I went to the doctor today. Dr Phillip Stull of Colorado Orthopedics Consultants took a look. There comes a point when you just want to know if you are dealing with anything structural, or just (I say “just” sarcastically) an overuse injury. X-rays were taken, the knee was inspected, and to my great relief I have an overuse injury.

It was precisely what I thought, but there was always that 10% of doubt. It looks like I am doing the right thing with PT and decreased running. Continuing to run only when I am not in pain is the way to go. If I give it the rest it needs, it will be back up and running for me.

Several things of interest were mentioned in the visit. This is a common injury in pronators, I am so totally a supinator. Also, he sees this injury in people who run 15 miles a week, so I feel a little lucky that I didn’t see this until running 46 miles straight. That’s a good thing.

So what now? More of what I have been doing, getting better, and swimming my fanny off. I have had 2 pain free runs this week so I think I’m on the uphill swing.

Thanks for everyones well wishes! I’ll be back to my crazy self in no time, I’m sure!

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  1. He wasn’t too sure what it actually is. I think Ken at Active Care has a better handle on what it is (hamstring and outer quad crunchies and tightness and junk in there). But it’s clearly soft tissue and needs recovery.

    That I can do.

  2. Really happy for you! Yep, you’ll be back. Sounds like speedy swimming is in store for you! You’ll be jumping lanes in no time… how ’bout them apples?

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