Last night Debbie and Justin were nice enough to watch Annie while Troy and I had a little date night. We decided to head to DU together for an evening of swimming and then running; 30 minutes of each. Every time Troy and I swim together we have a total blast so I was really looking forward to it. Once in the pool we proceeded to play games, giggle, laugh, race each other, etc. We did 25's holding onto each others ankles, we played tag. It was a hootin' good time.

We decided that a transition race was in order. After hopping out of the pool we ran to the locker room and tried to beat each other out. Troy almost ate it on the pool deck, but I had to contend with my sports bra. It was a close race (not really) but I took the crown. I may not swim faster than him, but I can beat him in transition.

Off to the treadmills we were still being silly. We had fun warming up, running some intervals, maxing out the treadmill speed, and filming each others gate. 30 minutes went by fast!

Last up was a pull up contest. Troy had a handicap of 4. Ha Ha. I was pretty sure I couldn't even pull out a single one. I'll let you see the video for the outcome.

What a great night. Just really super fun. Easiest workout all year, except my cheeks hurt from giggling. Thanks Boo, I love ya!