p3121589.jpg We had our monthly 17 hour training day meeting last night and some interesting topics of conversation were hashed. We were sitting around the table, 4 of us had run the Grand Canyon a week prior and we were taking inventory of our bodies. No injuries and everyone is 85% or more recovered. Wow. I was aware how quickly I myself recovered from the adventure, almost too soon as the soreness wore off, so did my physical attachment to the experience. I was in a little slump over the weekend, how do you emotionally recover from such a grand adventure? It's addicting, the highs are high, and the lows are spent trying to think up what you are going to do next.

Also, we had a nice discussion about how we got into going long, and how that was working for us. We have always maintained that this extended distance training was to give us a LARGE base for Ironman. And truly, Ironman and triathlon is what beats strongest in all of our hearts. This foray into ultrarunning, is really just a term that describes how we are preparing for our Ironman, what path we are choosing to take to gain our fitness. We are running and racing ultras with much less running that most ultrarunners, but we bike and we swim, so the cross over gives us a boost.

So, with the "I'm not really an ultrarunner" caveats, check this out. The Western States 100. Man, doesn't a 100 mile race sound cool? Okay, so maybe it sounds totally wild and insane, but you know what sounds like way more fun? The Western States 100 Training Camp. For $215 which includes food, camping, and transportation to the runs you can spend three days with all sorts of other ultrarunners running 70 miles of the WS100 course. Day one is 32 miles, day two is 20 miles and day three is 20 miles.

And, it just so happens that I am going to be in California visiting mom and dad for the week surrounding this camp. Steve-O gave me the go ahead and wrote the runs into my schedule. Now I just need to convince my mom and dad...

I guess that mourning period after I do something wild and fun is usually when I come up with the next wild and crazy fun adventure.

Ooh, and just in case you all didn't want to wait until the end of May to hear about something epic, tomorrow, the team is going to ride our Epic loop....twice. The fastest I've ridden it once is 4:45, so yup, we're looking at a 11-12 hour day, 160 miles. But! It's on the bike, so won't that be fun! I find it hilarious that our "Epic" loop ain't so epic anymore. Steve brought this up last night and I said "Yea, epic is just it's name, not a description any more".