Jordanelle Triathlon Photos taken by my dad, Eric. Swim: 32:02 T1: 2:08 Bike: 1:11:15 (20.9) T2: 1:53 Run: 40:34 (7:48 pace) Total: 2:31:28 6th F25-29 17th woman

Troy, Annie and I after the race: img_8352.jpg Tyler and I after the race: img_8348.jpg shapeimage_112.jpg img_8269.jpg img_8304.jpg img_8332.jpg shapeimage_49.jpg

I have been struggling for several days to write this post. My last triathlon of the season. There are details that I could share, although I know half of you already found them on the web.

As I scan back through the pics above, feeling the rush of emotion, I can’t help but think about all the people who helped me along the way this year. The past 10 months have been about becoming healthy again. It started with me, but it caught on. When I think about all of you out there that have chosen to make a change over the last 6 months, a change to become a healthier and stronger person...I get really teary. Having a baby has a huge impact, and all the people on the list below have recently created life. With that new sense of self, they have chosen to become healthy...healthier than they were before. I applaud you all, you have helped me in countless ways. Thank you.

Amy M: Had never run a race before this winter, and now she is a SNOWSHOER and a TRIATHLETE, and has shared that experience with her husband and her mom. She hears my rants and is witness to my low points.

Amy G: Also a TRIATHLETE this season, who has chosen to be fitter, and healthier than pre-baby...and still has time to catch a movie with me and lend an ear. She has a way of painting the challenges of life into a prettier and more realistic picture.

Michelle Fr: A RUNNER, who has taken the challenge to be fit with her husband Ron, and to keep fighting when it’s hard to run. Always just a phone call or short drive away, I seek her home as a refuge when I am reduced to my crabby’s a healing spot with a gracious host.

Michelle Fo: A sister in crime, and kick butt SWIMMER, who is perfecting the TRIATHLETE in her. A woman and mother that I can talk to about the emotional aspects of triathlon, and who is a sounding board for my craziness.

Lindsay: A RUNNER, and a TRIATHLETE who has taken the challenge to become a better runner this year. She has put in the hard work on the track and in her training. She is “my friend” and a kindred spirit who I can speak my heart to.

Laura G: A RUNNER who is on the path to marathon success. She keeps me honest, and is one of the few who have chosen to take a vacation with me. Her home is always open to my knitting needles, and she is a wicked cook.

ALSO: Gaye, a TRIATHLETE and strong mom who is overcoming some tough times while doing it all. Hillary, a TRIATHLETE and outdoor mama who isn’t afraid to get into the back country with her baby. IronLiz, a TRIATHLETE who puts us all to shame, and does it with the hugest smile I have ever seen. Laura J, a RUNNER and MUDDY BUDDIER who worries about all the little things for us, and can identify poisonous plants. Christie, a CYCLIST turned TRIATHLETE who is honest and kind and smiles despite setbacks. Tyler, a TRIATHLETE who always has a great attitude and who I can be silly with. Becky, a HIKER who keeps my blog and me accountable, and makes me feel special.

My Parents: Who gave me the active, ebullient gene to start with. They do too many outdoor activities for me to list. They hear my every rant, and every rave, and are unconditional. I could ask for nothing more.

My Grandparents: Who are proud of me, and tell me so.

Troys Parents: Who watch Annie while Troy runs around cheering, and who have taken millions of pictures of me competing. They feed me, and support me with kind words.

Chris: A CYCLIST, and BODY PUMP INSTRUCTOR who took a bad break-up and turned it into a fitness habit. He has been my number one fan and is willing to travel long distances just to watch me race. He has a fierce cheer and many kind words that often make me blush. He has come to be one of my best friends.

Steve and Andrea: My COACHES, who are both TRIATHLETES, and who remind me that I will continue to choose health for many years to come. They keep me injury free, and are witness to more tears than I would like to mention. They tell me that I am good...and I actually believe them.

Lastly,TROY. He never asked for this, my new rage. But he is nevertheless on board 100 %. He is a strong enough man to know that I am choosing health, and he supports that choice with his whole being. He has watched Annie for countless hours while I have trained and yet still managed to train himself. He is the fittest actuary I know. He has gotten up at 4am on countess Saturdays and Sundays to get the car ready for MY RACE. Those are the “technical” aspects but they pale in comparison to the emotional support. He stays up late with me while I re-hash races and training. He sits me down and tells me to calm down. He reminds me that he is behind me, and he is the first person I see after a race. He feeds me when I am starving, and tells me it’s all going to be okay. He told me that I am better at this TRIATHLON thing than he has ever been at anything. Ha, even if I won Kona Ironman, he would still be a better husband and father that I am a triathlete. The biggest emotional gift he has given me this season came the evening after Rattlesnake. He talked to me about all the people that support me, and he spoke about using the support to drive me forward in races. Actually thinking about the support as an tangible entity that I can rely on to gain strength. He taught me to use YOU ALL, and I have been, and I have gone far.

Many humble thanks.