Annie is having a weekend getaway with grandparents and Troy and I are going on an adventure. I LOVE adventures. Pack minimal stuff in a back pack and we are off. First: fly 831 miles from Denver to LA. Second: Take a shuttle 23 mile from LAX to the Port of Long Beach. Third: Cruise on a 22 mile ferry ride to the city of Avalon on Catalina Island. Fourth: A short walk to our Seaside hotel.

The next day I endeavor in my first 50 mile ultra race. I'm excited and a little nervous. Troy plans to get me off and running and then head out for a run himself, followed by a relaxing afternoon, probably on the beach with a good book, while I slowly doddle myself 50 miles around the island. The race travels over to Two Harbors, a section of Catalina that is rarely frequented. I remember taking a boat trip over there when I was in elementary school (I attended summer camp twice on Catalina Island). I remember being told that Two Harbors is a isthmus...meaning at high tide the little gap completely fills with water and makes Catalina two islands. I can't wait to get back.

The salty sea breeze of the Pacific brings back so many childhood memories. I can't wait to dredge some of them up and reminisce about summer camp, day and night time snorkeling, garabaldi fish, morey eels, and horn sharks. What's even more exciting is the luxury of taking Troy along on this adventure. Time to relax, reconnect, and enjoy each others company.

Oh yea, and the 50 mile part. Well, you never can predict what sort of adventure that will be!

Speaking of adventures...

Check out this one....

6 day running stage race, 250K in distance. Fully supported. Costa Rica! I would love to put together an all-women's expedition team for 2010. Maybe TWO of them. Anyone game??

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