I love age 3. I reallllllly love age 3. Annie cracks me up every day. As time goes on and I learn more about how to parent Annie I am enjoying her so much. I love watching the world through her eyes. When you are three, a good afternoon is all about wearing a tu-tu, while playing in a tent with your friends. tanaannie.jpg

When you are three luxury dining is chasing after the Um-Pah band while your parents gorge themselves on Fondu. din.jpg

When you are three getting in 2 hours of skiing is a big day. pc280774.jpg

When you are three you are a daddy's girl, true and through pc190705.jpg

When you are three walking the dog is not a chore pc090619.jpg

When you are three you make up your own dance partners pc220726.jpg

When you are three happiness is jumping on a trampoline with pink bear stuffed down your shirt pc230751.jpg

I am so lucky to be a mother.