I am in the middle of my third triathlon season and I've loved most every minute of it. It's pretty cool how much this sport can change your life. I feel like I have found an outlet as an adult for my drive and competitive spirit. It's such a healthy sport, full of camaraderie. I started doing triathlons after I had worked on loosing the weight I had gained in pregnancy and the 4 years prior, but I continue to do triathlons for so many more reasons. Just for a little fun, here is a shot of me in my first ever triathlon, Pelican Fest Sprint. I had so much fun and was insanely addicted! img_3486.jpg

Here is a shot from last weekends Loveland Lake to Lake tri in the same part of my stride as the other shot. 8a1h1295.jpg

I can't believe how much I have learned between those two photographs. Some physical weight has been lost, about 6 pounds, but mostly the difference between those two shots is a lot of endurance, confidence, knowledge, and fun times!