Okay, the whole “Wahhh…I’m not racing” is totally gone.

Guess where I am going this weekend? CATALINA!!!!

Guess what the weather is supposed to be like?

74 degrees.

Oh my, oh goodie my. Now this is going to be a vacation!

I’m so excited to be part of the experience and to watch my fantastically awesome coach and teamates race thier little hearts out. They are ready, now it’s time for the party!

So, check this out, I get to go here!! Isn’t is just awesome looking, almost like Hawaii or something.

We get to take a ferry over to the island and we get to chill in this quiant little bungalo of a town. Isn’t is gorgous?

And look here too. My view is going to be of that fantastic bay, ooohhh, ahhhh. Say it with me…oooh, ahhh. Yea, you wish I was packing you to come with me.

So, I’m all packed and ready to go and get this, what am I taking? A BIKINI! Yea, a BIKINI, and no lap swimming suit. Nope, no swimming in a pool for me, just beach cruisin’ in (let’s hear it again) A BIKINI. Also in the backpack is A SUNDRESS! Like one that has tiny straps and shows my knees (Thanks Hill). Also packed are short sleeve shirts and oohhh, get this CHACOS!

Yea Baby, I’m going to an island!

Okay, so since I’m not racing and I don’t need to worry about things like Hammer Gel, fanny packs, HEED, life savers, etc, check out the bag I am taking.

Can you believe it, I fit my BIKINI, SUNDRESS, CHACOS, and sun tan lotion in that tiny bag? Who knew?

As you can tell, I’m excited to go and really excited to root for my training partners, chill with my excellent husband, and remember the island that used to be my childhood playground.

Have an excellent weekend, I will try to enjoy it for all of you!!

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  1. Girl,
    I am so proud (and a lil jealous) of you! Looking long term and knowing there will be other days is really something! Plus you now have tan lines from the sun, not from hot balm and the gravel that stuck to my legs yesterday! I can’t wait to hear about your trip!

  2. My Gosh, what a great way to getaway. I’ll be thinking of you on my run this afternoon, it’s supposed to get all the way up to 12 degrees.

    I won’t be wearing a bikini.

  3. Oh yea! thanks Christy, I will definitely take some video!
    Okay, Hil, there is more than just those things in there. I’m also bringing: my gameboy, a book, snacks, chargers for my camera, cell, and camera. I’ve got like one pair of undies (jk) and like 3 pairs of socks.
    I also brought some arnica and some traumeal for the overuse injury I plan to sustain in my right arm from the lifting of drinks. 🙂

    Don’t go into labor until I get back….k?

  4. Seems like an awfully big bag for a bikini, a sundress, chacos, and suntan lotion…

    I am glad you are excited to test out the training plan I wrote for you a couple weeks ago… Get your exercise by cheering for your teammates and lifting drinks from the table to your mouth. We’ll throw in some beach strolling for cross-training.

  5. You go, girl. Catch those rays! Enjoy that sunshine and some REAL water. Your attitude is top notch athleticism! We will be rooting for you guys from back here, yourself included! You’re always part of the team. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Keep that camera rollin’

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