This has been a wild biking week. Sunday was the crit where I rode my bike to and from the race with PIC, a mere 45 mile day. Wednesday was 100 miles on the bike, Friday 85, and Saturday 225. That's a whopping total of 445 miles on the bike this week. 25.5 hours of biking. That's farther than driving on I70 from the eastern most point in CO to the western most point. that I typed that, sounds kinda fun. So what did I learn with all the biking this week?

- Don't crash your new carbon bike in a's a hassle to deal with, fixable, but not fun

- When you are pushing as hard as you know how and that is yielding an average of 25 mph over a 43 mile stretch, it probably means you are going to have to push as hard as you know how to keep an average of 17.5 on the way back home. Can we say headwind??

- Perpetuem tastes a whole lot better when you mix it with grape Gatorade.

- When biking 225, you must bring a change of shorts. I would have paid $3000 for a fresh pair of shorts mid way through.

- Michelle Beeson's rice crispy treats can save lives. There is not time that one of these will not help you out.

- When you think you have no more in you, you can just choose to keep going.

- Crying while biking is not recommended

- When 5 Lotus' drive by you in a row out in BFE, they are whisper quiet

- There are towns in CO named Akron, and Anton, and a whole lot of nothing between them.

- In certain counties in CO you can actually be pulled over if you aren't hauling some sort of trailer.

- The biggest building in the Colorado town of last chance is a church.

- Eastern CO is not flat

- Steve and Anthony are bad a$$ athletes, like big time

- after 100 miles, as mileage goes up, pain goes down.

- There is more in me than I know

A huge thanks to Troy, Michelle B, Marla, and Roger for helping me through this week. Marla and Roger watched Annie for the weekend, Michelle was out there doing SAG with Troy for all 14 hours of our Sunday ride, and Troy made accommodations for me to ride and run all day Wednesday.

And of course, a huge thanks to my training partners this week. You know who you are and you know that you rock!!

At mile 168 yesterday: Me, Anthony. img_0509.jpg img_0511.jpg