So, Troy Boy, AKA Stroller Man is back training. He's been training quite consistently for about 3 months, but he's now started to step up his game. Last night I thought I would throw his game for a loop.

"Hi Troy, I have a surprise for you"


"Be at the bottom of your office building at 4pm sharp. Be there or be square."

"Ummm, ok"

So, then, I packed up running clothes for him, his new Brooks Running shoes, the tub of HEED, lots of Cliff Shots and threw Annie in the car. Annie woke up asking to go to her drop in day care place, so I figured "DATE NIGHT".

At 3:55pm there was Troy, waiting at the bottom of his building, wondering what was up. He got in the car, I handed him his running clothes and said "CHANGE"!

I drove to REI, doh, didn't have what I was looking for. I made some calls on my iPhone all while driving through commuter traffic to drop Annie at day care. She was ecstatic.

After the calls the next stop was Boulder Running CO in Littleton. I whipped out a Benjamin (I love craigslist) and Troy tried on some new shorts. 2 pairs of shorts, and a Nathan HPL #020 Hydration Pack later we were back in the car.

"Pack your pack, get water, get goos, we're going on an adventure."

"Yes, mamm"

Up up up Morrison Road. I pull off into Lair of the Bear parking lot, it's 5:15pm. Troy gives me a little smile as we get out of the car. I tell him, 12 miles, it may get dark, your going to love it.

The smile is from ear to ear.


We take off together. I have almost NEVER trail run with Troy, and definitely not since Annabelle arrived in this world. Trail running is one of my favorite things on this earth, and to think that I'm not doing it with my husband is tragic. We cranked out 12 miles, and while Troy needs some work on the uphills (give him two weeks), his downhills are insane. He is 6 foot, 4 inches, but still, I'm supposed to be in better shape, and I let loose on the descents, and he was still gapping me. Made me pretty proud.

At mile 11, the farthest Troy has ever ran, we got back to a flat section along the creek and he picked it up. I decided to make him an honest man. When you pick it up with one mile to go to the car, that means you have to run it hard all the way back. At first my body was like "Noooo" and I could hear Troy's smooth breath. But, after about 3 minutes, I found my groove, was cruisin' along, and listening to Troy's breath get more labored. He was panting by the time the car came into view, and I was just getting warmed up. Ha! That will teach him.


After picking up Annie at 8pm we collapsed at home. Neither of us could make dinner and I was asleep in about 5 seconds. We are still getting used to this whole "Two People Training" thing. A lot of exercise happens, but not a lot of cooking. Now I know that there are plenty of couples that are out doing what we did last night every day of the week, but we are still learning. Incorporating activity into my lifestyle is one thing, but using my success to help ingrain it into my entire family is quite something else. I'm learning, I'm learning.

so, DATE NIGHT turned out to be: - Surprise Troy - Treat Troy to new goodies - Rip Troys legs off

Again, like I said, I soooo would not date me.