This is totally the week of product endorsements! After I took the time to have the best steel toe boots reviewed - it's now time for me to tackle the subject of my favorite running trainers. When you train the distances that I commonly do, you become very fond of certain products that gracefully allow you to do your work. The good products, the helpful products, have a special place in your heart, because when your gear goes wrong, your training tends to follow suit. One of the most important places that you want your gear to work is your feet. When you love to run A LOT, as in you love it A LOT, and the amount you run is A LOT, you have to have more than a good shoe, you need a great shoe.

This last year I gave up having three different shoes: a lightweight trainer for short fast runs, a heavy weight trainer for long road runs, and a trail shoe. I found a shoe I love and I wear it for everything except races. And crazy as it sounds, it's a trail shoe.

Oh my, what shoe is this Sonja?

It's the Brooks Cascadia.


I love it so much I rotate through three pairs. I have 3 pairs of the Cascadia 3...maybe next up I will buy 4 pairs of the Cascadia 4...which I hear is MORE comfortable, and boasts an environmentally friendlier BioMoGo midsole, the world's first-ever biodegradable midsole for running shoes. The laces are made out of recycled materials as well!


Brooks has a great site that helps you figure out what shoe would work for you. Check them out at

They are also on Twitter...they are so cool! Follow them: @brooksrunning