10/17/2013: It looks like I will open up a few more coaching spots for 2014. I’m especially interested in those of you that signed up for Ironman Boulder. I plan to run a few camps out here in Boulder for Ironman prep. Contact me if interested.

11/22/2012: Full full full! Set to go for 2013. No more coaching spots available for 2013. Thanks and happy training and racing!

4/17/2012: Happy 2012! The season is under way and I have settled into coaching more athletes this year. They are keeping me busy, asking lots of wonderful questions, and gaining fitness, which is the main goal. I am still full at this time, unless your initials start with AV, then call me girl! Haha!

9/26/2011: And I am officially full for 2012. I’ve got all the ponies that this stable maser can handle. Thanks for all the interest.

9/9/2011: I have a few more openings for athletes. I feel like I have my feet under me now and my systems are in place. I’m enjoying coaching so much. Feel free to contact me if you have interest.

3/9/2011: From Nantucket, to NYC, to the foothills of Boulder a few brave souls have decided to put their triathlon future in my hands. As we move through the year fitness will be gained, and friendships will be made.

2/20/2011: Looking for a bit more structure to your training? Tired of wondering if you are on the right path to success? Through the years I have had the pleasure of some of the best guides around when it comes to coaching and mentoring. I’m a sponge for information and my zest for education has lead me to the doorstep of coaching.

I love helping people. I love watching people set a goal and chase after it. I am accepting a few brave guinea pigs for 2011. My expertise is in longer distance racing. If you are interested, contact me.