I’m not sure what’s come over me?

I surely didn’t intend for this to happen.

It was just a bit of luck.

You have to take advantage of good opportunities when they come your direction, right?

Well, one came my direction.

I am now the proud owner of this:


Isaac Joule, DuraAce, Butterfly Saddle.

It will get a mild makeover to fit me in the spots it needs to, along with some new cables and such.

I know, I know, TWO new bikes?

I go from my one Giant with Ultegra, to TWO new carbon bikes with DuraAce.

Something says I won’t be looking at bikes for a very very long time.

Troy is still in shock.

I am still in shock.

Cycling, Triathlon


  1. The black one is Scarlett. She was named by her previous owner and you can’t go and just up and change her name. She is getting red handle bar tape to match her name.

    I rode her today. Only very minor fit changes need making. She is great and is in Steves garage waiting for new chain, rear cassette, break leavers, cables, and tape. Should be a nice little makeover for her.

  2. Now you can name the black one Assimoff. It fits him better.

    And that makes the white one, Stellaaaaaaaaaa! (As in, you just had a stella race…) I know, I’m corny.

  3. The black bike can be “naughty” and the white one can be “nice.” Please ride the white one next time we get to ride together. Teeheee.

  4. Okay – one black, one white. The white one is so definitely a girl. What about this new one? Looks sooooo tough. So throw out those name choices. Your fan club needs to vote. 😉

  5. very nice!
    Its a great thing when the hardest decision you have to make in a day is which bike to ride ;-P

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