Today was a very very special day. It's a day that I had to be very very patient for. I had ordered an Isaac frame some time ago and due to the recall of a very tiny part my new baby had to wait at the distributor before she could be shipped. Once shipped, she arrived in a very large 2 pound box. After that off she went to SteveO's house where she had to wait some more. Measurements were taken, decisions were made (mostly by Steve as mine got over-ridden by the expert...Steve). Then all of her "extras" were ordered, like, you know, breaks, derailers, that kind of unnecessary stuff. Then she got built, first half way, then several days later, the rest of the way. She is still waiting for some sweet white diamond encrusted peddals. Okay, I'm kidding about the diamonds, but only because SteveO said no.

Today she's done enough for me to ride her and take her home. Oh my lanta. I can't even explain it. You would have to ride my old bike for two years before you could really understand what I experienced today. There were tears in my eyes. The fit and position is so much more aggressive (just what my training partners were dreading).

So, since I have to go run right now, I won't bore you any more with talk, and I'll just get to the pictures! p3121587.jpg p3121588.jpg p3121590.jpg photo.jpg


Stella, White Lighting, and Asimov have been suggested...