nutrition than men. She knows that because we have a strong hormone phase with our 28 day cycle and our bodies use nutrition differently than men depending on the time of the month. The fact that she designed a nutrition line just for women is beyond awesome, but what excites me, is that I get the feeling that she did this for us because she knew we needed it. I hope and pray that it is a successful venture for her, but I know that she just had to put it out there so we ladies had a solution. Feed them and they will come!

She’s a pioneer in our sport, and there are a lot of men in the nutrition business. I applaud Stacey for stepping out on a limb and designing a line that is built for us.

(Oh, and I really want to have a shirt made and wear it around that says “Men are not large women”….at least it would make me laugh)


Lastly, I really want to highlight the rise of women coaches in the sport. It seems that more and more women are dabbling in coaching, sharing their expertise and helping athletes get faster or remain fit. We still have very few Elite women coaches (by that I mean women coaching lots of pro triathletes), Siri Lindley and Melissa Mantak are the two that come to my mind, but I see a lot of up and comers in the ranks. Women like Mary Eggers, Kim Schwabenbauer, Jen Harrison, Susan Williams, Marni Sumbal, Michelle Ford, Kathy Alfino, Michelle Simmons, Kelly Covert, Trista Francis, Carol Sharpless, Nicole Drummer, Elizabeth Waterstraat, Tawnee Prazak, Amari Holmes, Wendy Mader, Beth Walsh, and Angela Bancroft. I’ve missed many more, that I am sure of. It’s great to see women gaining the confidence to lead others in sport.

There are also some womens bike shops around the nation, but I’ll save that for another post. Feel free to add additional chick power companies to the comments.

This blog post could keep going and going. I haven’t even highlighted the wonderful pro women out there putting their nose to the grindstone day in and day out to keep us all inspired. Maybe I’ll save that one for another day as well.

I just wanted to send a small Thank You out to all the women who are charting new waters in the triathlon industry, who are trying to break through some previous barriers, you all inspire me and make me want to be more of service to my community!

Girl Power!

TRIWHOLE30: Day 2,3: Big Fat F$%*&#G FAIL

Oy Vey, this is a hard post for the perfectionist in me to write.

These last couple days have been a big fat fail. Both in triathlon fueling and a day to day fueling way. It’s been rough.

Some confessions:

— Total lack of pre planning has really been a downfall for me. Opening the fridge and not having the things on hand to make Whole30 meals. I’ve got veggies but no meat. I’ve got meat but no veggies. I’ve got sweet potatoes but they aren’t cooked. The fridge is empty, the cupboards are pretty bare. And I have no mojo to go to the store. What is up?

— The end of the pay period is a REALLY hard time for me. Even with a larger food budget, out family runs on cash, so when the envelope is empty, it’s empty and I’m at Coinstar cashing in coins to buy cucumbers and I get anxiety, and I lose the desire to cook and I get frustrated. I got frustrated.

—I ate popcorn at the movies. It really wasn’t that good. I ate the popcorn because I wanted to and because I didn’t preplan and I can honestly say now that taking a bowl of frozen fruit mixed with coconut flakes is yummier than popcorn. Before I didn’t know this, now I do. Did I have frozen fruit in the house? No. Should I have? Yes. Rant: I won’t buy the frozen fruit at the regular store because it’s expensive COMPARED to Costco. But I didn’t go to costco. Sometimes I have this perfectionist thing….if I can’t get it at costco, I won’t get it at all because I feel like I’m getting ripped off, and then I set myself up to fail. This is a huge problem with me. I expect to have the perfect thing to eat rather than the best thing I can get my hands on in the moment. I could have taken fresh fruit to the movies or ANYTHING else. Shaking head.

— After training, my appetite is suppressed and I didn’t eat post workout meals. This makes my blood sugar get out of whack, which makes me moody, and makes me want non Whole 30 stuff later in the evening. No post workout meal sets the rest of my day up for failure. And not having the perfect post workout meal is not an excuse to have nothing.

— I went out to eat and I had alcohol in my hot chocolate, and I had a tortilla with my fajitas. It happened. I don’t think that zero food celebration is a realistic expectation going forward. For 30 days, okay…but as I transition into a more permanent healthy eating plan I don’t think that water is the only thing I’m going to drink for the rest of my life.

— Sugar and grains make my belly pouchy. Neither of those yield a flat tummy. That’s just an observation that I now understand after the last two days.

So, what now? Big fat fail. UG I HATE FAILURE! But it’s part of life and it triathlon it always spurs me on to figure stuff out and to rise about and to learn and all that usually yields success down the line. So, where do I go from here? This was my ah-hah of the day.

DAY 0!!!

I forgot about a day 0. On Whole 30 on day 0 you PREPARE. You get the good stuff in the house, you make a plan, and you take a day to get yourself figured out. I didn’t provide a day 0 with this recent challenge and I didn’t prepare. Then I was trying to wing it and it didn’t work. The same thing happened before I did Whole 30. I didn’t do a day0 and I made it 5 days I think before I binged on Halloween candy. So I think a day 0 is in order to get back on track.

I think failure is a good thing. It reminds me that I sometimes I have to regroup and rededicate and really think about the WHY before I launch in. Do I think I can realistically keep to Whole 30 while training? Can I do it for 30 days to just explore if it’s possible? I think I can. And yet I don’t think I will do it permanently. BUT, I think that I can figure out some things that help down the line if I give it a go.

So, tomorrow I will go back to day 0 and I will prepare to train for the next 30 days with healthy healthy healthy foods.

TRY #2!!! Full speed ahead!

TriWhole30: Day 1 – How the Heck Do I Do This?

Okay! Whew, let’s get back to pretty food pictures. So, Whole30 went good. And um…then I disappeared for a few days. So a little catch up. One…Birthday parties and date night.

photo 5

Annies birthday was Nov15th but because I was in the middle of Ironman land I didn’t plan her party. Last weekend I had put it off enough, 8 is a monumental year, and I needed to throw a party. So I did. Imagine intense Whole30 Sonja thrown into Birthday party planning. Yea, there were lots of trips to party city, the living room was cleared, decorations were done to the 9, all the food was home made and kid friendly and looked like a catered event. The games were home grown and to the theme of the party which was RAINBOW. It was a ton of work for 2 hours worth of SCREAMING 8 year old girls. They had an absolute BLAST.

So a couple things.

ONE: nobody does “old school” birthday parties any more. These are the actual words out of one dads mouth as he dropped his child off and stayed to watch for a few minutes. Things like limbo, and living room games that required very little money but engaged parents. These are relics. And the odd thing is we are by far the youngest parents in Annies class with probably the lowest home value in her class as well. Yet, who is down on the floor playing games, US (old school) parents. No judgement….just interesting.

TWO: Birthday cake. I had a slice. It was ice cream cake and I was Whole 30 all darn day and through the party. But I had a slice of ice cream cake and it was 100% worth it. No headache after which I was really surprised about. Would I do it again, yes, yes I would.

THREE: Birthday fall out. So Annie got a ton of crafts from her friends at the party. Oh and we opened presents in front of the friends, this is not done any more either…ever… ??! She got a doll making kit, and headband kit, and a jewelry kit. So I haven’t been blogging because we have be crafting every night. She loves crafts and art.

photo 2

photo 3

Date Night:

We had this planned well before Whole30. We had booked tickets to a comedy club and it was awesome. It was so much better than going and seeing a movie because we laughed together, like BIG TIME laughs and that’s good for a marriage. The bad….TWO drink minimum. No hot tea. I had 2 Hot Chocolates. The rest of dinner before hand was Whole30 (steak) but I sipped two cocos during the show AND LOVED EVERY SECOND!


Other than those two instances, it’s been pretty easy to stay Whole30. I’m used to it now, and don’t miss grains at all. I feel good! There were a few pizza incidences when I threw a hissy fit, like walking into the house after a hard workout and there is nothing in the fridge but two fresh hot pizzas on the counter! Come On! Throw a girl a bone here! my husband!

So, I got thinking through these 5 days about what I really wanted to do next with this blog. I just started it to be accountable and I feel good along those lines.  One thing I just haven’t gotten down yet is the: Exercise + Whole30 bit, and specifically the pre and post workout meals. Example:

Yesterday I went to Masters swimming at 11am-12noon. then I drove to a trail and went running from 1:15-2:30. Then I lifted weights with my trainer from 5:30-6:30. I was stumped on how to deal with the meals TOTALLY stumped. Here’s what I actually did:

9 – breakfast


1:15 – run

3:30 – eat again

5:30 – weights

7:00 – go to the store because Troy went to the store but got pizza and chips….

8:00 – eat again.

Here’s what I was supposed to do I think??????

9 – breakfast

10:30 – pre workout meal


12:00 – post workout meal

1:00 – pre workout meal??

1:15 – run

2:30 – post workout meal?

3:30 – eat again

5:00 – pre workout meal?

5:30 – weights

6:30 post workout meal??

7:00 – go to the store because Troy went to the store but got pizza and chips….

8:00 – eat again.

What???????!!!!!! There is NO WAY. Especially given the pre and post workout meal template:

photo 1

How am I to eat that much protein and what on earth is that supposed to be? How am I supposed to keep it cold. I know I can figure this out, it just seems really hard to me right now.

SO….that’s where the blog is headed over the next 30 days. There seem to be a lot of questions on the forum but the answers are always the same….they just reiterate the guidelines. I think they really assume only one workout session a day. The other problem is digestibility before running, or even lifting. Eating chicken and avocado before I go run….I’m not sure how that’s going to sit.

As usual, many more questions than answers, so I’m going to try a whole bunch of stuff and report back here….for 30 days.

Okay, another question…post workout meal….I’m supposed to have this within 15-30 minutes. But think about swimming. After swimming I sit in the hot tub, take a shower, etc etc. I’m not going to eat in the hot tub or shower in a public locker room. If I could do a recovery drink that would be no problem and I would drink it in the shower, but I’m not going to pull out 1/2 a Chicken breast in the hot tub. By the time I get to my car after a swim it’s been 30 minutes. So I’m not exactly sure how to roll here.

But, again…I’ll figure it out. I’ve got 30 days of mistakes ahead of me!

So, what do you think? Sound fun? Will you follow along?

photo 4

Whole30: Day 30 Holy Bageeses I Made It!

Wake Up: 8:30am

9.5 hours of sleep last night. Ahhh! Walked Annie to school in the bitter cold. It’s so stinkin’ cold here right now I have no desire to leave the house, or exercise, or anything!

Breakfast: 9:30am

Eggs mixed with 1/2 a red onion that I sautéed down until it was sweet. An apple and some avocado. Kept it super simple this morning and don’t have much appetite. I have a stressful meeting this afternoon that I’ve been worried about for a few days now.

photo 4

Lunch: 1:00pm

Zowzers! I forgot to take a photo. My brain was really preoccupied by the meeting I had coming up and I went and heated up a bowl of soup and topped it with my BBQ Pulled Pork and then I just dug into it before I took a photo. Oops! It was delicious and filled me up. Tummy still “concerned” and not very hungry.

Dinner: 6:00pm

Meeting was over and I finally felt like I could breathe again. Troy wanted pizza and beer and cookie dough for dinner. Awesome. I had a stressful day and it was going to take some commitment to not eat the pizza because stress was telling me I deserved it. Even after 30 days I still want to eat things that aren’t good for me when I’m stressed. Also, the only thing we had left in the house to eat was the soup I had for lunch. So I rode to the pizza place with him but went next door to Sprouts and picked up some veggies. We STORM through the veggies and fruit in the house right now, nothing is going to waste! I picked up snap peas, tomatoes, bell peppers, lettuce, avocados and make a big salad when we got home. I topped it with plenty of pulled pork and dumped some Apple Avocado Vinaigrette all over it. It wasn’t pizza, but after I removed myself from the room that had the pizza and the pizza smells in it I was fine to sit and eat my salad. It was tasty.

photo 3

Snack: 8:30pm

I hap popped some veggies in the oven to roast. It was more of my kobucha squash, brussels sprouts, and pears. Then topped with pomegranate seeds. When that got out of the oven I put it in a Tupperware, but then at 8:30 I went and served myself up a bowl. Nice snack!

So, I Did 30 Days:

I did weigh myself today. I haven’t tossed the scale, but the number was just like an “okeydokey” more than anything. I went from 139.3 to 134.0, so about 5 pounds. I’m hoping most of this was water weight from inflammation because I really don’t want to be eating in a way permanently that puts me on a weight loss trend. I took some after pictures. I feel leaner, but still strong. I feel less puffy and inflamed. I get a headache when I am under stress, but it is not a daily occurrence. My mood is more a reflection of what’s going on in my life than what my blood sugar is doing. I am able to handle what’s going on in life easier. My recovery from Ironman was very quick and smooth. I learned a ton of new recipes. I don’t crave sugar. I don’t crave bread or pastries, or cookies, or crackers. I am eating many many more foods that I love on a daily basis.

photo 2

photo 1

So as you can see, I’m basically the same old me! Bangin’ machine of a body before, and banging’ machine of a body after!!! Hahahah!!!

Nothing big on body changes, most of mine were “inside the body” changes. So, next up, I’m going to take the next 15 days and make it a Whole45. The goal of these 15 days is to really lock down the PRE, and POST workout meals and I plan to exercise/move my body all 15 of those days. So I will still be Whole 30, and will just be figuring out how to really take this into the future. Lots of posts to come! Thanks for following along on these 30 days. I really just started this blog to give myself some accountability and in return I have been awarded with some great new friends along the way!

Whole30: Day 29 – Culmination!

Wake Up: 8:30am

I had insomnia last night, just laid there and tossed and turned for hours. It’s okay, it’s just my brain working on a few things. Nothing that won’t pass. I’m going to focus these next 15 days on getting better sleep and by that I mean a better bed time. We woke up to lots of snow today and it was magical. Just magical.

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Breakfast: 9:45am

Same ol’ same ol’. BUT IT’S SO GGOD. The best part about sweet potato hash with 2 eggs and avocado is the staying power it gives me. Even steady mood all the way until lunch. I was not very hungry today. I also had a bit more insight into the difference between being a little down in the dumps because of real issues, versus blood sugar issues. When my blood sugar is low and I get depressed I get irrational, I feel like nobody helps me, and like I have the worlds weight on my shoulders. When I am down for good reasons I can remain a rational human being, I don’t blame others and I can think more clearly. Similar feelings, but different consequences. This is good for me to understand.

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Lunch: 2:30pm

Like I said, just wasn’t very hungry today. Last night I made the Pork Roast from Well Fed 2. I put 6 pounds of grass fed pork in my Crockpot overnight. I made slices all in the pork and put slivers of garlic. I did a rub on the pork of chili powder, red pepper flakes, cumin, and paprika. It turned out pretty good, but I think that I need a new Crockpot, mine runs too hot. I had it on low but it still finished faster than it was supposed to and was drier than I would like. The low setting on mine is not good enough. Any Crockpot recommendations out there?

Alongside the pork I had the rest of my sweet potato hash, some avocado, and a bowl of organic frozen cherries with coconut on top. Very tasty, all of it!

photo 6

Dinner: 6:40pm

I’m just going to lead with the photo. I’m so proud of the dinner I made tonight. It’s a carrot coconut soup topped with roasted pulled pork that is drenched in BBQ sauce….all WHOLE30. BAM! I wanted to run around the kitchen and squeal. I think I am most proud of this dinner over all the other Whole30 ones because it truly is a Whole30 masterpiece. Hahah!

Okay, the reason is because I made the soup without a recipe!! I mean, I didn’t FOLLOW a recipe! I looked in my cookbook called “The Best Recipe” but their soup had wine and cream in it.

photo 1

Tell me that doesn’t look good? In the rainbow bowl and everything! It tasted even better!!!


Okay, so, on day 29 of Whole30, I made my own soup without a recipe and it is really good. I sautéed 2 onions diced up for like 5-6 minutes, until they started to brown. I added 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar to deglaze the pan and then added in 3 pounds of carrots that I had skinned and sliced thin. Why oh why did I buy 10 pounds of organic carrots from Costco?

photo 3

I let that sauté for a little while, like 6-7 minutes. Then I added 4 cups of home made Chicken stock (nothing added to it), 1 cup of raw cashews, 1 Tablespoon of salt, and I ground some pepper into it and ground some nutmeg into it too. Do you have a Nutmeg grinder? If you like nutmeg and you use it often, you need a grinder. Every time I use it I get joy from it. Buy the nuts whole at a spice shop, my favorite is Savory Spice Shop and grind away. I brought the soup to a boil, put the lid on, turned it down and let it go for 25 minutes.

Then I put it in my Vitamix and blended the heck out of it, adding along the way an entire can of full fat coconut milk. I put it back on the stove to warm up up after the cold coconut milk. WHA-LAH! I made my own recipe. I was kinda impressed with myself.

photo 2

Pork Topping:

So the pork was dry and I decided I was going to make a Whole30 BBQ sauce and smother it in that to perk it up. It did just the trick and was really easy to make. This was done in less than 30 minutes and I was doing other stuff at the same time. Chopping an onion and garlic was really the only work it involved, that and running the can opener. Once finished I just dumped all of the BBQ sauce on the pork and mixed it all up with my hands and topped my soup with it. Super happy!

photo 5

photo 4

The coolest part about this meal was that as my Whole30 wraps up, this was the perfect culmination. Every single thing in this dinner was made from scratch including the ketchup in the BBQ sauce, and the chicken stock in the soup. It was like my whole experience was brought together in this dish. And it was super tasty too.


I went to the movies tonight with Michelle. No need for popcorn, no desire for it, the smell didn’t bother me. I didn’t bring any snacks since I had just eaten dinner. To think that a few weeks ago I didn’t want to go to the movies because I didn’t want to face the temptation of the popcorn and now it doesn’t phase me. That’s pretty darn cool!

Success Story:

The Whole30 emails end tomorrow. That’s bumming me out. They wanted me to write my success story. I just think this blog has been one long account of that. Plus, there is more fun to be had in the kitchen. So tomorrow I will write a little something about it all, and then I think I will keep posting for another 15 days or so. After that, I’ll reevaluate and go from there.

Whole30: Day28 – Weepy and Questioning

Wake Up: 8:00am

Yea, I was up late finishing Sarah’s Key. It was really sad and made me have weird dreams. I cried at the end. I didn’t see what time I went to bed because my contacts were out, but it was after midnight I’m pretty sure.

Breakfast: 9:00am

I made hash, but yesterday I was rather spacey and I burned some stuff, hash being one of them. So now I’m stuck eating kinda burned hash for a few days. It was still good: sweet potatoes, onion and kale. I topped it with 2 eggs, avocado and salt and pepper.

photo 3

Swim: 11:30am

I got in another swim today. We are supposed to get an arctic blast so I wanted to swim in the outdoor pool early today. I had a good swim, it was alone, about 1900 Meters. I finished the swim workout that I did 1/2 of yesterday. I would like to keep swimming on a daily basis, it’s good for me.

Lunch: 1:00pm

The last Salmon cake, some turkey meatballs, and leftover roasted veggies. Seriously, my leftovers are better than eating out. Especially if you are eating out and staying on Whole30. It can be slim pickings. This was good though. Filled me up.

photo 2

Dinner: 6:00pm

We went out to eat tonight! Gasp! I found this place I had never been to called the Slotted Spoon. It’s a Chipotle type place where you order up front, sit down and they bring it out. They specialize in meatballs. And all their meatballs are gluten free. You can choose from sandwiches, pasta, or salad. I went with salad. I got one that had mushrooms and grilled onions. I really picked it because it had a vinaigrette and not a ranch-type dressing. I had them hold the provolone that was supposed to be on it. I also got a side of kale that had bacon in it. It also had whole roasted cloves of garlic. I felt really healthy eating all that kale, it was a lot. I was pretty darn full. Nice to find a Whole30 compliant meal out.

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Off My Game:

I was off my game today. I was good at the beginning of the day but I got really tired in the afternoon and that deteriorated into a fairly sour mood. More sad than foul. I was weepy today and felt hopeless at times about some of the decisions I have to make. Do you ever feel like there are certain people or situations in your life that bring out the worst in you? Like your two spirits are opposing forces, or a certain place just makes you sour? There are a few subjects/topics/people in my life that just send me down the wrong path. I see myself as a supportive compassionate person most the time. But I’m learning that sometimes I am not that person and I can pinpoint what/who sets me off.

What do you do in these situations? Avoid? I’m wondering if I need to just step away so that I’m not putting myself in a state of mind that seems lose lose for me. That’s all I got for today.