Nothing too specific is going on right now, just a lot of little things. Here is a smattering. - Training is going well, but my Masters Coach quit and I'm pretty sad over it. However, it looks like with adversity comes opportunity. I might just get to swim with a super stud hot chick swimmer/triathlete from now on. Hopefully those times will come down because of it!

- THEME DAY this Wednesday (4/1): Firefighters. It will involve books, crafts and a visit to the Denver Firefighter Museum. If you are intersted, send me an email and I'll send over the itinerary.

- Rev3 triathlon still has slots...and you can get $10 off registration using the code NSS146. If you are looking for someone to room with or hang with for the weekend of Rev3 I am traveling alone as of right now. Would love to have some company! Ooh, and there is now video footage of the bike and run on the the ENTIRE course...on video. How cool is that?

- You may have noticed that my most favorite pro triathlete BREE WEE commented on my blog. I can officially die a happy woman now.

- My TT bike Scarlett just busted out of the spa today. Her goods have been touched up and she is ready to rumble. A test ride is in order tomorrow. I can't believe my new fantastico bike Stella will have to stay home. This is just insane.

- R2R2R is so totally on. Peeps are hopping on board left and right and hotel reservations have been made. A meeting will happen soon to debrief the rest of the bold-runners on the up and down of the route. Should be grandiose.

- I ran up City View again this last weekend and felt like total poo, but for some reason was only 8 minutes slower over the 24 miles than when I felt like the shiz-nick. I persevered through a hard day and built a little if I needed any more of that.

- I really want to run a 100 miler and have been scouring the web for a fun one. Hummm...

- Beyond the Epic Run. Troy and I are going to the screening. Hope to see you there.

- I've read two books in 5 days, and inhaled an entire COSTCO box of Cashews in the process.

- My coach gives me homework now. I'm not even going to elaborate on this one....

- Troy and Annie are happy snappy and doing well. Annie is talking a bit too much, like the same phrase over and over. Troy is mello smello, chill cool dude that he is. He SAGed last weekends run...SAG support is sexy.

- Nobody in Denver is happy about the recent snow storm.

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