This weekend is the final installment in the "three big races in three big weekends". I am racing the Loveland Lake to Lake triathlon this weekend. It's one of my favorite hometown races, only 1.25 hours from Denver and Troy's parents live in Loveland so we get to stay with them. The little bit of added crazy to this race, because you knew that there had to be something, is that Steve, Tony and I are going to go ahead and ride home. It's like 80-90 miles. I'm of course a little nervous, and a little giddy excited too. It's a good thing Sunday is the longest day of the year, because we may need the light! Earlier this week on Wednesday we had a great ride/run and as is becoming more normal I could tell that I was mostly recovered from Sundays race. Wednesday seems to be the money day to hit it hard again and we cranked out a 85 mile TT ride with a run off the bike. The coolest part was that Whitney (from the Sky Mesa Marathon) rode with us. She is totally awesome and I was so excited to find out that we have similar abilities on the bike. Now if I could just swim as fast as her I would really have something going. She is the BOMB in the pool! So Steve, Whitney and I got a great paceline going for 85 miles or so. Coming home I hit a large object and blew out my tire, Steve's wheel, and Steve's tire. We both stayed upright...but it was close. Whitney rode off into the sunset...hahaha! She did come back to get us! We were close to the car so Seve rode back on his rim and we went off for a run. photo.jpg

Thanks to everyone for the calls, emails and sweet comments on my blog. Can you tell that I am having the time of my life right now? All the training has been so fun, and while the house isn't clean, my soul is fulfilled. An especially big thanks to Debbie who has been watching Annie on Wednesdays this month so that I can ride long. Last Wednesday when I picked her up she said "I don't want to go home, I don't want to see mommy". So, I guess she is getting enough mommy time too!! Troy, my lover, thank you for helping me balance all of this...but it hasn't been that hard has it??? Love you all!!