The car is at TDC Car Summer Camp (the mechanic) and we have a minivan rental car. The minivan is packed with camping gear.

The TT bike is nestled amongst tents, sleeping bags, and camping stoves.

We are headed on a family adventure!

Destination Kansas 70.3.

I am especially looking forward to the extremely scenic drive (cornfields), and the peace and quiet (a hyper three year old). The camping should be serene (300 other type A triathletes) and the weather should be divine (forecasts call for thunderstorms).

I think athlete tracker for the race can be found here. If not, search Google for "Kansas 70.3 Athlete Tracker".

The race is Sunday and I will be posting lots of tid bits on twitter. If you happen to be going to Kansas 70.3 please add me on twitter and send me a message. Andrea and I are having a little contest to see who we can meet via twitter! I won't tell you her twitter account name :). Mine is goSonja

Humm, I think that's about it! Hooray for two 1/2 Ironmans on completely different sides of the US in 7 days. Can we say fun-a-licious!