The crew before hopping in the pool for some long swimmingp3011391.jpg

What a great week I had! I finally got set up with a great lifting routine from Steve. So, as a result, my quads feel like they want to fall off. What with the epic riding that has been going on, and the weight lifting, they just never seem to get a chance to feel like normal quads again. Normal is no good anyways! This week I looked forward to each workout with gusto. I think I am still riding on the high of not being injured. I feel great, and great is good.

Lynde, Keith, me, and Anthony, post Super-Brick! Thanks Lynde!!! p2281375.jpg

I had this totally bomber brick workout this weekend. 2 hours TT to a 15 mile run. All of it was done with awesome friends and the pace was strong and impressive the whole way though. Sunday came and it was time for our 7K swim. I was really looking forward to the swim, excited even. I jumped in first and got right to swimming. Right off the bat I knew something was off. My arms weren't turning over very well and I felt sluggish. I tried to rally. It didn't really work. At 3,400 meters in I had a 2:56 lap. 2:56!!!! I think my warm up backstroke is faster than that. I called it a day. The moment I decided to QUIT I was totally giddy. It just felt so good NOT to be swimming slow! I screwed around with Sarah and took pictures and video of everyone swimming. I had a total blast watching the rest of my team swim amazing lengths. Just wasn't my day. It's been a long time since I quit a workout, and while it's not something I want to get used to, I'm not too hurt over it.

Andrea, my oh-so-patient lane mate this weekend! p3011387.jpg

I went home and when Troy heard what happened he put me straight into bed with a big bottle of water. I slept for 5 hours! I think the success of the week was just a little much for me. I was happy, tired and kaput!

My favorite pic from Sunday, Sandy after a flip turn. p3011398.jpg

Today we rode epic again and I'm happy to say it went very well. So, no lasting effects and I think I did what was right on Sunday. Apparently a little friendly chick competition is just what I needed to break out of my "chicken on the downhill" funk that I have been in the last 6 months. I rode the down-hills today like I used to. The group that rode today was so rockin' awesome, we pacelined it up 5 climbs and rocked the descents. It's great to see some new faces on the rides!

This week of training looks to be a nice strong week with a little mini-taper at the end for USSSA Snowshoe National Championships in Portland. My parents are flying to Portland to watch my race and we are going to have a super fun time together. Troy and Annie are holding down the fort at home.

Fun times ahead!

Sarah and I screwing around! p3011436.jpg