Sonja’s Christmas Picks

Sonja Wieck

A Denver area triathlete enjoying every day of swim bike run. Mom to Annie, wife to Troy, and guide to a few brave athletes, I'm always in search of the next adventure.

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9 Responses

  1. Laura J says:

    You made that very entertaining! Any suggestions for the big intentioned man-athlete that are under $15? I made him a coolmax skullcap, but I’m drawing a blank……Of course, Wes would probably dig the pink compression tights. heh.

  2. Laura J says:

    Nevermind….I wasn’t paying attention. I actually found something from the above list that fits the bill. THANKS!

  3. Hillary says:

    Laura, are you getting Wes the Luna Moons to go with his pink compression tights? But seriously Sonja, you better watch it or people are going to start hiring you to write for their catalogs…

  4. Mom says:

    Sonja!! You so funny! I loved reading up on your blog–could it be a subliminal xmas wish list? hmmmmm… thanks for the ideas. :)

  5. Sarah says:

    You’re so cute. We should have coffee or do a swim workout and breakfast sometime. Give me a jingle.

  6. Sonja says:

    Sarah! I would love to. I’ll give you a call.

    Mom, yes there are definitely some hints in there!!

  7. Donna says:

    Love your blog. Love the clothes

  8. Amy says:

    mmmm moons…

    Great post, Son!! I’m gonna have to order some of that bread =) well done! (shopping for you must be eeeeeasssy)

  9. Gaye says:

    That bread does look good…but you know what? My hometown is only about an hour and a half from AA, we could make a quick trip there when we’re home for Christmas and save the shipping costs!

    One thing you might want to add to your list…CW-X tights. I just ordered some (had a 20% off code and free shipping). They came today and they’re AWESOME. I haven’t even technically tested them out yet, but just from trying them on, I love them!

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