The quick and dirty. I swam my fanny off. 27:30, fastest swim EVAH!
Mom told me I was 39th coming out of the water, so I knew to get into the top twenty I had to pass 19 ladies. I didn’t wear a watch in the race which was great. On the first lap on the bike I got 9 girls, but they were getting fewer and farther between. On lap two my tally was up to 12. I had to get 7 on the run. I just picked them off and got 8 (one for extra at the end). Bike was like 3 minutes faster, run was a little under a minute faster. Overall 6-7 minutes faster than last year and I am totally stoked. 19th in my age group!!

Top 16 qualify for Worlds, and it rolls to 20th. I’ll find out in three weeks if I got a spot. I had an amazing race, I am indeed a little intoxicated (hence the midnight post) and I am happy as a stinkin’ clam. If I get a spot of if I don’t ZERO regrets, totally satisfied. Full details come later.

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  1. We just returned from a camping trip at Red’s Meadows. It was cold. The first thing we did was check your blog. We are very, very proud of your accomplishments. Your dad’s photography almost made us feel like we were there watching. Lots of LOVE

  2. YEA!!! So proud of you! What an inspiration! What a blessing your mom was there to tell you how many girls you needed to pick off! I bet that really helped and pushed you to have such FAST times! Totally awesome! Can’t wait for the details!

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