We have had a crazy fun week. Lots of fun training and chilling. I got in a 4K swim last week in the DU pool. I felt really good and quite consistent and finished in 1:16:52. This gives me confidence that I may just be able to get out of the Ironman swim in under 1:15 and feel good doing so. Andrea and I swimming side by side: sonswim.jpg

Pook watching mom swim. She wouldn't get in b/c the water was too cold, but she had so much fun running around in her swimsuit watching the swimmers. pookwatch.jpg

We went to the Trail of Lights at the Chatfield Botanic Gardens. Very fun. tree.jpg

Annie had a blast dressing Arwen up this week. She put my bra on her and covered her with a blanket. arwen.jpg

Then Annie laid down and went to sleep. pooksleep.jpg

So, Arwen did too... arwensleep.jpg

This weekend I joined up with Anthony and Kim for a 16 mile run. We ran all around Highlands Ranch and shook our heads at the monstrous houses on tiny lots.

Anthony running arun.jpg

Kim running krun.jpg

Then I took a little break, fueled up with some Jamba Juice, and headed over to meet Amy D for another 70 minute run. That one was a little tougher, but Amy was patient and we got to catch up on each others happenings.

Today is a chill day. It's kinda nasty out so Troy and I decided we would trade off riding the trainer...over and over again. I have a 4 hour bike with speed work, so:

Troy rides for a little pc070564.jpg

Then I ride for an hour pc070565.jpg

Then he rides and little pc070568.jpg

Then back to me again pc070566.jpg

And over and over and over. It's been pretty fun. Not how I would want to spend every Sunday of my life, but I lack consistency and motivation when it comes to working on the trainer, so it's time I attacked it and got over some of the mental hurdles I have surrounding biking in my living room.

All in all it's been a great week. Things on the Wieck family front are pretty awesome right now, and I am really starting to look forward to my future months of hard training. Troy is enjoying getting back into shape...just in time to start studying for his next exam. Arg!

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