If your a runner, ya' gotta do a Turkey trot. When else do you have the chance to race on a Thursday? This year, since we were in Loveland we decided to hop into the Turkey Trot up there. I heard it was a great course (which it was). This was Troy's first 5K, and my good friend Chris raced as well.

Turkey Trots are always very competitive b/c all the high school cross country girls have just peaked and finished their seasons. The college girls are home for Thanksgiving. You can always expect a tough race.

This one was great. I ran for an hour before the race to warm up. It takes me longer and longer to get warm now days. After my warm up I met up with Chris and Troy to register and get in another short warm up. Even though it wasn't even 40 degrees I applied hot balm and opted for shorts. Brrr, but fun.

The race went by fast as 5K's always do. I ran a great race, a solid race. The bike path was fun with twists and turns. The girls were fierce and fast. I came across the line 6th woman (20:10). 1st in my age group. However, I will say I am supremely embarrassed because I was soundly beat by a teenager wearing black tights, a black skin tight long sleeve top and...(wait for it)....a bikini over the top. And this girl ran sub-20. Yea, she was adequately costumed, and spanked me something good.

Troy and Chris ran most of the race together and then broke apart near the last mile. Troy had a phenomenal first race breaking the 26 minute barrier for his first time out. Chris was just over 26, and knows he can break the barrier soon. Both guys had a great time and I talked them into running a Jingle Bell race in December. They weren't even sore and accompanied me on a 4 mile trail run this morning. Good on them!!

Thanksgiving was a total blast. I ate a considerable amount and am now quite ready for a 25 mile run tomorrow. I'm gonna need it.

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