dsc_0039_3.jpg Ever since I have told my loyal blog readers about the 17 hour training day group, all people can ask me is "When is the 17 hour training day?"

It's a totally valid question.

And one that I finally have an answer to.

It's on the Fourth of July

And we need help. To think about the logistics that go into finishing an Ironman...well the four of us will be swimming, biking and running for the maximum time period of an Ironman. It's called overdistance training and I can't even imagine the mental strength that will come with knowing I have 17 hours in me.

We are inviting friends, family, and loyal blog readers to come out and help us with our day. We have two campsites rented at Chatfield State Park #112, and #113. Practical Coaching athlete Tyler is acting as "cruise director" (AKA organizer) and there will be BBQ, and tons of family fun. There are lots of options if you want to join us for certain sections. We are completing the bike portion in two sections, a 4 hour section and a 4.5 hour section. Then starting at 4pm we will be running 10 mile loops around Chatfield Resevior using the campsites as home base. We are hoping that lots of people will opt to run a loop with us, and we are especially hoping that some people will join on their mountain bikes and ride along with us from 8:30pm on.

5am to 10pm we will be out there, rain or shine. Ready for what the day deals to us. Please come out and join us. RSVP and Checkin with Tyler Walton: tylerjwalton AT aol DOT com.

Here is the invitation: 17hourflier1.pdf