Well, I'm here in Portland! We are staying at the Timberline Lodge and boy is it a treat. We just finished having an evening toddy while catching dark glimpses of mount hood out the windows. I guess this is where they filmed the outdoor scenes for The Shining! REDRUM! Tomorrow we will head over to the race site for some race recon and packet pickup. In the evening there is a meet and great for the athletes and then mom, dad and I have reservations planned for a shwanky dinner here at the lodge.

The beds here are feather beds with down comforters and pillows. The rooms are rustic and it's quite peaceful.

I am updating my twitter account super often during the trip so if you want the play by play be sure to follow gosonja on Twitter.

I wish Troy and Annie were here, and Steve-o too. I miss you guys!

Goodnight all!